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  1. rufthumbs

    Search function?

    Is anyone else having trouble with the search function? For some reason no matter what I search I get zero results....
  2. rufthumbs

    Bluegill back

    Thanks chuck
  3. rufthumbs

    Super Shad side

    © IraC

  4. rufthumbs

    Super Shad shoulder

    © IraC

  5. rufthumbs

    Super shad

    © IraC

  6. rufthumbs

    Bluegill shoulder

    © IraC

  7. rufthumbs

    Bluegill side

    © IraC

  8. rufthumbs

    Bluegill back

    © IraC

  9. rufthumbs


    © IraC

  10. rufthumbs

    Tu Origin?

    Just curious as to how long this forum has been seems as if I am only able to view content back to to a certain year(02 or 04 I think)...seems like I read somewhere about the site crashing at some point and I'm wondering if that's why I'm unable to view certain "links" and photos from some of the older posts in this forum...
  11. rufthumbs


    Thank you
  12. rufthumbs


  13. rufthumbs

    Big O

    Disregard my post, I figured it out
  14. rufthumbs

    Big O

    Does any of yous make a Big O? I came across a couple that I believe to replicas....honestly im not sure if know an original big o from a copy but regardless these are pretty nice plugs.....they seem to be built by someone who knows what they are doing so I thought I would ask here despite it being a long shot...unfortunately the man I acquired them from had no earthly idea who made them...if you have built some replicas shoot me a pm so I can share pics with like to know who the builder was just out of sheer curiosity.
  15. rufthumbs

    Lexan Lip Source

    Thanks for all the input & suggestions fellas.