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  1. Thanks i thought i was missing something, when i tried to fill each little rib i knew there was a better way.
  2. Does anyone have a recipe for Berkley;s Blue fleck without salt in it thanks.
  3. Just ordered 2 molds from bobs tackle show, they are the 2 zipper type worm models. I am having problems pouring the zipper parts of the worm how do you go about getting the plastic into each nook, i am relatively new at hand pours and love every bit of it.
  4. do you add any softener or grind up the salt, all i do is add 2oz plastic and 2oz salt and it is ok too pour.
  5. wow, what was it thinking when i wrote that, i think i might super flukes but came out spook, sorry for the confusion.
  6. What are your favorite molds from lure craft, i am looking for a flipping worm, also what are your favorite colors to pour spooks in.
  7. Same thing happened to me remelting old worms from zoom, they had a ton of bubbles in it that i could not remove, and they stunk as well. Then i bought lurecraft plastic and poured and it worked fine.
  8. BigZ what size reaper would you recommend for largemouth bass, also in what stye retrieve do you find most productive. What action rod and what pound test do you use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. have you ever had any experience with there fluke mold???
  10. What is your favorite worm mold to flip and pitch, also what colors do you like to pour in. I just got started in pouring my own trailers and i am saving an unbelieavable amount of money, i am also really enjoying it.
  11. i am looking for a fluke style mold in 5.5 inches, i am not looking to spend a lot of money. Dels molds look great but i dont want to spend more then 20 bucks for a mold. The number of cavities are not especially important.
  12. I just made a new crankbait and was wondering how you go about foil wrapping it. I have seen some examples on the board and really like the way they look. If anyone could tell me the materials needed and the steps in volved it would be greatley appreciated.
  13. Make your own pot, i was unable to find a pot that suited my own needs so i made my own. I coffee can, what eversize you want, must be aluminum though. Then i used a handle off of an old pot laying around. you can also create the stream you want by bending the front then using whatever sized screwdriver and bend a pouring lip. It aint pretty but it works fine and it is free.
  14. when ever i make a two part mold out of plaster the first half comes out great. However whenever i go to pour the second half there are always bubbes. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this.
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