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  1. I know this isn't probably what your looking for, but I usually just get a tub of Vaseline. Melt it down. Add whatever I want as attractant to it, garlic, anise oil, salt etc..., pour it liquefied back into the tub of Vaseline to harden back to the save form. Then your left with an attractive you can put on your baits that is water resistant and doesn't wear off.
  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that I moved all of you to the clubs sponsor page, for the donation for the casting kids event, so you can have the exposure for the entire season. Can't thank you enough for your support. The kids were just ecstatic to get a bag of lures and a pole (we were able to get enough donations to give almost every kid who went through a fishing pole) Thanks: Davis Hand Poured Baits (fixed your phone number on the website dave) Carolina Baits 152nd Street Baits Bucketmouth Lures Hawg Pours http://www.hawgpours.com/' rel="external nofollow">
  3. You should have to have a license, it's the friggen law!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. One last thank you to everyone. Our 2nd annual event at the Ogdensburg Expo was a success. We ran roughly 450 casting kid participants over the weekend! I will try to post some pics in a bit
  5. Would also like to thank Randy Burton, from Hawg Pours Just got the donation in today Randy. We bag everything this week for next weekend. Your baits are much appreciated. THANKS! (You are added on our club site for sponsorship)
  6. We have a meeting this Sat. and we will start to get our lure bags ready for the kids. All of you guys have helped us out a ton and the NNYBM Club really appreciates it. We can't thank you enough. Once the event is completed later this month I will be sure to get some pictures up of the kids in competition and being given their fishing supplies. Thanks! -Brad
  7. Brian Horlings - Bucketmouth Lures Just got your donation in today Brian. Thank you!!! You've also been added to the club website for a casting kid sponsor
  8. I will for sure thank you again
  9. Carolina Mike & 152nd St. Baits Thank you so much! Just got your stuff in today guys. Can't thank you enough. Your websites have both been added to our clubs main site as casting kids sponsors.
  10. Special thanks to Davis Hand Poured Baits. Just got your stuff in Shane. Thank you, the club and kids will appreciate it. I also put you up on the club website as a sponsor. Thanks again
  11. ASAP. Event is in three weeks. Thank you so much for the support NNYBII
  12. Everyone, I appreciate the responses and the support. The event is just 3 weeks away so send anything as soon as possible so we can get them bagged. *Also, our club just received an award for supporting Youth Fishing from the NY State Bass Federation, our club director Jim Moore, can be seen in NY States Federation Nation magazine this month for last years casting kids event. Thanks everyone for being apart of it. I will be sure to get everyones info up on our website as soon as I receive anything! THANK YOU!
  13. Alright folks, We are getting things ready for the casting kids for the Ogdensburg Expo. As I stated above we are asking for donations for any kind or quantity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The kids absolutely loved it last year and being able to give them tackle to leave with was a great experience. A few people wanted me to let them know when we needed them. We will be meeting several times this month preparing for the event which is held March 28th - 30th. If anyone is willing send to: NNYBMII Club Brad Paradis 300 Main St. Ogdensburg, NY 13669 Also, please include any of your personal web sites addresses, as I will link them to our clubs website as a sponsor. Thank you, Brad
  14. Sounds great guys. Appreciate any support. I will post on here when we have our meeting scheduled to start bagging donations so I can let anyone know when would be the best time to send anything.
  15. Once again the Northern New York Bassmasters Federated & Club Team will be hosting a casting kids competition at the Ogdensburg Golden Dome during the Ogdensburg Expo, March 2008. I wrote last year and got one donation from the board, which is better than none! This will be the second year we are embarking on this successful event. Last year we held one of the largest casting kids contests at the Expo running over 300 kids through the competition and sending the winners to the NY State competition, which two of our local kids actually won and went on to the Nationals in Florida! (link below) We were able to collect donations from local tackle shops at Black Lake and the Ogdensburg community, and hand out tackle to each and every child who went through our program. Many children actually left with fishing poles we were able to collect from Shakespeare and the local Walrmart store. We feel its a great way to get the kids involved and exposed to fishing and conservation of our waters, and give them some supplies that many of them would not be able to afford. As we start even earlier this year getting prepared, I am once again asking that if anyone would like to donate any of their extra soft plastic baits so we can use them in the grab bags for the kids it would be greatly appreciated. I usually make a bunch up myself to donate and anyone who has tried anything like this before knows how hard it is to get donations, as our club members spend months attempting to get help from every company in the book and very few respond back with any type of help. If you are interested you can send ANY TYPE of fishing supplies to us at: NNYBM CLUB Brad Paradis 300 Main Street Ogdensburg, NY 13669 If you have any questions or need to contact me you can send me a PM or email me at paradisbrad@hotmail.com Make sure to accompany any donations with a name and web address if you have one, I would be happy to post your businesses information as a sponsor for this event on our club site. Thanks in advance Brad Paradis Club Secretary http://northernnybassmastersclub.freehomepage.com/ Two of our kids we ran through last year won at the states and competed at the National Semifinals in Florida! Two kids from the same community! http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/bassmaster/youth/news/story?page=bass_CK_semis_10_29_07
  16. Did I miss it in the thread? What is that cool little tool called that cuts the tails of the tube?
  17. Many keep saying they use a respirator, can we give an example of one. Anyone have a link to one they bought for reference
  18. Posted this in the docks with no takers. So I thought I would try in here. Anything would be great...and I mean anything. I will post anyones business on our clubs website and link your website off of it also. Just make sure to give me the info if anyone does want to donate. http://www.tackleunderground.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8067
  19. I have read threads in the past about bubbles in the plastic and what to/not to do to prevent this from happening. I remember when I first started pouring I had two 5 gallon buckets with the plasticol on the floor in the garage and found out that the cold temperature out there being on the floor allowed bubbles to form in the plastic So needless to say, I poured a bunch of baits from that and used them this past summer and I have to tell ya. I can understand why you woudlnt want them in a senko but for the jig trailers I made. I think the bubbles in the plastic, while not cosmetically appealing, worked better than the ones I had poured clean with no bubbles. The ones with the plastics with bubbles seemed to have a little more float/life on the jigs and were more productive. I am pouring new trailers for this next season right now and I am specifically making bubbles in the plastic. Just something I noticed and thought I would share.
  20. Well, this sponsorship process has been extremely slow for our club outside our area. We have had a great response from local businesses and organizations from our area (the Police & Fire Dept., Local Pepsi bottler, tackle shops etc) but beyond that, wow. We really thought some of these bigger and even smaller "main" companies would be interested in doing something, anything. Hats, decals, lures, whatever. Most of them write us back saying basically, "sorry we already do many donations, we can't do everything, but thanks for your interest, here is our catalog." lol
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