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  1. Sad news indeed. My condolences to Coley's family and friends. Although I have never met him personally, back in the days, I carved a lure body and Coley molded them. I still have the molded blanks and some wooden lures he made sent back to me. Now they will go into a display cabinet as the legacy of Coley lives on. Will be missing you Coley.
  2. Great work Nathan, KISS is king. I would only think of some gyro system and weight transfer channels to get that to work.
  3. Thanks for the + guys. Fatfingers shoot em to lapalalures@gmail.com or you can find me in Facebook. Not too sure about the PM thingy, been lost since the new format change in this forum.
  4. LaPala

    Lipless Baits

    Will this help (click)?
  5. Great to see you back Skeeter. And for those who are not aware, Skeeter is the Devcon God .
  6. For just basic editing take a look at Photoshop elements, they sometimes comes free too with purchase of cams, graphic cards etc.
  7. I did post a semi-tutorial about one such built: here
  8. LaPala

    Alabama Rig!

    How about this to beat the A-Rig?
  9. yes if the scratch marks are not too deep, for a reference 600 grit used wet/dry sandpaper marks. Any coarser you are pushing it. Look for plastic polishing compound too, you can buff with it till it shines.
  10. Pete, we can work on the notion of we have the skills and know how (wink wink)
  11. LaPala


    Nice clean carving. Great job.
  12. I'll second that Bob. When we change lips on a lure body and keep all other factors constant then that would reflect what different lip shape's effect on that particular body and no more. When I am designing lures, I always treat each as a complete system. Although prior knowledge and experience with what particular lip shapes can do will influence the choice and act as a starting point; keeping an open mind is important to keep us from being stuck in the perceived function of a particular lure shape.
  13. Dave, great effort there.However, you can't see very well on bare lures the wobble and roll the lures have and quantify them. Suggestions for ur future comparison videos or even for single lure. 1. Draw a nice clear black centre-line on the top of the lure. This will give a better indication of the magnitude of wobble and I bet you would stop frame and measure the deflection too ; the centre-line view from top will also indicate how much the lure rolls. 2. Side view can do with a centre-line and a vertical line in a different color. Your wheels turning already about what these lines will tell you?
  14. LaPala

    Foil Details

    The Japanese DIY lure makers actually cut the scale lines one by one on the foil with a blade,either before sticking the foils and doing it after the lure is foiled. There's some very good tutorials online but I do not have the links handy at the moment. Will post them if I remember to look for it when I get home.
  15. Check these out: http://japanesehandmadelures.blogspot.com/2011/01/hotshot-by-isao-matsumoto.html
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