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  1. No problem man. I have been pouring alot lately and I have boxes of hooks all over my workbench, so it was easy access.
  2. Rustedhook, I have never had the point roll over on the Owner SB hook. It may need to be touched up after using around rocks alot, but not any more than other premium hooks.
  3. I feel the same Cadman. Funny that they would "separate themselves" from other companies with something negative though, lol. Rustedhook, I have been using the Owner 4/0 Spinnerbait hook in my Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits for over 20 yeras and love them. They are actually a bit larger than most companies 4/0 hooks for this purpose. I am possibly going to design my Chatterbaits around this hook also.
  4. I received my 5/0 Gami 345's today. While the are the standard, superior Gamakatsu strength and sharpness, I was slightly disappointed in the size. They are def smaller than the Mustad 32886 5/0 hook and almost have a slightly bent out gap/point. The bend is not really noticeable until you hold it up next to the mustad. I am really hoping to use this hook in liu of the Mustad, I just wish the 5/0 was bigger or hope they will make a 6/0 version. Here are some pics. The pics that have 2 hooks have the Gami 5/0 next to the Mustad 5/0. The Gami is the smaller one. The single hook pics are the Gami.
  5. Great idea for a less permanent fix...the high temp silicone. I have used rock putty for mine, which is easier to alter than the JB weld, but I like the silicone idea, because it will accept different sized hook-eyes...not just the size you alter it too. Thanks.
  6. I have been putting the 5304 and 5313's in my jigs for about 20 years, in many of the sizes. This is the first time I have received any of these Black Chrome style. I'm not complaining, I like it. The finish will probably hold up longer. I just didn't now if that was how they are all going to be, moving forward and the old stock has to sell out first, or what.
  7. Thanks. I like it. Less chance for rust.
  8. Hey guys, maybe I did not hear about this and it's old news, but have any of you seen the new steel, Owner is using on the 5304 Deep Throat Jig hooks? I received some 5/0 from Barlows, and instead of the standard Black Steel they have always used, these were a shinier Black Nickle.
  9. 21xdc, thanks for posting that. I have this mold in the 1/4-1/2 oz sizes, but I did not know they had it available in these larger sizes. I may have to try this one out. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks SJ. I have contemplated the Snootie many times however, here in Nor Cal we fish areas where the weeds won't even let a 3/4 through. Sometimes we are tossing the 1+oz weight up in the air to penetrate. I have some molds that will let me pitch pockets and sparse weeds. Am looking for something specifically 1 and 1+ oz sized heads for grass. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Is anyone using the Do-It, Weedless Brush Jig, in the 5/8 - 1 oz sizes as a Flip or Punch Jig? There are very few 1 oz sized weedless jig molds on the market and I was wondering how well this bait can "punch" or penetrate thick weed cover. Is anyone using it this way and what are your thoughts? Thanks
  12. Awesome idea, thanks. I have been debating on what to substitute for this one. How is the wire diameter on the Spoon wire? It appears a bit thinner. Have you noticed it bending easier? Even if it does, I guess that's beer than it popping out of the head, if it can be bent back wit hout breaking.
  13. HI guys. If anyone has both of these (2) 90° Jig hooks, can you please post a pic of them side by side for size comparrison? 7/0 Gamakatsu 604 6/0 Mustad 32746 NPBN Thanks!
  14. I do a top coat of Envirotex lite. You don't need to do the whole head, just coat out beyond the eyes about a 1/2".
  15. Has anyone tried the Barlows Powder Paint in the 1 pound containers? How is it? Is it smooth or clumpy? They mention on the site that the colors are not the same as the name brands. How is the Brown, is it super dark or more coco color. Pic if possible?
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