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  1. Shannon Wig-L-Twin

    Does anybody have good pics or drawings of a Shannon Wig-L-Twin. Would like to make one but can't find any good pics. Thanks jay
  2. Alternative to frisket/mask???

    Press'n Seal is about the same thickness as Saran Wrap doubled. Tacky on one side and sticks to just about anything and dosen't leave a residue when removed. jay
  3. Would the Poly-Sil paint from Lurecraft work? Says it can be sprayed and is not affected by plastic worms. Just a thought. jay
  4. Found Starfire rods in the my Cabela's catalog for $35. No Model SF402 though. Hope this helps Jay
  5. Favorite bass to catch

    1. Smallies 2. Wiper 3. Largemouth Thats about all we have around here anyway.
  6. Complete Book of Tackle Making

    Does anyone have this book and is it worth the money? Jay
  7. Outside finish of plastics

    Basskat Won't Mineral Oil harden your baits after time? I could be wrong but I thought I have read in other posts mineral oil would harden your baits over time. Jay
  8. 1st. Game Report

    Yeah, If Plummer dosen't throw any interceptions it will be an even better game. lol jay
  9. Photos

    You could also take photos outside in natural light. Just take them out of direct sun light in a shaded area to prevent glare. jay
  10. Dirty Molds

    Thanks, I never thought to use Simple Green. It worked great.
  11. Dirty Molds

    I bought a few rtv molds at an auction last week that are covered with grease(from a grease gun). What can I use to clean them with out ruining the molds?