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  1. bladesandbaits

    best paint over powder paint?

    Yes sir. Polytranspar was a Wasco Taxidermy inc. Product and Mckenzee Taxidermy purchased them. There in North Carolina and can be found on the web. Regards, Blades
  2. bladesandbaits

    best paint over powder paint?

    Yes sir , airbrush. I use RM Lacquer which is vertually impossible to source anymore but Polytranspar (brand) is very good and can be bought in small quantity. Not to discourage you but lacquer is a totally different animal than water base paint. ( Another subject altogether) I haven't searched the forum to see if there is info on basic use. Mckezee (spelling) taxidermy supply is the source for PT. Regards, Blades
  3. bladesandbaits

    best paint over powder paint?

    Powder Coat / Bake Powder Coat / Paint with Acrylic Lacquer / Clearcoat. Lacquer will bond to the cured powder and wont come off unless cured powder chips. Regards, Blades
  4. bladesandbaits

    Some Big "O" replicas that I made recently. Hand carved out of paulownia.

    Yep. My apologies I was reading about Coley just before then. Had him on the brain.
  5. bladesandbaits

    Crankbait lips

    Nice try???? LOL ???? Fooling anyone???? I'm serious. He may sell you a few. I probably have 25 or so I would sell you.
  6. bladesandbaits

    Crankbait lips

    Contact Joey at Blademaster Lures. He owns Suddeth and still makes the "Little Earl" Crankbait (which that is what your bait is isn't it?) He may sell you a few. I reworked his masters and molds not long ago and was at his shop the other day he has a load of Little Earl Lips. Regards, John Prior
  7. bladesandbaits

    Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    Did you make that bait?
  8. bladesandbaits


    Fabulous !
  9. bladesandbaits

    Some Big "O" replicas that I made recently. Hand carved out of paulownia.

    Beautiful as usual Coley !
  10. bladesandbaits

    Wanted Belkely Saber Tail Worm

    Does anyone have any Berkley Sabertail worms you are willing to trade or sell? Color doesnt matter. Regards, Blades
  11. bladesandbaits


    I have a Bagley Bango Lure that is a simple Pearl Belly and Lavender Back. It is a fish catching sumbuck! It looks like "Hammered Dog Sh?t" I have glued and repaired it several times and it just keeps catching em. Once I had a 20 pound strper eat it and I chased that fish all over the lake to get my lure back when normally I would have just tightened down the drag and broke him off. I can do an exact match on about any bait made and have painted several old Bango Lures to match this one and the old one still catches twice the fish. I have had customers send me lures for custom painting and I would usually call the customer once I received them to "re-cap" what we were going to do to them. Several times I would have a customer say to me for instance...... " that Pop R you have there that is so chewed up is one of the fish catching-est baits I have ever tied on". I would reply " well why in the world do you want to paint it then"? "lets just do the minor repair it need and keep on fishing it"! They would reply....... " thats a good idea"! Sooooo ...... Survey says.......... if its chewed up and battlescared and still catching fish, and still serviceable and not taking on water, FISH IT! Regards, Blades
  12. bladesandbaits

    High temp rtv

    Why not try Bondo? I make all of my prototypes from Bondo which eventually wind up as a master then sent to Cast Industries for mastering baits for a vulcanized mold. I average getting several thousand spin cast baits from one mold. And Cast can spin me up a couple thousand pretty quick. Regards, Blades
  13. bladesandbaits

    Spinnerbait/Jig/Buzzbait Component Sellout

    Complete inventory of wire bait and jig components. Skirts Blades Hardware Painted Bodies Unpainted Bodies Please see attached list. Over $12,000 value.To be sold as one Lot no breaking down or cherry picking. Please email inquiries (not sure this allowed) or PM Me. Regards, John Prior
  14. bladesandbaits

    Fatfingers Rocket Shad

    Spectacular as always !
  15. bladesandbaits

    Scrounger Information

    The thicker material does work well. You have to wind the bait very slow or the bait foils. Guess it might work on a heavy head (3/4 oz) but not with a 1/2 oz. These fish on the Blue Back lakes wont eat it moving slow. Thanks for all the input. Regards, Blades