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  1. Terrydabassman

    Do-It Molds WEY375 Wire forms

    Just getting into this and have the same problem! So which wire form is the smallest? HS-34 or HS-100 ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Terrydabassman

    Ghost Color 2" Curly Tail Grubs

    thanks for the info, much appreciated!!
  3. Terrydabassman

    Ghost Color 2" Curly Tail Grubs

    Any one here make these?? They are getting harder and harder to find on online. Please shoot me an email? terry12clark@gmail.com OR the recipe. I no longer make soft plastics, but I may have to start. ;-)
  4. Terrydabassman

    Mold Material For Making Foam Cranks

    Hello all, it's been a few years since I've been to the site. Has a great new look! I'm in the process of making a prototype invention of mine and forget what that stuf I used to make the rubber-like mold halves. I did a search, but came up empty. For all my old friends on TU, I've been sick for a few years and I did get my heart transplant June 7th. I'm doing very well, getting stronger, more stamina and wind. Thanks for all your prayers!! I'm Terry Clark and I approve this message. ;-)
  5. Terrydabassman

    Any Word On The New Dick Nite Topcoat?

    Read the older posts and went to his web site and didn't see anything. Any news on The New Dick Nite Topcoat??
  6. Terrydabassman

    Got My Lure Turner Finished And Working But Have A

    If your top coat is D2T, just let it turn for 30 minutes and it'll set up just fine.
  7. Terrydabassman

    Dartin' R Lure

    Anyone have a photo of the Dartin' R lure...or own one?
  8. Terrydabassman

    Christmas smiles

    Merry Christmas everyone, Got this today and bout fell off me chair laughing. "Caution", do not listen to this with liquids in your mouth. Click Here
  9. Terrydabassman

    swivel hook hangers

    Oh, sorry, I could a swore I read swivel hook hangers. Oldtimers thingy....lol
  10. Terrydabassman

    swivel hook hangers

    Go to Stripers online..all the info you could ever want on those hangers. Lure Building - SurfTalk
  11. Terrydabassman

    Does anyone do.... or know how to do the old "G Finish"??

    A photo of the finish you want would be very helpful.
  12. Terrydabassman

    Spraying your clear coat?

    Considering Devcon is right around $532 a gallon, $200 a gallon for a sprayable top coat is actually a very good deal.
  13. Terrydabassman

    Fee's ? Club?

    When did this start? Man I always seem to be in the dark.
  14. Terrydabassman

    cricket finish

    Then too, just because they say they're copyrighted doesn't mean they are. If they are, then he had to buy the rights from God. Anyone can take photo's of fish, photoshop and size them for photo finishing lures guys.
  15. Terrydabassman

    Acetone + Plastic bodies = boo

    As Tony the tiger would say, "Frosted Baits are GREAT."