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  1. T-Ball

    Vise For Saltwater Bucktails

    I tie mostly 3 - 5oz bucktail jigs used for bottom fishing in saltwater. Have used an el-cheapo vise for 4 years and its almost gone to the grave . Been looking for a reasonable vise that will accomodate 8/0 down to maybe 4/0 hooks. Mustad #91715 8/0 is the hook I use most. I would appreciate any help I can get. Not spending 300.00 on a vise, but don't care to spend 200.00 or less on a rotary model. Thanks T-Ball
  2. T-Ball

    My latest deer hair jigs

    nice ! T-Ball
  3. T-Ball

    Long Bucktail

    Just got some really nice tails from Barlow's. Some have hair that is easily 6 inches long. www.barlowstackle.com give them a look. T-Ball
  4. T-Ball

    My tying bench

    WOW !!! That is awesome. T-Ball
  5. T-Ball

    what kind of thread for rubber jigs?

    I have had the same problem in the past. Had some old spools of spiderwire laying around with 10 to 40 yds left, tied a couple jigs with it and now its all i use. Can tie pretty tight, then add a drop of water proof glue and it will last. Hope this helps ! T-Ball
  6. T-Ball

    Storing a bunch of cranks in 1 box

    Thats new ! I saw a show with Woo Daves a few years ago and he showed how he uses rubber bands and does the same thing. twist ties , who would have thunk it ! cool idea.. t-ball
  7. T-Ball

    Dick Nite's clear coat question ?

    Thanks for the comments guys. I will be brushing it on. I use the acid brushes with devcon, and will probably try the same with the DN. I'm not brave enought to spray it, don't want to mess up my airbrush. Thanks Again, I'm gonna order some and try it. T-Ball
  8. After reading alot of positive comments on DN's clear coat I have 2 questions. 1) Is the Clear top-coat what you fellows are using, and 2) I noticed it comes in quarts. Do I mix this with hardener or use directly from the can.( Note: if it is used directly from can, what keeps it from drying and being opened numerous times? ) Have always used Dev 2-t with very little problems, but some of the cranks I've seen with DN I like a little better. Thanks for the help guys ! T-Ball
  9. T-Ball

    Jig Tying

    Like stated above you can tie silicon. I tie all my jigs, but I don't use the tying thread. A couple of years ago I had about 10 spools of briad that had 10-20 yds left on them. I tied a couple of big jigs with a piece of spiderwire and it works awesome. You can cut the silicon as well as rubber with the braid, but you can get a great knot that don't need any glue added. Takes a few to see how tight you can tie them, but it works great
  10. Does anyone know how I can remove the black dots on some Strike King red-eyed shads ? I want to use the solid white baits and add my " special touches " but I don't want the black dot and really don't want paint the entire bait. I have tried paint thinner and acetone but neither would work. Haven't tried nail polish remover yet, just thought I would ask here. Any help I would really appreciate it ! Thanks in Advance ! T-Ball
  11. T-Ball

    Green Pumpkin Poisontail Jig #2

    nice, i like those colors,
  12. T-Ball

    Green Pumpkin Poisontail Jig #2

    Nice !!!
  13. T-Ball

    ol homer paul elias

    pic is on page 114, not 112. Sorry guys ! T-Ball
  14. T-Ball

    ol homer paul elias

    There's a pic of the bait on page 112 in Bassmaster Mag. You can't see the colors on the cover pic, but can tell its a mann's. That vid was awesome ! You can see the Mann's crank on two diff fish catches, in the mag he said he used the 20+ and hot lips, along with the big jelly worm. Thanks for putting that vid up, its good to see diff sides of these guys. T-Ball
  15. T-Ball

    Jig tying thread

    I have been using some old spools of spiderwire and it has worked out really well. T-Ball