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  1. woodieb8


    lol we have many pictures. im old school. lots of guys don't want them shown public..i am too busy now.
  2. woodieb8


    this one.
  3. woodieb8


    base yellow. top half dark brown. gold scale over body. white tail . that's how we do them.
  4. woodieb8

    Very good to be back

    welcome back . in 1 month your new shop wont be that clean lol...all in fun.
  5. woodieb8

    Eye color for crankbaits?

    im stuk on red. more contrast
  6. woodieb8

    oil for silent air ?

    we use compresser oil from canadien tire. never had any issues. my big compreeser is actually a craftsman.,
  7. woodieb8

    oil for silent air ?

    we use a oil compresser,not diaphragm. they last years. change oil yearly. never have any oil mist in my air supply.
  8. try luremaking.com. your in Canada.

    1. ddl


      they are the worst of all for price

    2. woodieb8


      how many you need?


  9. woodieb8

    overcoat for chrome?

    vacuum plated is best. but you would need numbers of blanks.
  10. woodieb8

    good way to fill up truewire slit ?

    I agree with chuck. fast and efficient. everyone has sawdust lol.
  11. woodieb8

    oil compressor ?

    I am the odd man out. I run a 7hp with 60 gallon tank. I know it sounds overkill. we use it for everything from air guns,chisels etc. branched off to my spray booth. oil compressers last years over diaphragm models. there normally quieter also.. change the oil yearly
  12. woodieb8

    Square lip or Round lip

    we build the trapezoid or square lip for shallow trollin cranks, more erratic wobble for muskies in peak summer
  13. woodieb8

    Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    we use transtar. a quart with hardener is approx. 29.00 canadien funds. .it dries in 6 hours. finish is ultra clear and is u.v protected.
  14. woodieb8

    Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    auto clear. wire both ends taught. spray let dry . just let dry firm. then wiggle joinyts loose. .automotive clears give thin hard coats. especially on plastic baits...we sprya dozens of the sebille swimmer copies here with 2 jointed sections.
  15. woodieb8

    Mold issues

    hi welcome. do you use a rtv mold? sounds like a mold box not secure. foams create expansion. if its not held back it will warp castings. .make sure your vent holes are sufficient also.