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  1. Al, not to be an A$$, but I offer that when the sticky was started, a number of experienced members posted recipes. Within a year or so, the discussions and question posts began. Not sure how big a job it is to clean it up but it would be nice. Maybe as a moderator, you can just delete and not have to go into the HTML file and manually delete line by line.
  2. Plaster is a cheap way to get into mold making and it is available locally. Go to Home Depot and get water putty. It works like plaster of Paris but is stronger. The bull worm is a good worm to start with because it has a flat side. This is what I do but there are variations that will work as well. You will develop your own process if you keep making molds. My process may take longer than others but being retired, I don't rush anything. Go fishing if you can't keep yourself from fiddling with the mold. Superglue the flat side down to a container. I use the Styrofoam containers meat i
  3. Picture link does not work. Please update. Thanks, Dave
  4. Has anyone tried a Stirio automatic pot stirrer? Amazon has it for 30 dollars with free shipping. And Lurebaz - lucky for you, they are available on the Amazon UK site. It uses rechargeable batteries so its run time may be limited. It may be possible to rig a DC voltage source to it.
  5. I don't know if this is the post Les is referring to but the movies work for me using Window Media Player. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/22062-dipping-tubes/?hl=bojon#entry164521
  6. It is funny how too much stabilizer yellows the plastic. When my white gets a yellow tint, I use it to make a yellow perch swimbait.
  7. I used a Fry Daddy to make a small pot. It's temperature is regulated by a snap disc to maintain a temperature of 375°F which is too hot. I purchased a fixed limit snap disc that regulates the temperature between 285° and 325°. I bought it from White-Rodgers company because that is the manufacturer of the one that came on the Fry Daddy. You probably could get one cheaper on eBay.
  8. I have had good luck with Diamond Crystal - The Finer Salt - from the grocery store. Look for the red and white label. It comes both Iodized and non-iodized. It is ground very fine and doesn't settle as bad as others I have used. Best part is the store is five miles from my house.
  9. I have the same mold. I found a piece of tubing at work that fit the rod with minor clearance and I jb welded it to the rod. I lined them up in a metal working lathe so they would be concentric. It cut the tail thickness in half. The bad news is the plastic does not flow completely into the tail. I cut the tails at the orignal thickness with a home made version of Lure Crafts cutter. I mounted it on an arbor press. I got the idea from this thread. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/7902-tail-cutter/?hl=%2Btube+%2Bcutter
  10. I think he means adding water to allow a thick coat of RTV to cure. There are some threads about making molds from RTV on this site.
  11. . If you are going to agonize over 30.00, this hobby is going to drive you crazy. As far as Plaster of Paris, you can buy smaller buckets at Walmart or hobby stores.
  12. I made this soon after it was posted in 2009 and it is still going strong. I already had the arbor press. My version has a aluminum block that holds the utility knife blades and it clamps to the ram. I put a piece of sheet rubber on a steel plate to cover the surface the ram works on. You have to play with the blade spacer thickness till you get tails you like. My version works great.
  13. Smooth-On, Tap Plastics and places like that sell a thinner for silicone that should work.
  14. Go to the Walmart and look at the Storm swimbaits. Pick one that is translucent and you can see how their internal weight is shaped. You will find that it is shaped somewhat like an Erie Jig.
  15. Keep in mind that the height of the partition influences whether you get a laminate or a swirl. If I remember correctly, the higher the partition, the more likely you get a laminate. If you are looking for swirls, the partition should be below the pour spout.
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