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  1. robbor

    Spin casting machine

  2. robbor

    Spin casting machine

  3. robbor

    Spin casting machine

  4. robbor

    MF worm plastic problem

    Will do a lil more reading and thermometer n try again in a few weeks
  5. robbor

    Spin casting machine

    Avail top load spin casting machine in sacramento ca. Only for a few days or at a later date.
  6. robbor

    MF worm plastic problem

    I added stabilizer on first heat and prob a teaspoon full on 2 cups
  7. robbor

    MF worm plastic problem

    I don’t know exactly. But after a few shots I was on the hot side and almost thought I was smelling a lil burning
  8. robbor

    MF worm plastic problem

    I stirred the crap out of it I thought.i heated in steps while stirring in big batch as my injector is prob 16-18 oz and doesn’t quite fill all 6 cavities on my mold. I was thinking of trying some hardener
  9. robbor

    MF worm plastic problem

    I shot some big worms in an aluminum mold for the first time a few months ago. Was using regular mf that had prob been sitting for a 6 months. I had an original shot by the mold maker who made my mold and used the same plastic. My worms came out no where as firm at all. Super stretchy. I used the microwave method and added stabilizer. Any ideas? I thought I stirred it up well also
  10. robbor

    Wanted no roll sinker mold

    I’m looking for some no roll sinker molds. I have some ne unused steelhead and finesse molds to trade. Still in plastic
  11. robbor

    Cutting v/ splitting wood bodies?

    Thanks for the reply AZF, that’s exactly what I’m doing. First run will be balsa rats lol. I did recently see a vid as you did and leave the square wood on. Thanks for the reply! I’m sure I’ll have more questions later as I go from step to step. Now I need a table saw, lol. I still have to figure out the bills, resin, and forms. I’m wanting to do one piece forms slitted into the body just in case the balsa body fails on a big fish.
  12. What’s the norm / best was to segment a wood lure body preferably with a v cut? I just got my duplicator for my mini lathe and am anxious to start on lures.
  13. robbor

    Large balsa bait info and tools?

    Ya I was looking at McMaster for the wire
  14. Hey I say you post about specialized balsa. They are the closest supplier for me on the west coast. 

    Do you mind me asking what problem you had. I’m looking to order some soon.


    1. barr5150


      I shot you an email.

  15. I’m wanting to make a bunch of large balsa baits from magnum spook size to wake baits. I’m wanting to make them more production style. I’m thinking I’d like to make full one piece wire forms. Are any of you guys doing this? What wire size? Biggest I’ve seen is .102” are you using a v block setup as a jig for drilling? I’m even thinking of slitting for inserting the forms possibly. and help recommend for making quality baits. I have 3 wood lathes from small to industrial. There just all in storage and none have a duplicator I’m tired of paying $40-100 per bait