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  1. I bought a trillium musky rod, its seems to be cheap and chearfull but it needs abit of work, when you wave the rod about it seems to rattle at the joint almost like the joint is slightly loose, any ideas or tips on how to fix it? If i can fix the joint i'm gonna move the reel seat 2" further forward which will be the first time i have tried a project on a rod, so i might need a few more hints and tips
  2. fishing and shooting seems to be the theme here lol, just applied for my shotgun license, gona bust a few clays amoungst other things this winter if i'm lucky enough to get it. I do a wee biat canoeing as well and really enjoy that as well.
  3. Abus are that cheap over there they are virtually disposable, punt the old ones on ebay try some of the new abu toro reels, just got one and heavily impressed, sold an abu record and abu altrcast to finance it, allot easier to old as its lower profile. Do the cow girls give a hard rattle on retrieve? I seen them at the chicago musky show but never bought any!!
  4. how did you modify it? did you just drill it out?? are the moulds made of an easily drillable material??
  5. You are genius, that exactly what i'll do, it should be a doddle to drill the wire stem hole, fantastic
  6. Thanks Ted, I have e-mailed do-it as your lead heads look the best i have seen, i wouldnt mind them in slightly bigger sizes poss upto 3 oz for pike and musky baits.
  7. Hi There, I'm looking for decent moulds for spinnerbait heads 1 - 4 oz, are there allot out there? Woudnt mind something interesting sort of flat enough to put stick on eyes on each side? anyone any ideas Kind Regards John
  8. Hi There, You cant get a hold of most of the gear you guys have over there in the uk, so i was wondering if there is a mould release that is a usual household item that i could use for simple one sided ruber lures Thanks John
  9. Hi There, anyone an idea how to make titanium wire forms for spinner baits, te wire seems like it won't stay pput where you bend it, do you have to heat it? Tightlines John
  10. Hi Guys, I have been asked a few times now to paint round lures like burts etc, my airbrushing is ok but i use cardboard stencils alot. Has anyone any idea how to get perch stripes/fire tiger stripes onto a round lure, Is there anything better than cardboard to use, or any methods anyone has they can lend me. Tightlines John
  11. i made a trap that works up on the surface giving a good old wake behind it, also if you crank it hard enough it will go down about 1.5 foot, it works well as a surface lure, there was no weight in this one at all, the hook hanger had to be slightly forward abit though to make it crank down, likley not what your lookng for but it worked for me Tightlines john
  12. johnnytheboy

    New York

    Hi Guys, As part of my honeymoon i'm heading to new york, i need three things, i want to get a gortex army jacket and some surplus army trouser, american ones as they seem to be bloody good gear, can anyone recomend a good army navy store in new york???? also i planned to get a bit fishing in the town, i heard there maybe bass in central park, anyway i'd like to catch a fish when i'm over there and don't want to go in blind, any tips to help me out as i'm not there long, is central park the best chance of getting fish, if so any tips, or are there any other places worth a shot?? last but not least, are there any good fishing tackle shops in the big apple??? Cheers John
  13. thanks anyway guys, i think i'm gonna just hit e-bay they are selling for about $450 which one converted to £ halfs what i'd pay in the uk cheers john
  14. Hi Guys, Its a right pain as Shimano do not sell any 3000 model reels in the UK or Europe, only the 2500 and 4000, its a particluar jig rod i have and the 2500 is just to small and the 4000 is huge. I looked on Shimano's web-site and they list stella's in 3000 in USA and Japan, thats why i was looking at buying in from the US as if i needed bits and pieces in future i would be able to get them, or even if the reel went totally faulty surely i'd be able to send it back to a shimano dealer to get it serviced or what ever??? As far as i can tell they are about the best reel out there and it is a 3000 size i need so i don't know what else to do, anyone any ideas, or know somwhere that would sell to me?? Thanks again John
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