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  1. I use braid on my hollow body frog rod, and in certain situations I will pitch a jig or soft plastic with that rod as well (dirty water), its got 65# power pro on it. The other application I use super line for is my heavy spinning reel gets fireline 10# on it. Everything else I use is mono or flouro.
  2. Contact the ebay seller who has them, if you are wanting to buy a lot of them I'm sure you can get a better deal than the price he sells just a few for.
  3. They are definitely on level with Ed's work, but I am not sure if he has ever done any without his name engraved in the lip but if he did that would be my guess too.
  4. They are not exactly like the TN Killer either. They are very well made, probably in GA, NC or SC, worth between $20 each and priceless. Just looking at the eyes, looks like Sellers, Klein, or Pryors work to me.
  5. Those look nothing like the thunder shads made now, or any I have seen.
  6. They are not cancelling bassmasters, but every other outdoor show is gone from ESPN channels in '11 I would guess they are keeping bassmasters going to help sell it, i hear the outdoor channel is looking at BASS as may be a few others
  7. Kelly @ custom lures unlimited makes one thats a very detailed frog body with the jitterbug style lip thats a great bait
  8. every once in a while (at least once a week if you paint a lot) you need to take your brush apart and clean inside the air cap and nozzle and such, to make sure that the air has a clean path too. Another possibility for the splattering is the paint could be too thick, if thats it just try thinning it a little more, but it sounds more like there is paint that your not cleaning out. Good luck, and there should be instructions on the Iwata site on how to get to those parts if your unfamiliar.
  9. thats not what i use, i was unable to find a clearcoat to protect the createx and not react with it, that would be soft enough to work.
  10. Well its coming soon, I just designed some frog colors for a major manufacturer that should be out by this fall or next spring.
  11. automotive paint, even the kind for painting interiors and adding flex additive does not stick to a frog, that was the first thing i tried and wasted money on.
  12. Curious to see if anyone else has figured out what to paint frogs with besides me, thats my frog in the picture there. Most of the things I do I will gladly tell, but I'm not going to say what I use on the frogs, who knows someone might be willing to pay for the secret some time haha.
  13. Mine is .05 mm and only one needle, maybe you should contact the site your looking on and find out if its a misprint, or if they really have them in .03
  14. The Lucky Craft RC 2.5 blanks that do not have the screw out bottom to change weights is what I would like to find. I thought the person with them had done their own deal with China to get them, but now I see a few others selling them on ebay as well so they are out there somewhere.
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