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  1. woodieb8

    New to lure making, creating plastic molds.

    tell us, but start with 1 type of what you want to build. theres a million variables..if you want to pour your own thru molding try makealure as stated. you need a mold,then the correct resin,plastic,urethane foam. my advice read till your eyes bleed.then adventure into it.
  2. woodieb8

    Crank Bill/Lips Lexan

    are you sure you used lexan? . we have never had this issue for over 4 decades.. im puzzled.
  3. the post above is sooo true. weighting can kill a lures action...a brief thought for myself would be to go to a smooth-on rigid foam in their 26lb urethane foam..you could adjust weight or more buoyancy with micro-balloons. .
  4. woodieb8

    Lexan Diving Lip

    we build wih 1/8 lexan for lakes without rock areas. some guys use 3/16ths ..lexan is very strong on its own..remember to scuff the lexan lip before epoxing it in. it gives a stronger bond.
  5. woodieb8

    Bagley BD04

    that's an oldie
  6. woodieb8

    Removing Masking Tape from Finished Lures

    we use green frog tape. there will always be a small paint parting line. that's how we do re-paints etc. on what we build lips are installed after clear coats.
  7. woodieb8

    Painting bucktails

    rustoleum 2x white primer works well. .most guys are using a powder paint. we still use actual paints,we use stencils and spray. auto clear finish coat.
  8. woodieb8

    Painting bucktails

    if your doing the blades you will need an acid etch primer..standard paints will not hold up without it. .you will need a blower system and respirator..this holds up on plated blades.
  9. woodieb8

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    merry Christmas from Canada.
  10. woodieb8

    Bagley monster shad

    hi we run the wire thru ,drill weight hole push wire thru catching hangar. pour led into cavity. the 2 are now impossible to pull apart..we are located on l.st clair in Windsor Ontario.
  11. woodieb8

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    we still build customs for clients to order. to pay bills we have to do production..while we don't build smaller lures,mainly musky/pike baits.yes up here on the great lakes,it is a dying art..society wants everything yesterday.
  12. woodieb8

    Top coat question

    hi first off. did you seal the wooden body?.. bubbles are normally moisture of to much heat applied to make paints dry.
  13. woodieb8

    Crankbaits Holographic Scales

    try witchcraft tape in Michigan.
  14. Hey Woodie how do you secure the weights from pulling out either from a fish or a snag

    1. woodieb8


      we make the hook hangar. its wire bent in a u shape .insert in hole catching the thru wire. then pour lead up to yop of hole. the theUon each end is bent a touch out ward.it will never come apart.we put 350lbs pressure on a test..

  15. woodieb8

    Bagley monster shad

    we pour lead where the front belly hangar is on our shad baits..where are u located muskiestalker?