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  1. baitmaker2

    Which Balsa To Use?

    I cut a Fat Rap apart and found that there is really very little balsa in it. The outside shell is probably no more than a medium weight balsa (10-12) and the insides are plastic. There is also very little weight in the belly. Fat Raps are very hard to duplicate, at least for me. I guess it is the whole makeup of the bait that throws me including the bent and somewhat scooped lip.
  2. baitmaker2

    Painting Differnet Patterns

    Saw this on another site and thought some of you all might like to see it if you haven't already.
  3. baitmaker2

    Does Anyone Know Where To Get These In Bulk

    This is my last post on this topic because politics and religion are bad topics to discus especially on a board such as this. The so-called world economy idea is nothing but a scheme developed and instituted by the corporate mega corporations to derive every penny of profit they can muster and then they hammer it into our heads for the past 20 plus years until we think "oh my goodness we cannot do anything about the cheap products being produced overseas and sold here in America and our jobs are gone forever". It is simply a mind game. When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution they devised ways to support the country and the main source was Tariffs on imported goods. It worked fine until the politicians of the time ( late 1800's and early 1900) schemed a way to bypass the intent of the Constitution and hamstring the working man with excessive taxation (sweat tax or income tax) and relieve the corporate world of paying little if any tariffs on goods they manufacture out of country and import them back into the country. Another ploy schemed up by these corporations and put into law by our representatives was to actually reward these companies who oursource our jobs to recieve tax credits for doing so. When an American company wants to employ Americans to produce their products here in America and then export them into some of these other coutries where the bulk of our jobs went these American companies have to pay high tariffs and are limited to the amount of product they can sell in these countries whether it be automobiles or crank baits. This is this world economy and the free trade our country has lavished upon other countries and in the process lowered Americans standard of living and which will never ever be what it was prior to the mini-depression of 2008. Do we really need to replace our 46 inch tv with a new 52 inch tv 6 months after we purchased the 46 incher or replace our cell phones every 3 months? We have developed a horrible case of greed in this country wheras we think only of ourselves and forget the big picture. If we didn't learn anything at all from the debacle in 2008 we should have learned that what we are being told isn't always correct and we should do a little research of our own instead of being led like blind mice.
  4. baitmaker2

    Does Anyone Know Where To Get These In Bulk

    I agree that the blame goes to the companies who outsource but we as consumers have the final say. If we simply stop buying the cheap stuff being made in countries where they can get labor for a few cents an hour and often being done with child labor and let these products sit on their shelves and gather dust it wouldn't take long for the outsourced jobs to come back home. Back in 80's the slogan was Buy American now it is Buy Wherever as long as it is cheap regardless of the quality. I have purchased lure blanks from numerous sources and have yet to find many on a consistant basis that I would put my name on and sell to a customer. I know some guys buy these knockoffs and paint them and advertise them on EBay as repaints which in my opinion is deceptive because they are not repaints but a custom painted knockoff bait. It is all in the wording. Buying inferior plastic lure blanks was the reason I started making my own balsa baits. When I sell some baits I know in my heart that they are of the best material and workmanship possible and you can take them out of the package and catch fish on them.
  5. baitmaker2

    Does Anyone Know Where To Get These In Bulk

    Remember you get what you pay for. Unless/until Americans start saying NO to all the junk coming from China and demanding American made products again we will never recover our manufacturing base here in the US. The same manufacturing base that was the envy of the world a few decades ago and now is almost non-existant. A good example is when Bomber first started making the Model A crankbaits you could buy one, take it out of the package and catch fish with it. Now you have to buy 5 to get 1 to work decent and it will never be as good as the originals first produced right here in the good old USA. Same with Wiggle Warts. The first were made in America and were great, the next generation were made in Mexico and they were only fair at best, then they went to China and they are not worth casting. Not trying to make a political post or anger anyone but I for one would love to go to the tackle shop and buy lures again that were made here in America by an American worker knowing that the lure will perform as advertised instead of having to buy numerous baits hoping that I might get 1 to perform as expected.
  6. baitmaker2

    Prepping For Paint

    I use a rubber glove to apply super glue. I get the type gloves that are made to be used around chemicals, not the cheap vinyl type. Just apply a small amount of super glue to the bait and to the glove and keep your finger moving while applying the glue to the bait. After you have built up some super glue on the glove you don't have to work so fast.This works a lot better for me and I don't have to dip my finger in acetone to get the glue off, just throw away the glove.
  7. baitmaker2

    Lure Drying Motors

    I've been using one of these AC gearmotors for 5 years turning up to 12 baits of all sizes at a time for a couple hours at a time and have not had any problem at all. I will usually produce 200-300 baits per year and all turned with one of these gearmotors. I would assume that everyone makes a different style drying wheel and some motors are obviously more suited for certain applications but the drying wheel I make works great with a 6rpm AC gearmotor and the end result of a perfect clearcoat is a given using 2ton epoxy. One more thing to consider when purchasing a motor for your drying wheel is what epoxy you will use. The thinner the epoxy the slower you can turn the bait but the thicker the epoxy the faster you need to turn the bait (within reason of course). With a 1 rpm motor on the drying wheel I make the the 2Ton epoxy just does't spread out on the bait and you will have thick spots and thin spots. With thinner epoxy like Etex the 1 rpm motor might do fine because the fluid nature of the epoxy and the slower curing rate. There are a lot of choices when designing and constructing a drying wheel but in my own experience a 6 rpm motor works great for both thick and thin epoxy.
  8. baitmaker2

    Lure Drying Motors

    a 6 rpm is perfect for turning baits
  9. baitmaker2

    Lure Drying Motors
  10. baitmaker2

    Alabama Rig!

    How one guy makes his
  11. baitmaker2

    Alabama Rig!

    Footage of Elias fishing the rig.
  12. baitmaker2

    Where Can I Find Some Circuit Board Material.

    McMaster/Carr has the translucent yellow, I have no idea where the guys get the translucent white. It must be one of the closest guarded secrets in the baitmaking business. One of the guys suggested a rocket supply company but I called them and they said what they had was the yellow also. I use the yellow when I use circuit board and really don't think it matters that much to the fish.
  13. baitmaker2

    Need Help With Moisture Cured Urethane

    When you brush DN on the bait do you put on your drying wheel or do you just hang up to dry? I haven't tried brushing on DN but will probably experiment with this process with a few baits to see which I like best. Thanks Dean.
  14. baitmaker2

    91% Isopropyl For Thinning

    The 91% has water in it making up the other 8%. Denatured has no water in it. I don't think water and epoxy would go good together.
  15. baitmaker2

    Circuit Board Bills?

    McMaster Carr has it but it is transparent yellow in color. I use it and it doesn't seem to make a difference to the fish.