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  1. Anyone ever try cutting the bait down the middle and making 2 molds then lining up the two molds.
  2. goldenarrow


    you can use any kind of oil like pam I have even used olive oil when i was out of pam and i didnt really notice the diffrence. I bet if you didnt use anything it would be ok to because the resin has a tendancy to srink.
  3. post the picts already! I want to do the same if i can get my dad to un bury his lathe
  4. I made the mold myself out of resin
  5. first color should be pored then thet it set up wait for it to become solid. then pore the second color very hot to make sure it adheres corectly. if the secnond color isnt hot enough it will fall apart if the first color doesent have time to set up they will blead together.
  6. I think is a frog but I dont think it would look good weightless. I will try carolina when the water gets warm I guess. Hell I will try it now but I dont think it will work untill summer if even then.
  7. How do you guys think i should rig this Carolina or texas or even on a jighead?
  8. malibu kayaks extreme my dads 85 bass tracker shore cattle boats in that order
  9. I made this bait origonaly to imatate a squid for saltwater but its action in the bathtub looked alot like a bullfrog swiming underwater so I made this color to look like just that I coild cut the tail if I need to but i want to know what you guys think.
  10. well I pored a bullfrog tipe lure in another mold and I poured some of the leftovers in this mold and i think it came out really good now i just hope i can atach the pic
  11. I throw the origonals weightless so If I were to pour them I would add salt but I dont think i would pour them because I like the store bought ones just fine. the dubble sided bait seems like it causes more desterbance in the water and I like how durable they are I caught 5 good sized bass on one without it tearing.
  12. Bill i wish I could join you but i have to work this sunday. I may run up to sc next sunday and try for halibit if i can get anybody to go with me and the wether looks good. I was thinking davenport to stay away from the salmon fleet.
  13. hey rockhopper what is the punishment for patent infringment for personal use 3x the componys losses witch would be about $1.50 a bait times the 100 infringed baits in your taclebox withch would be $150 i realy dont see any compony sueing for that much money. personaly I wouldent infringe on any bait that I could buy in the store but I might to get a spesific color that isint prodused. p.s. I would like to see a pictiure of your hand made stand out hooks as long as it is safe under a patent witch I am sure they are. I would buy the hooks in larger sizes if they became avalable 2/0-5/0 and I have three pacages in my taclebox as we speak
  14. Does anybody on here pour a saltwater shad body like a fishtrap? I have made a resin mold and tested it with some recycled plastic I am just curious wether or not I need hardner. If I dont i can buy the plastic and colors in town but if i do need it I might as well order it all online. thanks, patrick
  15. malibu extreme for me. I think bill has a prowler?
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