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  1. THANKS for the inside thought BOBP & Travis. Very helpfull for a different prospective and experience. Hopefully Skeeter would add to the list of info.
  2. Age old topic, but with a little different view point and questions. I'm making flat sided Balsa crankbait, NOT for resale, or business. Just to fulfill a passion of making cranks. I'm making flat sided crankbaits for shallow to 10-12 ft range. What is the best BILL material to use Circuit board or Lexan---------WITH different PROSPECTIVE ---- I TRYING to achieve the best action ? 1) Circuit board being thin, DO it increase the action of the bait? 2) LEXAN --- does create a small profile because its clear? but does Lexan have the same action similar to circuit board? 3) do
  3. Is there anyone making custom spinnerbait mold. For years I had Ron Hammontree made me mold. However, I believe he is no longer with us. Not production molds, single cavity would be fine.
  4. I made mine Super chuck out of RTV silicone, easy to do. You will be better off doing that, by the way Im still waiting for my molds from D@* for let just say, LONG LONG Time! FYI
  5. The Cali grub came to birth in a unique way. The tail design & action on THAT grub is very important to clear, rocky deep reservoir lakes. The Yama single grub has changed a bit ( new stuFF). That tail on grub body comes from the old PRO STAFF single tail grub STOCK about 26 years ago, when it was made in Page AZ. THE change is really noticeable with you lay the bait to a New Yama grub off the shelf. The difference is in the TAIL Action is very important in impoundment lakes that are clear. The MOLD SHOOTS GREAT, THE ACTION IS GREAT. But most important thing, is Josh, of ANGLING A I was
  6. I've been using MF super soft for 20 years for hand POUR and last 8 years injection. However I've been testing some Dead on Plastic Floating worm and finesse PLASTIC , pretty nice stuff. It has more good quality's then Mf. IMO Purchase a sample pack. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Your correct, But I was wanting one that was closes to GyM finesse grub. The spotted bass in reservoirs lakes are sometimes very picky. I've tried samples and size dimensions from many of the company's you listed. Also, I PURCHASED molds from a couple of company you listed, three to four years ago still waiting for molds to ARRIVE.( yea right ) But A.I mold was exactly what I was waiting for. Everyone has there preference, it just happen to be that Angling A.i made what I was waiting for years. The big plus, I will receive the mold I ordered and I know it will be nice!
  8. I just ordered one. Angling A.I. has just listed a new Single Tail Grub mold. I been waiting for a someone to come out with a Grub mold. I'm glad that Angling A.I took the time to put one out. Also, a company that sends out the molds that are ordered. Super nice finished molds that shoot great. Thanks Angling A.I. http://anglingai.com/4-inch-cali-single-tail-grub/
  9. I agree that Del would have the mold. But Also, DELMART company focus is on other priorities in cad products. Fishing molds are far down the list. I DO NOT want to litigate or repeat history.
  10. Any members have Basstackle Grub molds Basstackle # 215 single tail grub mold Basstackle # 216 single tail grub mold I would like to purchase samples from any member to help me make a decision on the molds. I not concerned about color, just the shape and detail, tail action. I can't find anyone to make me a couple of GYb grub molds, So I'm out the find the closes grub molds to GYB. Thanks
  11. Sorry, I should of been more clear. I looking for a aluminum mold Hand pour Del mart mold style
  12. Howdy, Happy new Year, Does any members know where I can find who makes or have in stock OPEN POUR 6 in fluke molds ?
  13. Dink Mendez

    Delmart stick molds

    All molds are Delmart HANDPOURED Stick molds. Used but in absolute clean molds. I used them ounce a year for personal use only. Only plastic/salt mix used in this molds. NO SAND or injection pressure EVERY used on these molds. Would like to sell in sets. Thanks I do have paypal and accept money orders. Ship only in the 48 states in the USA. Thanks. SET A of 3($50.00 ea.)- 5.25 four cavity Delmart Hand poured molds-- $150.00 + 15.00 shipping and handling SET B OF 3($50.00 ea. ) 5.25 four cavity Delmart hand poured molds--$150.00 + 15.00 shipping and handling SET C OF 3 (93.34 ea.) 6 i
  14. Also this style, couldn't get what I wanted I started to make them
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