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  1. try being in the musky world lol. I have been at shows. had another builder open packaging,taking pics of my colors. butthurt not relly but there is a threshold. even have competition call and ask what colors on baits. .to truly learn the art aspect most will agree ,it comes from many paint jobs,failures etc..we just stay out of the negative,do our own thing. .when in business remember.....at the end of the day you only have your name. be honest,fair and life will be good. .after 40 years building/painting I don't have a Bentley.lmao.
  2. location. and not competing with the big box stores. carry colors the big guys don't bring in. and yes be prepared to eat kraft dinner for a while. be honest and fair. that's your best chance at it.
  3. woodieb8


    match the bait. we use lots of yellow/blk. just ordered 4000 ..we love the eyes with stems for musky cranks.
  4. theres a ton of great tips here. scroll thru.you will be amazed at the talent,and out of the box thinking.
  5. plastic lures,wooden lures?
  6. use automotive clear. thin hard uv clearcoat that wont gum up joints .to bad were in Canada.we do production painting.
  7. poplar for us is good for broom handles. we find expansion/contaction and poplars ,don't mix. were in the great lakes with large temperature variances.. our top wood choices are white cedar,or mahogany. .both hold epoxies/paints well.,never a swelling issue once toothy fish breach the paint.
  8. remember...contrast is best.
  9. I use malin wire in0.50 for molded lures. its aircraft tie wire.,for big baits 0.62 tig wire . all are easily bendable.
  10. woodieb8

    paint mixer

    I still mix every batch after my base coat..
  11. awesome idea. we have folks from around the world..many amazing folks that have helped thousands...just my humble thoughts from Canada.
  12. funny. I started full time squirting in 1985. yes theres many paint pirates out there..whatamazing me is when I get a phone call for paint schedules to copy my work. .I am not dissing guys that want to do there special creations,just businesses that want and never give back..i will never own a lambo,but I still enjoy building,and helping out youngfisherman..actually im a sucker for little upstarts,to help them catch a trophy.
  13. heres 1 on stupid. was drilling a bait with 1/16th bit,in Dremel. drop the Dremel .went to catch it. bit went right thru my hand. as for stuoidity I got the Darwin award.
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