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  1. Honestly if you start to look around you can find sources. Simply a lot of people now have the capability in skill set and tooling to do this sort of work. I had molds made probably 12 plus years ago for free and much more common now. Local high schools, tech schools, colleges and universities, Maker's clubs then of course plenty of businesses. Guys have set ups in their garage or shops and will do stuff for very reasonable or trade services for product potentially. Can find some designs on etsy, thinguniverse, etc. Many of these individuals will also design you something.
  2. Blue pearl salt and pepper may be a good place to start. Customers...
  3. I have always epoxied before spraying over foil.
  4. I wouldn't worry to much about what size to be honest. Easy enough to pay for a new mold with the proceeds from the first. If you have a customers to sell to.
  5. Sort of a throw back I guess by todays standards. Hand poured laminate drop shot worm. Rootbeer with black flake followed by a dark watermelon seed with blue highlight. Pour hot and pour fast to melt/blend to avoid and cold cracks and delamination.
  6. Sinking swimbait. Three sections weighted to fall horizontal at just under a foot a second. I broke down and used PVC for this one and carved some basic anatomy. Designed a slight upcurve from the nose to operculum to create some minor lift on retrieve to help control bait for working over deeper weed beds. Used a lot of mica powders to get some chromatic changes. The blue, rose, pinks are mica dry brushed and rubbed over gray and metallic silver. Orange, brown, golds of the throat are mica powders also and for good measure rubbed in some green along the dorsal.
  7. I think for many they simply don't worry to much about this stuff and think as whole the lure building community has moved on to other platforms. Would imagine there will be a few more entries before the deadline. If not just increases your odds of winning if you participated.
  8. Simply they are too cheap not to just buy one if 3D printing interests you. Easily can get one for sub $500. I think when I bought an Anet A8 for below $ 180. No need to drop any more. Software many free versions that will get the job done. Shouldn't be too difficult to find someone on this site or any site that would work out a deal with you if it interests them. I am sure it is dependent on one's area but 3D printing is very common any more. It can be very easy to find someone to print things for you (the average craft store sells filament at this point). An option, for
  9. Many years ago just used 6 drops of LC root beer with 1/8 tsp of blue highlight to make a generic cinnamon when hand pouring drop shot baits. Have used various other methods to various cinnamon depending on what someone was looking for and dependent on how colorants changed or new colors/companies got into it. Brown pumpkin, transparent brown with opaque white, yellow or red on toothpicktip, scuppernog, MF's cinnamon, etc. I have made recipes for most things and have done a lot of color matching. Typically would get baits from guys out west and wanting to duplicate it in larger pr
  10. Frankly if it wasn't for exact copies soft plastics wouldn't be where it is now. No molds, no injection equipment, etc. Anyone that was hand pouring custom lures knows how much things have changed. Knock off baits and knock off colors simply has allowed the hobby to grow.
  11. Reason to dip horizontal.....
  12. Yes that is all there is to it. Once you find the appropriate sized rod you can braze/weld on your handle/hanger.
  13. About any finesse technique (Brewer slider heads, split shoting, etc...) and can be used as a trailer on smaller jigs and spinnerbaits.
  14. Horizontal dipping in a bread pan kept warm on a hot plate.
  15. Can tackle it a few ways but like most things in life people will use different methods. Foredom cylinder shape ball tungsten carbide wood carving burrs.
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