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  1. Do you know anything about dipping lures in a clear coat and what kind is the best. Thanks, Rubylips

  2. BowfinBoy95

    new baits

    i have yet to use whiptail blades on any of my spinners..how easily do they spin? and how do they spin?
  3. 'bout to unleash spinners on the world.

  4. 'bout to unleash spinners on the world.

  5. 'bout to unleash spinners on the world.

  6. 'bout to unleash spinners on the world.

  7. 'bout to unleash spinners on the world.

  8. been away form this site since i lost my internet in 07. got it back now. prepare for the onslaught.

  9. BowfinBoy95

    more BP Spinners

    i was looking at your website and all the spinners and realized that your "Meme" series has 2 blades at the same point on the wire shaft. i would think they would interfere with one another's rotation. this isn't an issue? does it depend on what type of blades you use? just curious as ive been dabbling in my own spinners for awhile now..ill post some pictures as soon as i get my camera running.
  10. BowfinBoy95

    Waterbug proto

    thats marvelously done.. kudos!!
  11. BowfinBoy95

    Muskie Metal

    does this spinner have two clevises right next to eachother or are the blades mounted right on the wire? ive been experimenting making trout and bass spinners and i want to add multiple blades on an in-lineand i was concerned about multiple blades binding up the action of one another. any input would be very much appreciated
  12. BowfinBoy95

    Foil Walleye

    stunning work.. how the hell did you do that??? id never use it..lol
  13. im planning on using it as more of a flippin type thing..its very light though i did put solder bits in the botton to ensure it floats upright even without the hook.i would think the wings would provide alot of air resistance, so this isnt made to cast supremely far(though i did recently discover a device through a fellow fisherman that allows you to cast really far with very light lures. its a casting float). the wings are made of a thin flexible acrylate plastic, though if i could get a thiner more durable plastic that would be better. like lexan as thin as the lid of a CD case. ive been really interested in the river2sea dragonfly for awhile but dragonfles dont swim like a jitterbug.they twitch in the water..and thats how i plan to fish this..like a popper. worry much more about the durability of the tail section than the wings. im gonna epoxy them on the edge of a square of plastic and then epoxy the suqare into the back( in the slots you see in the dragonfly). i know itll get some surface blowups..i just dunno if itl'll hold up..heres to hopin! and if it doesnt ill modify the design till it works and stays intact:)
  14. ok im pretty new at making lures but im eager to take advantage of designs that have been ignored by other anglers i posted the fact i was making a dragonfly awhile back. well now i scanned a preliminary pic, to get an idea what itll look like when its all done.i just put the wings against the back for reference. they will be positioned better when they are epoxied in place. the paint is nail polish. it will have a full epoxy coat by the end. a single trebel on the bottom of the thorax.line tie is below the big eyes.
  15. ive recently noticed that nail polish would make a great lure paint if covered with epoxy. while the idea seems terrific, why dont more people do it? im assuming there is a drawback? some of the metallic colors that nailpolish is available in are just phenomenal. if its a mistake to try it let me know!
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