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  1. I know this isn't probably what your looking for, but I usually just get a tub of Vaseline. Melt it down. Add whatever I want as attractant to it, garlic, anise oil, salt etc..., pour it liquefied back into the tub of Vaseline to harden back to the save form. Then your left with an attractive you can put on your baits that is water resistant and doesn't wear off.
  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that I moved all of you to the clubs sponsor page, for the donation for the casting kids event, so you can have the exposure for the entire season. Can't thank you enough for your support. The kids were just ecstatic to get a bag of lures and a pole (we were able to get enough donations to give almost every kid who went through a fishing pole) Thanks: Davis Hand Poured Baits (fixed your phone number on the website dave) Carolina Baits 152nd Street Baits Bucketmouth Lures Hawg Pours http://www.hawgpours.com/' rel="external nofollow">
  3. You should have to have a license, it's the friggen law!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. One last thank you to everyone. Our 2nd annual event at the Ogdensburg Expo was a success. We ran roughly 450 casting kid participants over the weekend! I will try to post some pics in a bit
  5. Would also like to thank Randy Burton, from Hawg Pours Just got the donation in today Randy. We bag everything this week for next weekend. Your baits are much appreciated. THANKS! (You are added on our club site for sponsorship)
  6. We have a meeting this Sat. and we will start to get our lure bags ready for the kids. All of you guys have helped us out a ton and the NNYBM Club really appreciates it. We can't thank you enough. Once the event is completed later this month I will be sure to get some pictures up of the kids in competition and being given their fishing supplies. Thanks! -Brad
  7. Brian Horlings - Bucketmouth Lures Just got your donation in today Brian. Thank you!!! You've also been added to the club website for a casting kid sponsor
  8. Carolina Mike & 152nd St. Baits Thank you so much! Just got your stuff in today guys. Can't thank you enough. Your websites have both been added to our clubs main site as casting kids sponsors.
  9. Special thanks to Davis Hand Poured Baits. Just got your stuff in Shane. Thank you, the club and kids will appreciate it. I also put you up on the club website as a sponsor. Thanks again
  10. ASAP. Event is in three weeks. Thank you so much for the support NNYBII
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