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  1. Natural Pumpkinseed

    stunning paint
  2. blades send me an email need to ask you something

  3. A bit of "Craziness"

    just seen this, me and the kids just fell in love with it, your a freak and i love it Etch
  4. pvc board for lure bodies

    thanxs J.R seems like you guys state side can get it at homies, lowes etc, i have searched all the homies here and the ronas, nadda,. up next is lowes , thanxs for helping Etch
  5. hey buy it at rona hardware

  6. Nu Lustre 55

    thats it in a nutshell, have never had my baits yellow with nu lustre, dev is a little tougher, just not worth the headache compared to nu lustre, IMHO, and i recoat nu lustre baits, with in 12 hrs, makes it one super tough coat like instead of 2 seperate coats, in my experince Etch
  7. Nu Lustre 55

    i also use nu lustre as woodie does( thanxs for the tip oldtimer) lol, been using it for over a yr now and love it, it is between dv2 and etex as far as thickness, and is tougher then etex, just make to warm the bottles a little before using it! Etch
  8. ok heres a few more

    got to agree with the boys, that boy swims the nutz Etch
  9. New Batch of Swimbaits

    nice job on the baits, really like the way you did the bass paint!! Etch
  10. Yes i searched,need crankbait help........

    it will all come down to preference,whether you through wire or use screw eyes, i use stainless screw eyes, epoxied in and they wont pull out, try both and see which is better for "you" and your type of crank. Etch
  11. Been Awhile

    thanxs mark great tip, but the ones in the pic work awesome, what i am having a prob with is doing a quad buzz blade bait, think its called a big daddy, will see if i can get a pic of it, wanted to do one with a frog body, but cant figure it out yet, lol thanxs Etch
  12. Tissue Paper Photofinished baits

    sweet plugs, love your trout the best Etch
  13. Been Awhile

    Thanks for the kind words guys means alot. George, couldn't get it to work the way I wanted to but got this guy in the picture that works awesome. Pm me if you're up to the challenge of trying the first one again. Thanks Etch
  14. Been Awhile

    Hi Guys It's been awhile since I've been on here , back now and will continue to be here. Thought I'd show some new pics of my baits. 2 1/2" & 3 1/2" frogs and 2 1/2" mice. Hope you like them. thanks Etch
  15. Blacksucker Woodie Bait

    great story Rj, and woodie your a class act all around!!!!, congratulations Etch