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    Bass Food

    Balsa/Thru-Wire Just playin with new color combos...
  2. TBait

    Source for Denatured Alcohol..... ??

    Home Depot or Lowes...both have it.
  3. TBait

    A Few Custom Paints

    Very Nice!
  4. TBait

    Devcon works great, BUT.....

    Should have been / Correction to the above People have said that heat doesnt help. When did the 1 hour editing feature start?
  5. TBait

    Devcon works great, BUT.....

    In regards to ETEX. This is a thinner top coat. It wont yellow. 2 properties that I will share as I did a long time ago. I was given alot of insight by Richoc and he put Carolina Chip onto it as well. They say Co2 is what causes the bubbles to release. Co2 will release the bubbles however the problem is deeper. In order to for a liquid to release airbubbles, the bubbles have to be able to rise to the surface. If you have a substance so thick that they bubbles cant rise, the bubbles wont be released. People have said that heat does help. In my opinion you are dead wrong. Heat will thin Etex to the point that it will run like water. Have you ever seen an air bubble in water? It rises to the surface where it will release. I would never use a hairdryer...there is a intake and exhaust... whatever is sucked in, will come out. That will be blown onto your fresh sticky epoxy. No way on the hairdryer. JMO Mike
  6. TBait

    Devcon works great, BUT.....

    Use propane or mapp gass...no smoke. Of course I dont use devcon.
  7. TBait

    Burgin Kentucky Lure Maker

    Fellows, I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a bait made by Dean McClain. I probably don
  8. TBait

    Burgin Kentucky Lure Maker

    I am trying to find a digital camera that works. Mine is broke. I will try to get a pic of this bait up as soon as possible. Rick, Loveland area...shoot me a pm.
  9. TBait

    Happy Birthday Dean McClain

    Happy Birthday Dean!
  10. TBait

    Weebles Wobble?

    Thought the diagram may help some....
  11. TBait

    kb here with cedar flat side baits

    What about glass tube bait rattles? They are pretty large...
  12. TBait

    Air Brush Recommendations

    Keep in mind. Most $200 dollar and up airbrushes have too small of nozzles to spray acrylics. So if you are spraying acrylics, make sure the airbrush that you purchase can handle the paint to be sprayed. If you thin acrylics too much, they will lose their adhesive qualities... which arent that great to begin with. Comparing to Laquer..... laquer of course cant be sprayed inside without some kind of ventilation system. There is a huge difference between the $25 dollar airbrush and the $150.00 airbrush...jmo Mike
  13. TBait

    Cumberland Purple

    Great looking bait! Reminds me alot of a AC Shiner. Cumberland...could be 7 more years before it hits Cumberland. What will happen? 650 ft and its over...
  14. TBait

    Give me some Feedback!

    Dweller, Nice looking bait! Check to see if your camera has a Macro feature. If it does switch to Macro when taking pics less than 12 inches away from your subject. I think you will like the results. Mike
  15. TBait

    Air Brushing

    Iwata Eclipse Nozzle sizes All Eclipse are a .5 nozzle The only one that isnt, is the gravity feed CS. Which is a .35. Go to dixieart.com....or coastairbrush.com...it is spelled out. I wouldnt go under a .35 for spraying Acrylics... you will have to thin the best of paints. Unless you like thinning... Going off memory but I think those nozzle numbers are correct. The CS gravity feed is for sure a smaller nozzle, than the siphon feed Eclipses. The high dollar Iwata's are really not designed for spraying acrylics.
  16. TBait

    Removing blemishes in devcon???

    Your choice...What type of plastic bait? If it was a luckycraft I might be tempted to sand the clearcoat away and reapply foil and repaint. But for a 3-4 dollar bait, you are going to be putting alot of elbow grease in. How big is the smear and where is it at? Can you live with it. Ruined baits are part of the learning process. Can the smear be covered by anything you are spraying in the rest of the pattern? I am assuming that you would have another coat of devcon going over the finished bait. 2 coats of devcon over a plastic bait may be adding quite a bit of weight. Might be enough to change the action or kill the action.
  17. TBait

    Removing blemishes in devcon???

    Did you clearcoat the balsa and then foil and paint directly to the foil? Were there scale indentations in the foil if you did paint directly to the foil? If this is the case, I think I would just start over. Or spray the bait in a solid color pattern and topcoat again. If you topcoated over the foil before you painted, you may be able to sand the area out and repaint. However, I doubt that you will get it back to perfect. My experience is that when you clearcoat the bait again after sanding and repainting that there is a difference in depth.. the clearcoat brings the depth out. Look are you building lures to catch fish, or are you building lures as a hobby artist? If a bait is used it will get its dings and teeth marks, they dont have to be pefect to catch fish. In fact I doubt fish see half the details that get put into baits even in gin clear water. The bait is moving to fast for the details to be seen. The details are for selling the bait to the fisherman. I always clearcoat over the foil before painting. That way if I make a mistake with waterbase paints, You just wipe away and repaint. Heatsetting appears to be a issue with several of the topcoats.... it must be done. Etex,Devcon, Dick Nites....all 3 require this. Post a pic and let us look at it..... worse case if the foil is ruined, Spray whitepearl over the whole body and work on a new paints scheme and topcoat it. Mike
  18. TBait

    Bass Food

    Dweller, Those baits have several different types/manufacturer paints on them. Parma,Createx,Createx Auto Air, Wasco and Smith paints. They are all water based. I have had problems with topcoat and paints before. It may be me, and it may be the paints. I have been experienting with things. No problems with paint to paint. But I have had reactions with topcoats that continue to plague me. What good is a bait without a topcoat? Where are you from in Southern Ohio?
  19. TBait

    Need Lips!!

    Hoodaddy has got some neat lips! Whats up Hoodaddy? Didnt see you at the boat show. Saw George... You fishin with him this year?
  20. TBait

    Bills with lead

    Do you mean like this? [
  21. TBait

    Gravity flow airbrush

    Less pressure and finer lines are not the same thing. Less pressure can be used through a gravity feed,versus a siphon feed given the same viscosity paint. Finer lines will be a result of a smaller nozzle / needle combo. Paint viscosity will be the governing factor on smaller nozzle needle combos. Thick paint wont spray through these. If you spray at high air pressure with a reduced paint, I have found that you lose control of the paint and it begins to spider web. So when reducing paint or thinning the paint. The brush that sprays with the least amount of air pressure will win, hands down! This will always be a gravity feed brush. Iwata Gravity feeds are impossible to beat! JMO
  22. TBait

    Zoom glass rattle tubes

    Those look like the Tube Bait Rattles.....
  23. TBait

    Shimano Stella

    Tally, Where did you buy from? A major such as BASS PRO/CABELAS or a smaller shop? Was it an advertised price? I am not 100 percent positive on this .But have been told that by several retailers. Same with GLoomis who I believe is owned by Shimano? I think their rods are price fixed as well. tbait
  24. TBait

    Shimano Stella

    Shimano pricing is fixed in the states. If a shop sells under the fix, Shimano cuts them off. This is my understanding. All prices are pretty much the same.
  25. TBait

    check this out...!