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  1. madbass

    Weedless Wallys (Peanut Heads)

    I'm looking for something like this in 1/16 oz. Do you make these in that size?
  2. madbass

    Tennessee Killers

    I know of someone who is selling a bunch of fishing lures and has many Norman Tennessee Killers. They are new, but no package (just a couple of the cardboard backers from the package). I understand they are not made anymore. Is there much of a demand for these and about how much might they be worth? They also have boxes of Bomber lures in the orange boxes.
  3. madbass

    Jerkbait Lip Altering

    Has anyone tried trimming down the lip on a deep diving jerkbait? I have some pointer 100DD's I'd like to make into mid-depth divers.
  4. madbass

    Strike King Lure Eyes

    I'm not sure what you mean by "pearl" eyes. Most good eyes are 3D holographic. Check out this board sponsor, he is a great guy to deal with.
  5. madbass

    Auto Air Colors

    I've used some of the AA paints and they are a little better, but I don't think they are "alot" better. The helpful aspect to them is you're able to add reducer at different rates to find what works best for you. Also, AA has many different special effect paints that are fun to play around with. An alternative to can use AA reducers in createx to help with your clogging. If it's the pearl colors that are clogging in a fine tip (some pearl colors give me trouble in my .3mm tip), you may want to consider going to a .5mm tip. If you get into AA special effects paints, you'll need a .5mm tip anyway. If you try the AA, get the auto-borne line, it's supposed to be good stuff. I just got some and only tried it a little bit so far, but it seems to flow nice. Good luck.
  6. madbass

    Paypal Ripoff

    I have a better question.........WHAT THE HE!! IS THIS DOING IN THE CLASSIFIED ADDS?????
  7. madbass

    Spraying Candies

    Well I know its not the same, but I've used D2T over candies without a problem. If you have airbrush clear, you could spray that over the color to protect it before applying DN.
  8. madbass

    New Top Coating Material

    How long do you have to turn it, and how many coats are needed? Do you know if it has UV resistance?
  9. I am in the process of selling the auto air. If for some reason it doesnt go through you will be the first one I contact. If not though, would you be interested in the createx? I also fixed those pictures now so you can view them


  10. madbass

    Optional Epoxy Topcoat

    I think this was brought up last year, but I can't find it. Has anyone tried Power Poxy Pro 30 min. epoxy? It sounds like it's the same as Devcon but I'm not sure about it.
  11. madbass

    Looking For A Good Craw Color And Pattern

    Be careful of using regurgitated craws as examples for color. Once swallowed by fish, the acids in the fishes system will turn the crawfish different colors.
  12. madbass

    Your hobby work area/bench....

    How about some pictures and ideas of your hobby work area? I am planning a new work area/bench for lure making. I thought it might be helpful, not only to me, but to all of us. Since most of my lure making is cranks/airbrushing that is my focus. But I still do a little soft plastic hand pouring as well. So lets see what you guys got.
  13. madbass

    Need eyes & Paasche Needle Info.

    For eyes go with Pedator Bass Baits. Board sponsor, great prices, good guy to deal with, and awesome eyes! Look on the right side column for 3D lure eyes.
  14. madbass

    Glitter Questions

    Try a white base then a light yellow, then chart. For glitter, if you work fast-spray on a coat of clear then dust or sprinkle on glitter, then spray another coat of clear to hold the glitter down. With this method glitter size is irrelevant. Good luck.