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  1. Brett

    wood filler

    Lots of great tips here. I was looking for something that would stand up to lures being dragged through a boulder field on bottom at 5 mph,,, this stuff will do the trick. Yes a little tricky but like anything always a few tricks to learn. I'm really impressed with how hard it gets.... I file is able to work out anything you couldn't smooth down.
  2. Brett

    wood filler

    Jerkbait, Thanks for this tip, just tried it out,,, exactly what I was looking for,,,, the stuff is amazingly hard,,,,
  3. To me it is proven that it is action,,,,,, this is why all those " special " baits are out there that the fish have torn the finish off and still continue to produce.
  4. Here's a quick pic I have stored of the smallest musky bait I make,,,,, Found another of my " tackle box " from a few years back
  5. Brett

    New to the site

    Trial and error on your own is the way to learn. I also had to do all the figuring out myself. Fish mainly a river, downstream trolling dead slow,,,,, came up with an over size lip to cup more water, dives her to the bottom while barely beating the current........ but the big lip keeps her out of trouble running over bottom,,,,, by far the best bait I've ever run for this... Still learning and having fun..... congrats on the catch,,,,, got a 50" and a real fat 49 within just over an hour,,,,, man it pumps you up !! Cool your son is in on it,,,,,, have my oldest 13 years old working on his own model now...... all ready has boated some nice fish..... Have fun with it....
  6. Nice fatties there,,,, feels good eh !!!!!!
  7. Not really sure but only tip I can give you is you will need to rough up the surface.
  8. Very perrrrrrtyy,,,,,,, nice work,, looks tastey to me!
  9. I've had zero issues with any polycarbonate I've used. Right down to 36 degree water,, still with stood the punishment. I imagine if it was absorbing water it would turn a different colour, which I have never seen.
  10. Brett

    wood filler

    Jerkbait, sounds very interesting, just the kind of tidbit I was hoping to learn. Sawdust trick is great as well, should have thought of this as my dad does this with white wood glue on his,,,,, interior wood crafts. Thanks,,
  11. Brett

    wood filler

    Been toying with a few ways of filling in holes and such for ballast weight, screw holes, etc. Tried different wood fillers. Will be using epoxy as I want extreme durability. Anyone have any experience they wish to share with other materials?
  12. Brett

    New Lure Demo

    Lik'n the dance,,,,,,, great work !
  13. Brett

    Stainless wire

    Muskiefool thanks, learned something there. George, I'm going to check out the welding guys. I was given a spool of 0.045, enough I would probably never run out. It seems good but want to try the thicker stuff.
  14. Brett

    Stainless wire

    Planning on up grading my wire to 0.70 or close to it for my wire through. I was about to order through Moores lures but see on the website they are not filling orders until April. I plan to search out locally where I am but thought first stop would be here with the boys who are in the know.
  15. Nice, nice, very nice............ rainbow is my go to bait on the Niagara!
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