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  1. Bait looks good but, the web site gives me some new ideas on color combos as well. Thanks for the post.
  2. If you are buying it in a 55 galon barrel you can go to Calhoun Plastic here in Calhoun Ga. If you want it in lower quanties you can purchase it from del-mart.com . He has great customer service, fast shipping, and also provides personal tips and tricks here in this forum.
  3. Me likey!!! I might have to check that one out. Your pours are looking perfect!!! Do you know if the bass like them yet??
  4. Found it. It was on the wood filler aisle. 4lb. for $5.79. I will try it this weekend. Any tips?
  5. I will try the brush on method with the remaining plaster I have left since I am trying to mold a "ribbed" stick bait. I gave up and ordered a two part mold today. I just called my local Home Depot and they said that they have the 1lb and the 4lb bags in the paint department so I will look again tonight. Funny thing is I asked a "sales Clerk" to do a search on their computer and they could not find it. However, when I contacted the corporate office here in Atlanta they had no problems finding it. Looks like someone didn't really search when they said they did, huh? Well wish me luck.
  6. What am I doing wrong?? I am trying to make a two part mold out of plaster. I pour some plaster and insert my worms and let it set up for about an hour. I then rub that part with vaseline and pour some more plaster on top of the first mold. I am getting bubbles on the second part. I have tried to mix in more water and tried it with less water with the same result. I am bumping the wet plaster after I pour it to make the bubble come to the top (and they are). The only thing I can think of is that I need to give the first part more time to cure. How long are you guys waiting before you pour your second part of the mold? I want to just go to Durham's water putty instead of plaster but, I can not find any at Home Depot or Lowe's.
  7. I would agree if the gallon was in the anti-freeze type gallon container but mine is in a gallon bucket. I think that I would have a mess trying to pour into the small pour pans that I have unless you know a trick to it.
  8. I think I will try it as is since I can't wait to try this new plastic. My last plastic was a quart from LC. I learned from that quart the importance of shaking and stirring it well before use. I forgot to do that on one pour session so when I got to the end of the bottle my baits were coming out real hard. I am sure that it was because I got the ratio of the ingredients of the plastic messed up from not mixing before pouring. BTW, I am going for the texture of the trick or finesse worm from zoom.
  9. I just received my first gallon of Calhoun plastic from DelW. (Very fast shipping) My question is can I use it as is? That is do I need to order and softener or hardener? I am looking to pour Zoom worm like qualities. I plan on breaking the gallon down in size after a good mixing of course into easier to use containers. I just wanted to do any additions to the plastic before I broke it down. I think that I read that Calhoun was perfect as is but, I just thought that I would ask.
  10. Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I will try a few of those tricks and see what turns out. I am starting to think that warming up the mold might help since the worms seemed to get glossy after I poured a few. It looks like I am going to have to break down and purchase a Del or Bob mold. I have looked at the Del molds and really like them but I have not yet looked at Bob's molds.
  11. I did my first pour last week using LC plastic and a LC mold. The first couple of batches turned out cloudy. Meaning that they did not have a gloss texture to them. The flat part of the worm was glossy but not the feature part. Anyone know what I did wrong? They still caught fish but, I still want to know if I did something wrong or not.
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