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  1. Destructive examination is not necessary. Just take it to my veterinarian and have it x-rayed.
  2. Marc is right. The only way to solve the problem is find a barrier coat that will work for you. Remember regardless the barrier coat and even if it solves your KBS issue, I would recommend making sure your barrier coat bonds to whatever you apply it over. You can have the best / toughest top coat in the world and it's worthless if you don't have a 100% good bond with whatever is under it.
  3. I use Columbia coatings chrome powder with pretty good results. Have never cleared with KBS. Regarding Chrome powders like the nail stuff ................. I've found that just about any clear coat dulls it .
  4. Not to mention trashing a good bait!
  5. Urethane will hold up just fine. It does kind of depend on the type urethane your using but get that debate started and you will be deployed before it's over. Your not married to the bait. Clearcoat it and enjoy! Safe travels and cone home safe from deployment. From one veteran to another thank you for your service!
  6. .Empty .22 short cartridge with 3-#9 TSS Tungston shot. Pull the end cap out a #9 TSS shot shell to get the shot. Regards, Blades
  7. Bummer. Sorry man.
  8. Try the Crankbait Blank Supplier thread at the top of this hardbaits forum. Regards, Blades
  9. Any body running the Lithium Pro 36 volt? The battery and charger kit is high as a set of giraffes nuts! Wonder if it's worth it and what the life is? Regards, Blades
  10. I wish Dean McClean would surface. Every crankbait I have made by Dean hunts and I've had them 10 years. 90% of the bites come on the first 2 or 3 cranks of the reel handle. On another note. I have been fishing the original Megabass S- crank alot.( Not the KO).It moves off center and returns nice and this is more probounced when bounced off cover. The body style is pot bellied and the steel balls are deep in the belly behind the front hook hanger. The bill is square but wider out to the end than most production square bills . The rear hook hanger comes out just above the tail. If you take a step back and examine the bait carefully it doesn't look traditional and is actually kind of wierd looking. Its clear that there are multiple factors in the design that contribute to the overall performance but they have clearly figured it something else out that's not visual as the knock offs I have used don't react the same. Regards, Blades
  11. It goes way - way back man. I'm sorry I wish I could put words to it.
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