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  1. jaime

    Iwata repair

    maybe this could be of some help Wandering about my old files
  2. jaime


  3. jaime

    Harbor Freight compressor?

    I have the sames one and have had it for four years now! my only complaint is that it tends to get hot is used for longer than ten minutes straight.
  4. jaime

    Is simple better?

    of course the paint job is the most important!! bass don't wanna eat ugly look lures, do they!
  5. jaime

    Gold Holo

    very nice! and an excellent idea! btw, how do you get such great close up pictures of your lures?
  6. jaime

    my latest swimbait...

    Wicked! I like it!
  7. jaime

    Fresh Paint Close-up

    A++++. Some really excellent work.
  8. jaime

    Did you cedar? If I had Balsa I would ask her out!

  9. jaime

    Did you cedar? If I had Balsa I would ask her out!

    KICK ASS!! Awesome dude!
  10. jaime

    Top coat peeling, and I am stumped!

    hey dbbigwoodlures, I admire a man who can stand up for himself and what he believes in; even if "others" try and put him down. I'm with you buddy!
  11. jaime


  12. jaime


  13. jaime

    Top Water Shad

    simple top water lure...
  14. jaime

    She's ready for paint

    oh btw, i was trying to copy the new rapala minnow rap but his is as close as i could get it without having the actual lure.
  15. jaime

    She's ready for paint

    Wow FF! that is one nice looking lure and the bass ain't half bad neither; ) lol. Awesome pic! thanks.