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    Hi Robalo You have a PM Lazaro
  2. I get my for free from my dentist The used ones that are going to the trash, are good for carving
  3. Need very small bits for your dremel? Get used ones for free with a dentist
  4. I have a lot of trouble writing in english, so please try to do you're best effort will you're reading. All the info you can find it in the tutorial, or in post's in TU. I haven't done it before, but it's a good time to say tanks to all for your help. The first thing I do in the mornig, is read TU. SS wire bending This are my first "mini" mold I made them with liquid silicon, and you mix it with a catalizer so it can get hard. I use plastic disketts (3.5) box's to hold then together The lure I make are made from 2 part resin (it's almost like epoxy). Mix 50% part A + 50% part B. regards LAUG
  5. I make my own. And proudly with info from TU. LAUG
  6. This is how i make my rattle cans They sound very loud
  7. Good evening. First, I'll like to thank everyone for all the information on this forum. I've read ALL the post on the hard bait section. And it has helped me a lot to improve my skills. I have a lipless Q. The rattlin' rapala's tail trebel is at the end of the lure, as a tail. The tail trebel of a Bill Lewis rat-l-trap, is close to the tail, but not at the end of the lure. Is there a difference in the action of these lures due to the position of the trebels? Regards LAUG P.S. My writing is not very good, so please just skip the mistakes
  8. I once saw in a optical store that to make small adjustments for plastic frames they put them in a tray with hot sand. I don't know the sand temp. or what kind of sand it was. But I guess it was to distribute the heat uniformly
  9. lazaro

    acrylic question

    Maybe you will like this http://www.tacklemaking.com/tacklemakers/default.php?content=mixing_paints Saludos LAUG
  10. Here is a link to a 'How to do' , I hope it helps. http://www.bass-zone.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=13
  11. Hi, you can cut small skits from a bike tire tube.
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