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  1. Peak airbrush are great for the money. I got tire of being raped when I needed Iwata parts and got a couple peaks.
  2. Its gonna be tough on this site. People will go to places that are free. Its human nature to be cheap. Another site I saw do this and it is a shell of its former self. As 'net sites mature and they are sold/purchased they with have to go to a pay for content to cover the cost of buying the site.
  3. Poplar can be used for certain lures but must be really sealed well. The wood itself is not really tolerant of water. I like working with it because it turns nice and I can get it at big box stores.
  4. Oils from your hands can cause epoxy problems as well. Yes there are much better top coats out here. You must search these boards and find the one that works best for you.
  5. They are a great start. Get them to work 1st and the finish work will come to you.
  6. Looking into having a rubber stamp made. I saw a lure maker had one of these made and it was cool.
  7. Every forum I visit goes through the same thing. You can make all the tutorials and stickys but people don't want to READ. They want to be spoon fed.
  8. Take your brushes and put a drop of super glue at the base. Keeps hairs from the epoxy.
  9. This guy is dead on. Do what he says and it should work better.
  10. Use createx clear over your signature.
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