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  1. BobP


    I don’t use vacuum formed templates but think it either has to be the plastic you are using or the template is covering more than half the lure?
  2. BobP

    How do I secure screw in hardware?

    Either CA or epoxy will work.
  3. BobP

    Which Treble Hooks?

    On my personal baits I use Gamakatsu, Daiichi, and KVD short shank trebles. Japanese brands tend to use harder tempered steel which stays sharper longer and bends out less than the VMC (in my experience). Nothing against VMC but I don’t like taking the time to resharpen trebles while fishing. The short shank KVDs because their design and sizes are uniquely suited for upsizing trebles on baits where other brands tend to tangle, and tangling is one thing I can’t accept on any crankbait.
  4. BobP

    Which Treble Hooks?

    Yeah, I put VMC on baits for others. There is a good variety of shapes and sizes in the brand and the quality is decent. But it’s not what I use on my own baits.
  5. BobP

    Glow in the dark??

    The limitations with glow paint are twofold. Their brightness is determined by the size and number of the strontium aluminate particles they contain. More and bigger is better but more and bigger won’t shoot through an airbrush so paint manufacturers have to compromise. There are also big differences in how long and how strongly different colors of glow paint will glow. I don’t remember the differences except that greenish white is the longest lasting. I chose Glonation brand paint that comes in an acrylic gel with large glow particles for coating jigging spoons and a couple of rattle baits. It works great but has to be brushed on. I topcoated it with MCU. In total darkness, I can literally read a newspaper from its glow. Player’s choice, but I’d check whatever paint you try for glow intensity after application.
  6. BobP

    Large balsa bait info and tools?

    If you go with wire-thru construction I don’t see the need for such heavy diameter wire. Anything in the .050 to .060 inch diameter range will work. I use soft temper stainless wire from McMaster-Carr online. It’s much easier to bend accurately and is plenty strong. It also lets you tune the line tie without breaking the finish on the nose of the bait. As far as wood construction goes, Mark a center line around the bait while it is still “square” and use it to locate your line tie, hangers, and slit before you start shaping. There are various discussions on finishing balsa baits that you can explore with the search feature.
  7. BobP

    Walleye Blade's Top Coat

    I second 21XDC. A moisture cured urethane is the best choice. Dip it, hang it up, and you get a very durable, thin, clear topcoat that will not chip or compromise the action of a blade bait.
  8. BobP

    Painting over etex

    I never use epoxy over foil until I’m ready to topcoat the bait. I use thin adhesive foil on which I can burnish the edges down so they disappear. But if I did, I would lightly sand the epoxy to give the paint something to mechanically grip before shooting it.
  9. BobP

    Folk Art Craft Paint Question

    With a .5 mm tip you may have problems shooting a craft paint that is not formulated for airbrushes. A .35 mm tip will surely have problems. Craft paint pigments usually don’t shoot reliably because they aren’t ground small enough and they have no flow enhancers, so they tend to clog your tip. That said, sometimes you luck out and your batch happened to be ground small enough. It’s a crap shoot. But most of us eventually learn to go with only airbrush paint to avoid the aggravation. Just about anything can be used to thin acrylic paint. A mix of water, alcohol, and a few drops of glycerin is one that works. Ammonia will eventually eat the chrome off your airbrush. Yes, Pledge clear acrylic floor polish also works but it dries to a very hard coating that is hard to remove from an airbrush if you let it dry and accumulate anywhere inside. I tried some and had to extract the needle from the packing nut with pliers after it dried. So I can’t recommend it.
  10. BobP

    Liquid Mask Swim Baits / Clear coat

    I tightly wrap a rubber band around the joint to prevent paint intrusion on a bait with a joint that can’t be disassembled before painting or on one that I can’t install the joint mechanism after painting and clearcoating. The bands also hold the bait rigid while painting it. But I don’t trust rubber bands to resist dipped clearcoat intrusion. I brush the clearcoat on.
  11. BobP

    overcoat for chrome?

    Any kind of clearcoat works fine over foil in my experience. I clean the foil after application with a Qtip and denatured alcohol to remove paint overspray, any finger prints/oil, and it brightens it by removing any oxidation.
  12. BobP

    overcoat for chrome?

    Nice to see you posting Blackjack.
  13. BobP

    2 parts epoxy date ?

    In my experience, how long epoxy lasts depends mainly on how it’s stored. You can tell it’s degrading if the hardener gets darker. Since the epoxy company doesn’t know how it will be stored, the one year is just a rough guesstimate. After it begins to degrade, it will usually still harden but will cure darker and may take longer to harden. I store mine inside where the temp is fairly constant and it often lasts two or more years before the hardener begins to darken.
  14. BobP

    Daler-Rowney Acrylic Inks ?

    It probably all depends on whether the ink contains a solvent. If yes, any topcoat also containing a solvent can cause the ink to run, including D2T if you dope it with denatured alcohol, and KBS. As well as Pledge floor polish, you can use a clear acrylic airbrush coating to protect the paint if needed.
  15. Obviously there’s a problem with the TU start page. It returns an error page on my desktop computer running Firefox and a page of gobbledegook on my IPad running IOS. But if I log in anyway, the rest of the site seems to behave normally.