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  1. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    I would guess I’d come out with better quality and durability molds with the silicones I mentioned. It does a great job. And if u see how tlyouncut lil pieces to put around the hook shanks? After it vulcanized u slice those with your scalpel and they r now pop in hook keepers.
  2. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    It’s just white hi temp silicone for spincasting from a spin casting mfr. I bought a 12” round and just cut it up. There is a place on eBay that sells blue Nicem silicone that is easily avail. Place ships out of florida. They don’t se the company is waymil on eBay that carried the blue nicem. If u contact them they will list on eBay w free shipping I believe you should be fine using any real hi-temp spin casting silicone. A premium jewelry silicone should work also . Castaldo gelato should work good and what ever the white castaldo silicone is should also be good. These silicones will prob give you 1,000 good casts. Its no comparison to pop molds at all. These r professional silicone. You just put mica powder wher u want the mold to separate. I have even done runners/gates so small that when the jig is cast there is just a tiny lead wire left to cut or separate. But I do use a home made bottom pour pot and it injects like a dream
  3. robbor

    Centrigugal casting machine

    Romanoff casting machine . Been in storage for years . First 500 takes it . In Sacramento Ca
  4. I remember seeing those on eBay years ago. Never bought one
  5. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    Top and bottom jigs are mine. The larger one is 1/100 . For scale the white head is 1/500th oz. the small jig at the top is I want to say a size 20 hook
  6. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    The bigger mold is offset with a 1/4 spacer FYI
  7. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    These were just made with a drill press and an xy table and some time. And I just vulcanized the molds in the oven for an hour
  8. here are some pics for you guys of some pics f my old mold frames for making jig molds and ice lure molds. I did these atleast 10 years ago. Also u can use jewelry molds and vulcanizers
  9. I’d be interested in seeing the mold . I’ve made some really small molds. I even made one that was about 1/2”x1” x1/2 that was 2 piece. Silicone molds r easy and u can just use mold frames for jewelry. Most of the ones I made I did 10 years ago but there in storage.
  10. robbor

    Spin casting machine

    No I wasn’t planning on shipping. its prob 27x27x40 and 200# unpackaged go_rob_go@yahoo.com
  11. robbor

    Spin casting machine

    It is missin one crossbar for thicker molds like 4”. As seen in enlargement of clamp in back
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