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  1. William

    ETEX - Stupid Mistakes

    Thanks for all the feedback. I did recoat and it worked fine the second time around. The change to equal volumes did the trick.
  2. William

    ETEX - Stupid Mistakes

    Just a note from a neophite - I'm sure the Old Sage's of this forum already know this but if you're fairly new let me share a learning about ETEX: In my desire to get exactly equal amounts to mix, I utilized my very accurate digital scale. Poured in exact weights of each and mixed well. Applied to baits and started them on the drying wheel. That was 96 hours ago and they still haven't dried........... The learning here is that equal weights are not equal parts. The resin is actually about 16% heavier that the hardner...SO stick with equal volumes to do it correctly......(Good Thing I didn't mix the gallon containers...)
  3. William

    Hook Rust

    Guys - Thanks for the input. All of the hooks were new and there is no staining on the bodies. Storage is no different (Plano 3700s) that my other (commercial) lures (which do not exhibit the rust problem). My next stop is try the Gamakatsu solution, if I can find all of the sizes I need in quantity and various strengths (2X & 3X strong). I will post any differences that I find. - Thanks again!
  4. William

    Hook Rust

    Can anyone help with this little problem. I have started building lures and am using pretty standard components, mostly from Janns. Building wooden baits, painting with Createx and top coating with Etex. Installing Mustad bronze hooks well after everything has dried and they are rusting badly, (fresh water, inland lakes). Has anyone run into this problem? Is it some type of reaction with the Etex or with the SS hook hanger I'm using? Help!!! Thanks -
  5. William

    Plastic Lure Lips

    Does anyone know any suppliers of plastic lure lips, with line-ties. I have a selection from Jann's but need some additional sizes. Most of the other suppliers I have looked at don't have lips with line-ties. Thanks
  6. William

    Lure Stands

    Hey - Guys - Does anyone have any information where I can buy some lexan stands for lures? Thanks
  7. William

    Lure Stands

    Hey Guys - A while ago, someone on the site had some plastic lure stands for sale. If anyone still has some please drop me a message. Thanks - Bill
  8. William

    Missouri Get together head count

    Looks like I picked a really bad year to move from Platte City to Danbury, CT!!! Hope you guys have a great time!
  9. William

    New look to site

    Great Job - Your work sets the standards!!!
  10. William

    Reel Repair Business

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for some help. My father had a reel repair business for several years, mostly repairing Ambassadeur lures. Since his passing I have had the parts and components in storage. I currently do not repair reeels and would like to liquidate the material. I am trying to locate someone who would be interested in purchasing the entire lot. I found one link on the site to a repair business but the email address was a dead end. If anyone has info or is interested, please PM me. Thanks
  11. William

    Smithwick Suspending Pro Rogue 5 1/2" 9/16 oz

    Robert - I would also be interested in picking up some if they're available. Thanks
  12. William

    I need help with Epoxy

    Not sure what I've done now. Using Etex-lite up till now I have been mixing equal parts and actually pouring it over my lures. Then I hang them vertically until dry. This method seemed to be working ok but was a little time consuming. All of a sudden now, I don't get an even coat and get more air bubbles than usual. Yesterday, I tried brushing it on with a flux brush and then heating with a heat gun. I actually got worse results. Coverage is actually more inconsistent. After I heated it, I did not try to brush it because I expected it to flow evenly. Up till now, I have not tried to thin it - will this help? Will my problems be reduced or eliminated if I use a drying wheel? Does anyone have any other suggestions that makes this easier and consistent? Thanks,
  13. William

    What do you fish from?

    Triton TR-21 with Yamaha 225.
  14. William

    Giving Up

    Travis - lol and great info. But Remember - You Have a Lab! (all else is just stuff).
  15. William

    Plug Passing?

    I'm in - I've been looking for ways to get some of the great lures you guys are posting pics of!