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  1. moose

    New Projects

    way to go chip!!!! now that your going to be a big star dont forget us little guys lol. thats real cool but with the baits you make I see why.
  2. moose

    My Bluegill

    oh that well just go get some flashabou holographic green or pelar flash in rainbow pearl. most if not all fly shops have it. we hook 3 to 1 with the same lure with it on to one with out it. I even put it in my musky buck tails
  3. moose

    My Bluegill

    thanks I put that on all my tail hooks I use and sale now I feel I get more strikes. plus it's easy to do.
  4. moose

    My Bluegill

    first nice bait. I add sparkles to my clearcoats that way I have as much as I feel the bait needs. I also clear coat after evey color or photo I put on the use an epoxy coat to finish the lure here is a bad pic of one of my photo lures but you can see the sparkles in it. "yes it's a shad"
  5. moose

    Big Lures=Big Fish?

    WOW nate that is cool I need one of those for my musky classes here. that is just WOW. way to go very nice. looks just like the ones I have but lots bigger. to bad I'm doing a class this wednesday I'd have you make me one. lol hahaha
  6. Here is one of my new musky killer moose spinners I make and now sale. just wanted to get your inputs on what you all think. It's a 6" spinner all hand tied tail on a weighted coil. I do 5 differant color of tails. hook is a 2/0 vmc #6 blade. just let me know what you think thanks
  7. moose

    walleye picture

    wow that is nice! photo paper?
  8. moose

    musky lure......

    looks good. kind of like a big j-plug with a tail. and they work for the musky here in utah sometimes. hum Idea now. thanks
  9. moose

    first post and pic of first photo lure try

    I used kodak premium paper in a satin finish. then used fly tieing head cement to hold down the paper first on the flat sides after it was dry I went back and glued the round sides and used the side of a pencil to curve down the paper. but let hthe cement set up just a bit (real tacky) before you try. this took the longest because I did just a bit at a time. after it all dryed I painted the top and bottom with color lacquer then clear lacquer. then and epoxy coat . I have tried different things to hold down the paper and the head cement worked best for me.
  10. hey all I'm norm AKA the moose. i've been lurking for a bit and just singed up. nathan was the one that told me about this site. anyway I just finished my first photo lure to day and thought I'd try and post a pic. sorry it's not the best pic. I droped my dig cam in the water last night fishing but it seems to be working so far. then lens ifs foged but not bad. anyway what do you think? any input is great. hope pic turns out