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  1. bladesandbaits

    video showing color change as you go deeper

    Ha. I need to make a plug that runs 60 feet deep. I like the third one from the left!
  2. bladesandbaits

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    Ha. I knew you would surface ol' Man of few words!
  3. bladesandbaits


    Curious about the hardness issue. Wonder is there is any "gassing off" , could this also effect the curing? I've never had an issue with bubbles or hardness . I don't use it exclusively but when I do it's going over lacquer. Maybe that's the difference?
  4. bladesandbaits

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    10-4 -will do. I have been reading up on a reloading forum to hopefully get a good starting point for a ratio. From what I have read, seems this lead I have is very pure and a good find. On another note..... My Dad always told me there was no excuse for being ignorant if you have access to the internet or a smart phone but I swear sometimes there's too much information. If you think this site is full of different opinions it doesn't hold a candle to these reloading sites. Thanks again all. Always appreciate the guidance. Regards, Blades
  5. bladesandbaits

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    Awesome! Ratio? or just experiment?
  6. bladesandbaits

    custom creative paint

    There are 2 types of paint. Water Base and Solvent Base. There are several types of solvent base paints. Some thin with Mineral Spirits / some thin with Lacquer Thinner/ some will thin with Toluene/some thin with Xylene. A water based paint like Auto Air/Wicked - etc has polyurethane or acylic resin dissolved in low -VOC solvent which is then suspended in water. I took a look at the website you posted a link too and couldn't find any information regarding any thinner they would offer for the solvent based product. If you have already purchased some of the paint from the spraygunner site then try to thin it with laquer thinner or contact the company and ask them if they offer a thinner. If you have not purchased the product yet I would still contact the company and ask about a thinner. Regards, Blades
  7. bladesandbaits

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    Good evening all. I recently came upon a considerable amount of sheet lead that came from an X-Ray room ( my doctor gave it too me to haul off) I melted/ Fluxed it and pored into some ingnots. The final product is beautiful. The problem is I believe it is too soft. I pore lots of lead but have bought most of my lead in the past from suppliers and there lead seems to be much harder. I can see a difference on my final product. Would any of the experts here please give me some guidance as to what I should add to make it harder? I guess I should search the forums better and will continue to do so while waiting on answers. Thank you in advance. Regards, Blades
  8. bladesandbaits


    This ought to be good!
  9. bladesandbaits

    Swirl baits

    Yeah. I fooled around with this sfew years ago with my son for a project he did in the boy scouts. We used rustoleam enamel rattle can paint. It seemed to have a good bearier separation as you called it. It was a bit messy but fun to do. I'm going to try and find the bait. If I do I will put up a picture. Regards, Blades
  10. bladesandbaits

    Swirl baits

    I would love to see the results as well Dave. I know 100% with your engineering knowledge you will come up with a cool process to do this.
  11. bladesandbaits

    Swirl baits

    I played around with hyrdrodipping lures a few years back. Pretty cool and easy. Dave. There used to be several videos on YouTube just search "hyrdrodipping lures" . It may not be the same technique Blankman used on his frog. There's several other YouTubes on acrylic swirl techniques that I'm sure could be used for certain lures. I suppose Blankman could clarify. It never struck a cord with my customers but I think it's still a neat deal. BTW your frog is cool. Regards, Blades.
  12. bladesandbaits

    Auto clear top coat

    You are more than welcome. Seems we all have different results at times.It all depends on the application. I just dont think theres a one size fits all when it comes to clearcoats. I still use it on lipless/pop r types/redfins/wake baits and topwaters. I have never turned it JayBee. Sorry man maybe someone else can answer who has tried it. Regards, Blades
  13. bladesandbaits

    Indiana blades

    Picasso w/Indiana back blade 3/8 oz= #5 1/2 oz =#6 3/4 oz =#7 Worth Indiana or can get them from Lureparts Online maybe Barlows
  14. bladesandbaits


  15. bladesandbaits

    Auto clear top coat

    One coat / issues I had were with Rogues- Pointer Minnows-Staysees and a few Crankbaits. Fritts asked me to never put it on any of his lures again. Customers noticed it and so did I. Probably from hanging them and not turning them as hanging baits from the nose allows more clear to settle to the rear of the bait even with a drip wire regardless how thin it is. Not saying it is an issue with all lures. No doubt it cures really hard . Works for others not for me.