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  1. Here are a few links of some stuf they build also: http://www.barlowstackle.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=6&Product_ID=2223&CATID=54 from this link the grub, and the craw i know for sure they are the ones making them. This is one of their models also http://www.barlowstackle.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=6&Product_ID=2412&CATID=54 And....regarding the shad....it's different from MT....much different, and the plastic is high quality. MT's quality has gone bad, very bad....i wouldn't fish them even if you offered them for free. It's like this is a ghost company i;m searching for...every thing i find is a dead end (. Here's another link of the shad's from barlows http://www.barlowstackle.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=6&Product_ID=1671&CATID=54 They are different than any other shad on the market, and they have a V shaped tail.
  2. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp?id=0053783122794a&navCount=1&podId=0053783&parentId=cat603337&masterpathid=&navAction=jump&cmCat=MainCatcat20166-cat603337&catalogCode=IJ&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat603337&hasJS=true Can anyone pls tell me who the..... produces these. I've been searching for about a year now for the manufacturer, ended up in Australia, with Atomic Lures, but found out that their packaging sais... MADE IN THE USA . And thinking i asked....are you shipping these to USA.....an they said no....someone must deffenetly have copyed them.....when i saw the packaging that just pissed me off. I know cabela's has them, and barlows has them.....the same manufacturer makes the paddle tail grub, rib grub and some other nice stuff, but can't find the source no matter what i do. I know that some of these lurea are found in Walmart there, but can't get into Walmart....since i'm thousand miles away. PLS help me guys.
  3. savacs


    Do u even sell those? Or u make them just for urself?!
  4. savacs

    Guess the Lure

    Darn...i knew this one
  5. He's probably working on some fine detailed lures, to pay the ransome himself:yeah:
  6. Darn! I just noticed that even that is a spray:(
  7. Yup! i'm looking at urethane clear as a topcoat finish. The last link rofish gave me i guess is a good one, only that i couldn't find out weather the cramolin 400ml Urethane Clear is waterbased or something else. Thank you guys!
  8. Does anyone know where i could find urethane clear, waterbased in germany? I just want to try the stuff out to see what results do i get, but bringing it from the US it's a bummer, and the real prob is that i can't find it in Romania:( A link would be the best thing. I would sincerely apreciate it! Thank you
  9. savacs

    Epoxy news flash

    I believe nothing should be the last aspect when building a cranckbait...it should be as flawless as one can build it...and that is what this site is all about...helping each other to do the lures as perfect as one can. I actually don't believe in perfection, ony in as close as u can get to perfection, and that is hard to obtain as well:( I just pointed out, that nothing is what it seems...i also tought that e-tex won't yellow to find out it's one of the worst yellowing epoxyes out there, this compared to other indor epoxy usage products and rodbuilding epoxyes. My e-tex didn't yellow on me for more than 2 years now...so am satisfied with it, even though i don't use it anymore . I hope i finally found what i was searching for when i got into lurebuilding, if so i'm close to perfection...if not...i'll get there sometime
  10. savacs

    Epoxy news flash

    There has to be some other answers out there that r better than epoxy, and easyer to aply. Not just easyer to apply, but paint friendly as well
  11. savacs

    Epoxy news flash

    @blackjack it's not only about UV. They where tested with and without UV exposure, and they got about not that different results. So coating over epoxy with UV resistent coating..it don't help that much as brought to my understanding
  12. By talking in the rodbuilding.org forum i found out that e-tex and devcon ain't what we all thought they where. I stumbled uppon a guy that has tested them, at least the e-tex in weather chamber. I was amazed at his findings, telling me that e-tex was the worst yellowing epoxy he-s seen. So yellowing has nothing to do with curring time of the epoxy. He told me the best, and the epoxy that yellows the hardest is ThreadMaster, if i recall correctly.... I just wanted all u guys to know....e-tex and devcon will yellow. Not from a day to another, but they will yellow eventually.
  13. No body said it's easy, but it's doable in a controlled manner. If u don't get it right all the time, after u;ve done it, than u'll not get the desired effect, and won't get the right action either.
  14. or if u can make molded lures with wooden core, and let's say covered in epoxy, or plastic to take the final lure shape, than it's possible, otherwise it's kinda...... The x-raps have the foil incased inside. That happens when they put the 2 parts together, they slip the holo foil between the parts, and after that get up to painting the lure. It's about the same as the soft plastics with holografig tape inserts, U won't see that on a DT, since it's a wooden lure. But u can find shallow runners with holographic inserts on the market. I guess u should look for storm lures.
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