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  1. I know that there are a few people on this forum that pretty much only do tube baits. For the most part they split the tails by hand with a good quality hand made splitter. There is a "how to" on how to manufacture this tool. I believe it consist of the handle to a paint roller, 8 or so rotary disc, and some washers as spacers. From what they have been posting here in the past regarding the "splitting tubes" they usually do a few hundred an hour or so. Save your money and do it that way...hope that helps...
  2. As with any new mold, ya gotta find out which way is the easiet to pour. I start out with the body, work my way out to the big fins, then pour all of the antennas. The picture I posted is a three pour worm, its kinda tricky. I would def. buy this mold if you like this style.
  3. just bought a new mold from del, its the "n-bug", now called the "k-bug"...LOL. Poured it in A's magic and my softshell craw.
  4. I grind up my salt in a blender, my wife's of course. It works pretty good. And she always wonders why her margaritas are so salty?...LOL
  5. Lurecraft has a formula that smells pretty close to the berkley formula, ask dave at lurecraft and he can help you out.
  6. I have used several plastic companies in the eleven years that I have poured. When I first started pouring I was using MF plastic. It was 35 bucks a gallon, but it was at a tackle shop 5 miles away from my house. MF is costly. MF is decent plastic but does not take high heat well. I then tried Lurecraft. The plastic and I didnt get along that well. It yellowed under heat easier then MF. Lurecraft was cheaper but by the time you added Lurecrafts shipping, I might as well go to the tackle shop 5 miles away and get the MF. I then saw the light, Calhoun. Calhoun was cheaper in price, even with shipping. You can really crank up the heat with Calhoun. Even with the higher heat you still get crystal clear results with the lighter colors. The smell to me is like candy, not bad at all, it also doesnt smoke as bad as others. Hope this helped you somewhat. Good luck!
  7. When pouring a two part mold it is the same concept as pouring senko's. You need to heat the plastic up to pour real easy. You should pour to one side of the opening to allow air to escape while you are pouring. That is what solved my problem when I was pouring. Also it helps when you preheat your mold, even by letting them set in the sun prior to pouring helps. Good luck.
  8. looks good!....its like a worm with zits!..keep up the good work.
  9. I usually charge my freeloading buddies 3 bucks a bag (10 qty) for worms...4 bucks for tubes...and 1.60 a piece for jigs...and if i have a little left over in my pan then i'll throw in a few more worms...keeps your freeloading buddies coming back for more.
  10. KickerWormz


    I use bamboo skewers to stir my plastic...thats what i've always used and it has always worked for me.
  11. At one time or another some of us bought the Lurecraft Senko/stick mold. Lurecraft's mold is a lot skinnier then what i think that youre looking for. Save your money and be happy with one of Del's molds. It is well worth the money, plus they will last forever. Dont be cheap!
  12. hey we talked the other day on the phone, you gave me some pointers regarding my swimbait (perris,ca) That trout kicks you know what. looks better then anything that i've seen. keep up the good work! Darren
  13. Bummer, heat can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Different plastic manufacturers can take different heat ranges. When you are splitting bloodlines you want your heat up their so the vein will split. You also want the temp up their when you are working with a lot of detail in the mold. Also I have had light colors no look so good when you have too much heat. I think that you can get a way with not using heat stabilizer when you choose the right plastic. I used to use MF but you couldnt crank up the heat like you can on Calhoun plastic. Usually if i have a 4 to 8 cavity mold I'll stir the aluminum pan between every 2 to 3 pours so that you have a consistant pour, this is especially true when you have salt in your baits, salt goes straight to the bottom of the pan, and when you are pouring stick baits consistancy is of the upmost importance. Hope so of this helps ya. Any questions feel free to ask any of us.
  14. I was looking up swimbaits on the internet last night. I actually got a virus on a fishing site!?!?!?! The fishing site was "fishingportal.com" You guys/gals be careful. I was lucky and had my Norton antivirus up and running.....Just a little info for my fellow fishermen. Darren
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