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  1. woodieb8

    Paint isn’t drying fully?

    which paints. start from beginning to end . guys will resolve your issue.
  2. woodieb8

    Handmade wobbler

    beauty work.
  3. we have used the shift paint. thinned with water. sprays well for base ,not great for fine details. .results look cool. going to ask some muskies next.
  4. woodieb8

    Jointed Muskie Crankbait

    neet concept. im still with 0.62 wire though. you don't want a tail to rotate.
  5. woodieb8

    Jointed Muskie Crankbait

    hi. you can drill the tail. bend wire .one end of wire in a u . push wire thru tail. wrap the other end.
  6. woodieb8

    Airbrushing clear coat

    hi we use paasche brush h-style..get a respirator and blower system.
  7. woodieb8

    Crankbait Bills

    we use 5 minute epoxy on lexan bills. remember scuff the bill to get best adhesion.
  8. woodieb8

    Airbrushing Walleye Spinner Blades

    any blade sprayed with candy paint or see thru paint on plated blades will definatly peel/flake. every spoon/blade manufacturer realizes the curse..they look pretty but don't hold up.plating seals the pourous holes in blades/spoons. theres nothing to bite onto. .
  9. woodieb8

    Airbrushing Walleye Spinner Blades

  10. woodieb8

    Punching 1/8th lexan

    hi you will need a 10 ton press..might be cheaper to buy the lips,unless its a custom shape.. we bandsaw lips weekly.
  11. woodieb8

    Epoxy/wood lure

    should be intresting project.
  12. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    when we sprayed walleye/salmon spoons we used component system glitters. sprayed awesome with automotive clear coats..2nd coat covered it was superb.
  13. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    we use paashe nu.5 tip.. the glitter from dollar tree. it comes in small cellophane packets. sprays sweet. just remember a ball bearing in bottle to keep it suspended..oh ya the glitter comes in a large variety and its 1.25... some use a worn number 5 tip and sand the opening larger works well also. old school.
  14. woodieb8

    Loon mixing cup

    that's pretty slick, no pun intended. I go thru hundreds of cups monthly. ..thanks again.
  15. woodieb8

    Glitter and Epoxy

    on plastic baits we mix glitter in clearcoat. spray at 40lbs. shake bottle with ball bearings to keep suspended when spraying the clearcoat.. a fast 2nd coat covers all and its controlled.