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  1. remember...contrast is best.
  2. I use malin wire in0.50 for molded lures. its aircraft tie wire.,for big baits 0.62 tig wire . all are easily bendable.
  3. woodieb8

    paint mixer

    I still mix every batch after my base coat..
  4. awesome idea. we have folks from around the world..many amazing folks that have helped thousands...just my humble thoughts from Canada.
  5. funny. I started full time squirting in 1985. yes theres many paint pirates out there..whatamazing me is when I get a phone call for paint schedules to copy my work. .I am not dissing guys that want to do there special creations,just businesses that want and never give back..i will never own a lambo,but I still enjoy building,and helping out youngfisherman..actually im a sucker for little upstarts,to help them catch a trophy.
  6. heres 1 on stupid. was drilling a bait with 1/16th bit,in Dremel. drop the Dremel .went to catch it. bit went right thru my hand. as for stuoidity I got the Darwin award.
  7. try mixing. chartreuse and floro green.
  8. hi. go to a dollar store. they sell mosquito headnets. they have a superb small scale net for smaller baits. just need scissors to cut into strips.
  9. we start a pilot hole. put epoxy on screw eyes and install. always set screw eye with the opening forward. if the screw eye ever opens a bit your hook/fish stays pinned.
  10. automotive,and automotive clearcoat. use a respirator and blower system.
  11. those are beauty,s/
  12. contact. handlebarz musky lures. his ties are legendary. tell him George sent you.
  13. we would strip the bait to original wood. enviroteck it. then re-paint.
  14. tig 0.62 can be bent easily in the hagens wire benders also. we use it in our wooden muskie lures..
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