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  1. FishBooger

    where to get stainless steel screw eyes?

    I have place orders over the phone with Dick. Try giving him a call at 715.356.6834 Hope this helps
  2. FishBooger

    Wood Vs. Alternatives

    Hello all I am interested your opinions on lures made of wood vs. foam, pvc board, (frank) sinatra board, etc. If the fish really do care...What is better in regards to catching fish? Wood or Alternatives. Whatever material you use to make lures please post your thoughts. Thanks- FB
  3. FishBooger

    Pimp my Jerk!!

  4. FishBooger

    New jerkbaits

  5. FishBooger

    Jio Erk's 2

  6. FishBooger

    My First Jigs

  7. FishBooger

    Norpan Jerk

  8. FishBooger

    Musky/pike jerkbait

  9. FishBooger

    Trout Tricker

  10. FishBooger

    big cranks

    mangeboy, you create some very nice looking lures...I'm thinking the ones above are about 11 inches long...LOL...perfect for trolling the big ones.
  11. FishBooger

    saltwater bucktails

  12. FishBooger

    Ten inch Shovelhead jerkbait

  13. FishBooger


  14. FishBooger

    "Brave New World"

    Nice! You have some unique paint patterns.