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  1. stick bait

  2. Call it Bassnes

    no clear on this one but I put green flex in the clear coat and it pop's. ZILLA.
  3. tennessee chads

    some of my older stuff that got of the gallery. ZILLA.
  4. dot making Q

    The best thing I have used and very little money is a Q-tip dip it in the paint blot it off and make your dot! make sure your Q-tip is straight up and down. makes great dots.
  5. airbrushing is frikin drivin me insane.. help!!

    The problem with a single action is that ,it drags paint out of the container as it blows over the top of the paint spout. With a dual action it mixes the paint together inside the gun! The most you can do with a single action is covering big areas (even then your more acceptable to get blotching) Also when using a single action its best to strain the paintthrough a pair of panty hose or some kind of paint strainer. you will have to run a thinner paint because you dragging the pain out of the jar. When I bought my dual action gun I almost had a heart attack it was that much better I would say if you could save up for a dual action its worth it's weight in gold. Remember keep them clean, clean ,clean you really got to think like a surgeon the cleaner they are the better they work! :-D Robby.
  6. etex over createx

    I put e-tex right over it no problem what so ever, just make sure you dust it off before you put it on. Robby.
  7. New paint job.

    new pattern I posted this 5 days ago but still hasn't come up in the photo section, Is there a restriction now on how many pictures you can post ? Robby
  8. Wooden Swimbait

    The tail stay up and down or when swimming does it swirl around in a circular pattern?
  9. drying wheel speed?

    I use a BBQ motor and on my wheel it's one rotation per min. I don't know the rpm, but just look it up it works quite well. If you have more questions just P.M me and I'll try to help you out. Robby.
  10. Whatcha think of this one?

    ike it alot, have you made any more like it since or is it a one of a kind? needless to say a job well done! Robby.
  11. Makin' the newbies feel good.

    67 ? I wasn't even a thought yet! Did they even have wood back then? Good to see some of the first creations and where you come to now eh? Robby.
  12. got there

    Great job, something to be proud of! good one on ya mate. Robby.
  13. How long is it going to be?

    Never mind it's working now, thanks! Robby.
  14. Tennesse Shads

    My new Tennesse shad with gold glitter.Looks killer can't wait for the bass to open up! Robby.
  15. Steping up my game

    Been watching the guys on the fly tying board and though "hell I'll tie my own trebble hooks" not as hard as I thought it might be but I have never tried a fly "that looks hard right there". but why pay when you can do it your self and get what you want! This is the second one I ever done so it's not perfect by any means. Robby.