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  1. ETex topcoat problems

    one other thing. etex hates sharp edges on lures..
  2. Sealing Wooden Crank preferences

    wire thru we wire install ballast/hook hangars. warm the bait and apply etex. .when dry scuff and primer.....todays build and seal is tommorows primer. 3 days before hooked and water tested. patience is the key.
  3. T Trebles

    guys here that troll baits T there belly hooks. it does reduce hook rash. ..you can t your hooks easily..
  4. Debris In Topcoat

    we use flux brushes. they get trashed after 1 use. at 5 for 1.00 its worth less aggravation. to eliminate hairs we put 5 minute epoxy where the bristles enter the handle. that secures loose hairs..
  5. Twitchbait what am I doing wrong

    move the pull eye downward. you will see big changes.
  6. Select Pine

    envirotex will stop bleed on pine .
  7. Crankbait Help

    what are the lures made of ..7 ounces?.
  8. Coolest Weekend this year

    that's awesome what you did.
  9. Lure turners

    most guys build there own.different styles of baits large/small.
  10. Best wood for neutral buoyancy

    I am far from an expert on gliders. I do know neutral buoyant lures can be very fickle. I have not relished the fact of making anymore. its truly truly a labor of love.. I will stick with cranks for toothy fish. but I'm sure someone here has been there done that. a lotta mad scientist here lol.
  11. Best wood for neutral buoyancy

    try denser wood. mahogany. even then larger bodymore ballast.
  12. Epoxy Primers

    never gro up. its a trap.
  13. Epoxy Primers

    turn back or your doomed. once you start its all over. theres no point of return..lol..my hobby turned into 70 hours a week.
  14. Epoxy Primers

    on a wheel or not. etex will soak into the cedar very well.
  15. Epoxy Primers

    envirotex is thebest sealer on softwoods as cedar.it ges into the pores and then holds primers and paint very well.