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  1. Bagley DB-3's

    Hi guys, Since we are on the subject of the hunting action, let me tell you why I am trying to make my own flat crankbaits. 2 years ago I purchased 3 Dbait crankbaits from Mr. Dee's, this was in the winter time so he sent a note with the baits saying that these bait were not tuned do to ice on the water. When spring arrived I tuned the baits and one of the bait had an unbelievable hunting action, it would run straight then swing left or right maybe 6 inches (staying vertical the whole time), it might stay there for 1 to 5 seconds then swing to center then to the other side, it was very random. (I beleive that I would not of got this one bait if he would of tuned them). I'm telling you the fish tore this bait up. I repaired this bait so many times now there is nothing left to repair so I disected it. I have purchased quit a few more and have never had another one do it this much (move this far side to side). So this is why I am so interested in the topcoat finish that he uses, I think that the fact that his topcoat is very thin and light might be an advantage in this action. Then again I might be are wrong.
  2. Dbait topcoat

    TBait, I am spinning my baits for approx. 8 hours. I apply one coat of etex to the bait, paint then apply another coat of etex. Are you applying 3 topcoats, could it be that I need to apply more to avoid the cracking problems? With 3 topcoats it seems that I would have more etex that wood. I know that Dee's baits do seem to have a very thin coat, but thats why I would like to know what he is using, because I have used many of them and it is very durable for being so thin. Thanks mp
  3. Dbait topcoat

    Thanks guy's I don't beleive I would want to thin my envirotex any, as a matter of fact I have to let it set and thicken up before applying, because if I put it on before it gets somewhat thicker it will leave bare spots on the bait. Has anyone here used Flexlite, what are the pros and cons of this product? Does anyone here prefer it to enviro or devicon, and if they do, why?
  4. Dbait topcoat

    I have been making some flat crankbaits. I have tried 2-ton epoxy and envirotex lite, but I believe that the topcoat that dee's puts on his baits is better, it seems to be flexible somewhat like envirotex lite but is very thin. The envirotex cracks on me if I don't put on a very thick coat. Does anyone know what coating that Dee's uses on his baits?
  5. Dbait topcoat

    Thanks Chip, I dissected a dbait and copied it, everything is the same but I used 2-ton epoxy for the finish, and I believe that the added weight of the epoxy is hurting the action. I tried to put it on very thin but it still seems to thick. I am currently letting one cure with envirotex lite and I hope that it will be a little thinner. Is envirtex lighter than devcon 2-ton? Thanks
  6. Dbait topcoat

    Does anyone know what Gary Dee uses to coat his dbaits with, the finish looks very thin. Thanks
  7. Painting over epoxy

    Thanks for the info guy's. mp
  8. Painting over epoxy

    Hey Skeeter, I have foiled and applied epoxy to my first balsa wood crankbait, this bait is somewhat like a Dbait, I have ordered a paint spray gun from harbor freight and purchased some createx paint , my question is can I just spray paint directly on my first coat of epoxy or do I need to sand it first, and how long should I let the paint dry before appying the second coat of epoxy. Thanks
  9. crankbait weight

    Thanks Skeeter
  10. crankbait weight

    It is made of balsa, I thought maybe someone might be able to give me a ballpark weight to start with. I think this lure might be a copy of the bagley B2, but I'm not sure.
  11. crankbait weight

    Hi folks, I am new to this site and am starting to tinker with making some crankbaits, I have been reading thru some of the old post here and have learned so much it's overwhelming. The question I have is about a bait called the lazer lure it is 2.5 inches long 5/16 oz. and dives about 3-4 feet deep, this is a round type bait with a wide rolling type action. Could anyone give me a idea as what weight needs to be inserted in this bait. Thanks