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  1. Mesabooger

    Where Do I Look For A Spool, Abu Garcia Xlt Plus?

    I don't know what model xlt plus you have but he's got schematics for several. And they have the spool assembly for an 85 it's about 38 bucks...expensive.
  2. Mesabooger

    Where Do I Look For A Spool, Abu Garcia Xlt Plus?

    You might want to give Mikes Reel Repair a shot, just do a search. He's got the most complete reel and trolling motor schematic database I've ever seen.
  3. Mesabooger

    2008 Walleye Swimbait from Musky Snax

    Very cool!
  4. Mesabooger

    Gamakatsu #5 treble hooks

    I've been looking for them for a while myself. If you go here to pg 23 of the catalog you'll see they come in bronze and red. I've got some of the VMC's but they're just not as sharp and forget buying the luckycraft high. Gamakatsu is also making this in a #3 size too. Here's a better
  5. Mesabooger

    Gamakatsu #5 treble hooks

    I know Gammy is coming out with these (#5 round bend treble hooks), anybody seem them or know where I can score some? TIA
  6. Mesabooger

    Has anyone fabricated thier own hooks?

    I've thought of doing this myself, but what material would you start with to make a wire treble. What kind of wire and how would you temper it? BTW Bassomatic, have you caught anything on those Misfits lures...haha
  7. Mesabooger

    A few new colors

    That is a sweet looking crank. Great job on the color.
  8. Mesabooger

    My new "HD" series Tube prototype

    That would be a smallie killer!
  9. Mesabooger

    Chatter blades...again

    Thanks DP, I will keep that in mind. I appreciate your genorosity.
  10. Mesabooger

    Chatter blades...again

    Thanks fellas, I sent him an email yesterday... I'll PM him I know some people dont check email often. Thanks again.
  11. Mesabooger

    Chatter blades...again

    Thanks Todd, but Netcrafts are the thick ones also. I need the thin SS ones....anybody?
  12. Mesabooger

    Chatter blades...again

    Hey sorry for posting on this topic again but my searches have been fruitless. I'm looking for some real chatterbait blades, you know the thin ones made of stainless. If anybody could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. I need about a hundred for myself, not making any to sell. TIA
  13. Mesabooger

    How to keep lead from sticking to DO-IT mold

    I knew somebody on here would have the answer. Thanks
  14. I bought one of those new DO-IT poison tail molds and my jigs keep sticking to the mold. They stick so badly that I have to pull hard and it ends up bending the jig. Is there something I could spray on the mold to make it easier to get the jig out? Thanks