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  1. Bummer. Sorry man.
  2. Try the Crankbait Blank Supplier thread at the top of this hardbaits forum. Regards, Blades
  3. Any body running the Lithium Pro 36 volt? The battery and charger kit is high as a set of giraffes nuts! Wonder if it's worth it and what the life is? Regards, Blades
  4. I wish Dean McClean would surface. Every crankbait I have made by Dean hunts and I've had them 10 years. 90% of the bites come on the first 2 or 3 cranks of the reel handle. On another note. I have been fishing the original Megabass S- crank alot.( Not the KO).It moves off center and returns nice and this is more probounced when bounced off cover. The body style is pot bellied and the steel balls are deep in the belly behind the front hook hanger. The bill is square but wider out to the end than most production square bills . The rear hook hanger comes out just above the tail. If you take a step back and examine the bait carefully it doesn't look traditional and is actually kind of wierd looking. Its clear that there are multiple factors in the design that contribute to the overall performance but they have clearly figured it something else out that's not visual as the knock offs I have used don't react the same. Regards, Blades
  5. It goes way - way back man. I'm sorry I wish I could put words to it.
  6. You have just about named them all. We have a blank supplier thread that is closed. I think it would be a good idea to follow suit with s couple more categories. Maybe the mod's will consider this. On another note. Way - way- way before pre cut stencils so popular and available, I would make my own. (Dale Sellers tought me this years ago) Take a sheet of glass like a window Paine - get a wood burner or soldering iron and sharpen the point of the iron - lay paper on the glass and burn/cut your stencil by hand. Resume paper works best as it has a fiber that burns clean. I still make my own stencils this way. Regards, Blades
  7. I need to get on the ball and find more. Roger Gruvso (Swede) God rest his sole, sent me a great amount of it years ago. I use it when I'm repairing and reserecting old wood lures for people. The stuff Roger sent me is really good quality I know it won't last forever .....
  8. Ha. I need to make a plug that runs 60 feet deep. I like the third one from the left!
  9. Ha. I knew you would surface ol' Man of few words!
  10. Curious about the hardness issue. Wonder is there is any "gassing off" , could this also effect the curing? I've never had an issue with bubbles or hardness . I don't use it exclusively but when I do it's going over lacquer. Maybe that's the difference?
  11. 10-4 -will do. I have been reading up on a reloading forum to hopefully get a good starting point for a ratio. From what I have read, seems this lead I have is very pure and a good find. On another note..... My Dad always told me there was no excuse for being ignorant if you have access to the internet or a smart phone but I swear sometimes there's too much information. If you think this site is full of different opinions it doesn't hold a candle to these reloading sites. Thanks again all. Always appreciate the guidance. Regards, Blades
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