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  1. Travis

    2019 Lure Contest Now Underway!

    You are much more forgiving than I am. Delete their entries and give them the boot. The instructions are not that hard, lets not reward stupidity.
  2. Travis

    Wire for Hook hangers

    For bass lures; 19 gauge soft temper stainless steel from the local hardware or order from McMaster Carr (0.041 302/304 stainless down to .032 or so for smaller baits).
  3. Travis

    copy machine

    Reason I have a 3D printer sitting in box going on 9 months.....
  4. Travis

    Drilling Dowel for Tail Hanger

    Jig the way to go. Doesn't have to be too complicated either. Personally would just take two pieces of wood and make and L with them then attach it to a base. The round dowel will nestle in the corner and be supported vertically by your jig. The base should clamp to your drill press table and positioned so the drill bit will be centered on the dowel. I would just hold the dowel in place with my thumb and drill knock them out in short order. With this set up can knock a bunch out quick. You can also make a holder similar to a lead weigh mold out of wood. Just drill a slightly smaller diameter circle than your dowel. Use a hinge on one end and can open and close the handle to hold the piece. Will still need to make a stop system to register the holder so always center. The first option just much easier and quicker.
  5. Travis

    New to lure building and the site

    Most will seal the balsa first. Superglue or thinned epoxy both popular choices. I dipped a lot in dissolved plastic solo cups or the propionate dip. Personally superglue is the way I typically go. After sealing I then lay down a base coat/primer then paint. I still prefer Devcon 30 minute for a topcoat.
  6. Travis

    Gloss coat for plaster mold?

    I have always sealed with thinned devcon. No issues and no loss of detail if done properly. Tried various other methods... well still use the devcon method.
  7. Travis

    wrap for stripes on bluegill baits

    My wife has it on her craft table. I assume the just wrap strips of it around the bait the paint and then unwrap. Someone on the site (many years ago) was wrapping baits and painting to get wacky patterns.
  8. Travis

    Perfect D2T Finish??

    I have observed what you are seeing in the past once based on your newest description. It was with some Gorilla Glue Epoxy being used on a wood working project. I first thought it was my mixing (however never had this occur with the D2T 5 or 30 minute) so mixed some more and still had it happen. Very minimal amount of the product would quickly cure and was granular in nature. I chalked it up to degradation/contaminant in the initial product; likely slightly different related chemical pre/polymer in the epoxide portion or potentially small impurity in the "hardener portion" that chemical reacts at different rate with the product. Either way based on the amount of epoxy I had used in the past just chucked it.
  9. Travis

    Perfect D2T Finish??

    Pictures of the bait, if you can get good pictures of the top coat, will help. Bristles are too easy to see and would easily be removed during top coatings. Bubbles never resulted in a finish that I think of as protruding particles as usually just the opposite with little smooth craters/dimples.
  10. Travis

    wrap for stripes on bluegill baits

    Usually I just use stencils or a modified comb and either do solid stripes or mottled/stippling with the air brush. Never used wonder web but sounds interesting.
  11. Travis

    heat setting

    Either will work... For normal paint jobs a lure is dry enough to handle after spraying a few other baits. I dried crackle paint jobs to speed the process but the product I used seamed slow to dry but the undercoat I was using was brushed. I have never been in a big of enough hurry to use them with any consistent basis. As I may paint a dozen lures, then go build a dozen lures, top coat the painted lures a day or two later, paint the new lures, install hardware, decide to pour some baits..... Hopefully I go fishing instead of doing any of it as no point in making lures for kicks. I started cleaning up my garage and found baits that need clear coats. They were signed and dated 4/21/12.
  12. Travis

    Table rock Shad Pattern - Lucky Craft

    He was talking how to paint the LC Table Rock. Hughesy may have painted one or two Table Rock Shad over the time as everyone has their knockoff of his. Everyone has their interpretation of his color pattern. Here is an old post of his from 2004. First of all let me thank you for the nice compliments. As far as my "create your own colors page", I did try using my own colors but they didn't look right because of places like where the back color faded into the side of the baits looked real funky, the color of the paint behind the scale pattern would show up and many other issues I came across. It was a real pain. I just put that page on there for the fun of it. I doubt if anyone uses it to really design colors all though I have received many orders with the little pictures as a sample. I might change it around if I every get time to play around with it. As far as it increasing my orders, its killing me the way it is now. We are running about 5 to 6 weeks on deliveries of orders as we speak with no end in sight. On patenting colors schemes, I don't think its possible because you could add 2 drops of white to any color and barely change the color but I'm sure in a court of law it would be considered a new color even though it matches your to a T. If you notice that most of the Big Boys that copy my stuff do not get the colors right. Lucky Crafts Table Rock Shad is a real faded chartreuse and almost a flat purple, Normans Sour Grape has purple flake and the they to can't get the right purple and chartreuse. The same with Pradco's Mark Menendez line. All of those colors are a copies of mine but they just can't get the colors tint right. Plus the quality of their work could use some help. Thanks again clemmy for the great ideas but I'm just gonna stay right where I'm at and just keep on shootin that paint.
  13. Travis

    Rotissiere motor

    I have only bought 2 and just picked up whatever the Lowe's had at the time. They both have turned a lure or two over the past 14 years. I don't think this is one of those too critical of things to be honest or something to spend a lot of money on. Something near 6 RPM is the fastest I would want to go and typically a little slower. Etex never won me over and only did 30 to 40 lures with it. Now that being said I do have a 1/3 HP Bodine motor with variable RPM control I picked up at work (we throw away some amazing stuff). I was going to use it whenever mine stopped working.
  14. Travis

    Old style pointy propellers Fairly close. Likely have to bend them a little deeper. Doubt they will divulge their source however. How many you looking at getting... Worth does contract work in regards to metal stamping.
  15. Travis

    Angling AI Molds

    Place your order and you should have your hands on a mold in 5 weeks or less. If not quick enough then buy elsewhere. I don't see much difference in the mold makers so just order what I like the looks of. Time... not an issue as always have been given a time frame on molds I have bought. If it doesn't show I contact the credit card company and all good.