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  1. Yes I want to make some clear poppers like the rebel teeny pop-r.
  2. Ya I was thinking 6-7 also. Ya i remember Rowland being on it . I believe i still have one somewhere. I want to try n made some up. Thanks rob
  3. Anyone have any old ones around? Im wondering what the willow leaf size was of the blade. these had much larger than normal willow blades.
  4. Is it liquid with catalyzer or solid with heat or what? I'm looking for something I can pour
  5. What kind of plastic is used for hard crank and top water bodies?
  6. Mustang wire is all custom made to order fyi. I already contacted them.
  7. ya interesting. i didnt see any info online. id prob be interested in a .045 also
  8. i much prefer a flat type head vs a cone. Alot of buzzbaits have a heavy feel as u DRAG them thru the water. I prefer the buzzbait to float up a little and feel lighter so its easier on me and i can go slower the a louder plop plop plop. Just like i do not like the off center out of balance blades. Stanley buzzbaits do pretty good. I was useing them way back and nothing came close at the time. Also when they quit running good, you have to close the gap inbetween the prop and the wire frame to get them running good again. just my .02
  9. robbor

    Custom mold?

    Make a silicone mold of a weight or head u want , the clamp what ever hook u want in the mold and clamp it shut and put the lead. Clean up the flashing and make a new mold. Done for prob $20 in materials. U just need a mold frame
  10. Find a community college with cad and machining and talk to the teacher. I loved taking machining but I never took cad. Maybe next year. Where r u located?
  11. Good job on the mold. I'm glad someone used some of the info I posted. Let me know if u need any help. Rob
  12. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    I would guess I’d come out with better quality and durability molds with the silicones I mentioned. It does a great job. And if u see how tlyouncut lil pieces to put around the hook shanks? After it vulcanized u slice those with your scalpel and they r now pop in hook keepers.
  13. robbor

    Diy mold frames

    It’s just white hi temp silicone for spincasting from a spin casting mfr. I bought a 12” round and just cut it up. There is a place on eBay that sells blue Nicem silicone that is easily avail. Place ships out of florida. They don’t se the company is waymil on eBay that carried the blue nicem. If u contact them they will list on eBay w free shipping I believe you should be fine using any real hi-temp spin casting silicone. A premium jewelry silicone should work also . Castaldo gelato should work good and what ever the white castaldo silicone is should also be good. These silicones will prob give you 1,000 good casts. Its no comparison to pop molds at all. These r professional silicone. You just put mica powder wher u want the mold to separate. I have even done runners/gates so small that when the jig is cast there is just a tiny lead wire left to cut or separate. But I do use a home made bottom pour pot and it injects like a dream
  14. robbor

    Centrigugal casting machine

    Romanoff casting machine . Been in storage for years . First 500 takes it . In Sacramento Ca
  15. I remember seeing those on eBay years ago. Never bought one
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