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  1. Basecoat rattle cans??

    as mentioned rusteolum white primer . its fairly fast dry. you can use any paints over it,water,alkyd,lacquer based..let it set for an hour.

    were lucky. we test in Detroit river. gotta wash your hands after that. lol.
  3. Alumilite urethane foam

    I never tried it without primer..,my cured urethanes brownish,so we use white primer on all bodies.
  4. History of tackleunderground

    far ago I joined. try to help guys out. it really is a gr8 site WHY cause guys think outside of the box. that's whats so cool..im old school. what I enjoy is watching folks get into creating. sure glad the moderaters give us lotsa freedom. ..thanks again from Canada.
  5. Airbrushing glitter paints

    we mic glitters in clearcoat. get a airbrush bottle add micro glitter with clear. use a large airbrush tip. put a ball bearing in bottle with clear. shake to keep glitter suspended..i spray at 40lbs....wear respirator with blower system running.
  6. 16lb Foam Questions.

    joe flo ,is empty now. .there all gone at his store.
  7. 16lb Foam Questions.

    we did a larger body mock up with several changes.. then we built a cnc program and cut molds.
  8. 16lb Foam Questions.

    foams can be fickle. I'm pouring another gallon this week. up here in Canada we pre-warm the mold noe. colder temps,improper expansions.
  9. Making progress

    you are on your way into a great adventure lol...
  10. 16lb Foam Questions.

    hi we use smooth on 15lb foam. .mix well in an atmosphere above 72 degrees. .when poured rotate your mold. foams are gassy remember that. we use a good release,wax based in our aluminum molds. ..toachieve a good finish its about your paint process. .yes it holds screws very well. just cover screw threads with a little epoxy and insert. amazing but fickle stuff till you learn the curve. life cycle of open jugs is short. we pour a gallon in 3 days never had issues. watch for the brown resin to go bad . the clear part holds up. moisture is a killer when left in jugs over time..picture below shows a finished body.
  11. Foiling A Big Stickbait

    a beauty right there.
  12. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    yes lacqyuer paints. if you use enamel paint you will have a mess. .remember this. you can put enamel paint over lacquer,,,but never lacquer over enamels.
  13. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    first coat dry at least 1 hour. clear cellulose/laquer will eat/bond to paint. the 2nd coat I would wait till next day to avoid,running of clear or having the clear eat into the paint itself and cause an issue.
  14. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    shine is fine. if you dip second coat let bait dry overnite first.
  15. Epoxies for top coat

    automotive 4t1mix. spray. dries in 4 hours uv protected..you need ventilation/blower system.. ultra clear non yellowing.we do all urethane/foams with it.