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  1. Very nice! I was concidering buying that mold is it easy to pour? And are the arms thick like dlews brush hog?
  2. Coley I would be highly appricative if you would do one on lips I have a batch of baits that I just finished carving and are my first I would like to get everything as close as possible the first time. Thanks, Taylor
  3. Those are some crazy looking paint jobs! How did you do it? Taylor
  4. Fishing Nut, You dont have to coat RTV with anything, you olny coat the Plaster a Paris because it is pourous. Taylor
  5. Shawn, The RTV that lures craft sells is that price I dont know if it is any different than the RTV you know of but I have used it and it did have a odor.
  6. If it is your first time making a mold stay away from RTV silicone 1 galon of this stuff runs 200+ I suggest to start making your molds w/ plaster a paris you can buy it at walmart in the craft section 8lbs for 5 bucks. It will take 3 days to dry completey then you can coat it w/ fibergalss resin and it will last forever unless you break it. I say use plaser a paris because it is very cheap and you can remove the mold from its cast the first day and fix all of your mistakes with a small knife. If your using RTV or resin you deal with nasty fumes and worry about it drying too fast or too slo
  7. Thanks Coley that is exactly what I needed, do I attach the belly hanger and the lip the same way? And should I attach the lip before or after painting? Thanks, Taylor
  8. The pouring pots are just like small kitchen pots avalible in right and left hand models from lure craft 2.00ea
  9. Coley, Do you make crankbaits on it? Can you post a pic? Thanks
  10. Ok I have carved a few smaller crankbaits and now I want to attach hook hangers. The thing is I don't like the screw eyes, being a bagey guy I am hoping to use 20ga brass wire. Now if I understand this right I will drill a small hole twist the wire into a loop and epoxy it into the hole? Is this correct? Mabey some one can explain it in detail or give me a link to a old thread, I could'nt find exactly what I am looking for. And when you epoxy the eyes and lip what type of eposy are you using devcon? Thanks for any help. Taylor
  11. I am concidering buying a cheap mini lathe from harbor frieght. I am hoping to make bagley type lures BB mostly and other crankbaits. Is a lathe a good choice for making these or would it be easier to carve them? Is anyone making crankbaits on a lathe, because I think thunder shads are make on a lathe?
  12. I am anticipating a tie between Chip's girl and the TU girls.
  13. Jitterbug, In my opinion it's better to showcase them here. If you don't have the money to patent them why worry about it, most likley someone somewhere has the same idea as you anyway. Heck half of the things people think they developed are alredy patent. To me it is better to show the guys here your baits and get some respect and credit for them before someone else shows up with the same or a similar idea. Taylor
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