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  1. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    we use transtar. a quart with hardener is approx. 29.00 canadien funds. .it dries in 6 hours. finish is ultra clear and is u.v protected.
  2. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    auto clear. wire both ends taught. spray let dry . just let dry firm. then wiggle joinyts loose. .automotive clears give thin hard coats. especially on plastic baits...we sprya dozens of the sebille swimmer copies here with 2 jointed sections.
  3. Mold issues

    hi welcome. do you use a rtv mold? sounds like a mold box not secure. foams create expansion. if its not held back it will warp castings. .make sure your vent holes are sufficient also.
  4. Etex Toxic???

    well irregardless. I still use etex..lol..we still spray auto clears and lacquers. mind you we have blower systems,rubber gloves etc..was a welder for a living...still here a senior still building lures everyday. 40 years and counting. an old friend that passed last year painted till 90 years old,died at 92. his averages were over 150,000 spoons stamped and painted yearly..,he never even had a blower system and heated with kerosene .
  5. Resin microsphere ratio

    have you tried 26lb smooth on. its a heavier urethane?
  6. Etex Toxic???

    I use approx. 12 gallons of etex yearly. yes wear rubber gloves. I have developed a sensitivity issue over the years. the itch will drive you crazy. ...Benadryl works to resolve itch.
  7. betcha its not the epoxy lol.. crooked lip?.
  8. What Is This Color

    olive gold metallic. check michaels in the metallic water base.
  9. cottoncordell g finish

    hi we used the g finish baits here on lake erie on walleyes. when the g finish blew off we re painted . there primer never adhered to the blank. .we just re-painted them. other then the riplin redfin style ,as I said re-paint. that was back in the 1988-91 period.
  10. cottoncordell g finish

    we tried. the issue with all g-finish from pradco was it flaked off .we re-painted hundreds . just need a blow from compressor all the g finish was gone.. never did quite get the original results to copy.
  11. copy machine

    Hazmail from down under is a great creator of things. I believe in years past he had some creative creations.
  12. Paint peeling off epoxy

    unload the sand sealer.as I said warm the body,etex it . as my above post. and yes maple is a fickle wood.
  13. Paint peeling off epoxy

    hi first off maples a hard wood . paints hate it . try warming the raw body . then e-tex seal it. when dry scuff,then use a solvent based primer. it will bite into e-tex. then artwork,scales basecoat and finally your finish clears. .we do some custom work smilar to reefhawgs in maple. maple is prone to cracking in temperature variances. best of luck. pictures would help us out.
  14. Thru-wire glue/epoxy

    most use epoxy. mix sawdust in helps.
  15. Muskie hook hanger size (greenhorn)

    we use wire0.62. .building cost effective in numbers of lures wire is less expensive then screw eyes...as for screws its an easier process. .both will hold up to musky,s..