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  1. woodieb8

    Epoxy/wood lure

    should be intresting project.
  2. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    when we sprayed walleye/salmon spoons we used component system glitters. sprayed awesome with automotive clear coats..2nd coat covered it was superb.
  3. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    we use paashe nu.5 tip.. the glitter from dollar tree. it comes in small cellophane packets. sprays sweet. just remember a ball bearing in bottle to keep it suspended..oh ya the glitter comes in a large variety and its 1.25... some use a worn number 5 tip and sand the opening larger works well also. old school.
  4. woodieb8

    Loon mixing cup

    that's pretty slick, no pun intended. I go thru hundreds of cups monthly. ..thanks again.
  5. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    on plastic baits we mix glitter in clearcoat. spray at 40lbs. shake bottle with ball bearings to keep suspended when spraying the clearcoat.. a fast 2nd coat covers all and its controlled.
  6. woodieb8

    primer not sticking

    it all depends on what you sealed with? and yes as,Chuck youg stated a scuff for primer bite. we use solvent based primer.it meshes with the sealcoat.
  7. woodieb8

    New Vman Design

    a hard but healthy road...congratz.
  8. woodieb8

    Which Treble Hooks?

    large cranks. eagle claw or vmc.. saw some shoddy mustads last few years.
  9. woodieb8

    using enamel paint

    enamels are tuffer then water base. we use some. cleanup requires solvents. if you use fast dry enamels there ok..always remember .you can use enamel over lacquers but not lacquers over enamels.
  10. woodieb8

    Glow in the dark??

    rustolem 4x glo. 2 coats and etex . works well.
  11. woodieb8

    beads into paint bottle ?

    we actually use ball bearings on pearls, metallic. I use baby food jars for spraying.
  12. woodieb8

    beads into paint bottle ?

    anysize. as long as they fit and shake. even screws/bolts lol.
  13. woodieb8


    lol we have many pictures. im old school. lots of guys don't want them shown public..i am too busy now.
  14. woodieb8


    this one.
  15. woodieb8


    base yellow. top half dark brown. gold scale over body. white tail . that's how we do them.