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  1. automotive,and automotive clearcoat. use a respirator and blower system.
  2. contact. handlebarz musky lures. his ties are legendary. tell him George sent you.
  3. we would strip the bait to original wood. enviroteck it. then re-paint.
  4. tig 0.62 can be bent easily in the hagens wire benders also. we use it in our wooden muskie lures..
  5. we use folk-art crackle. never an issue. a little warmth will accelerate the procedure .
  6. we seal our lures with enviro. next day is white primer..never an issue .no crack,checking or peel..cedar absorbs sealers well.
  7. on the smaller b8s we always use the vmc nu. 4 .sharp and strong.
  8. what sealer u using.
  9. there vacuum plated chrome on plastics.
  10. shooting candys is all about the base.
  11. use some very thin lexan for templates. markers are awfull if you want to repaint over the lure. you will get bleed thru ,and get peed off.
  12. depending on what the lures are made of for clearcoats..on doing thousands it depends cost factors..there is no magic bullet in the industry.
  13. tell us, but start with 1 type of what you want to build. theres a million variables..if you want to pour your own thru molding try makealure as stated. you need a mold,then the correct resin,plastic,urethane foam. my advice read till your eyes bleed.then adventure into it.
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