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    wood type and sizes for turning?

    I've turned 1x1 blanks of various cedars with no problems. Like the other guys said, sharp tools, no knots, spin them fast. The only time it might be a problem is if you were turning very long, thin blanks. Andrew
  2. apb

    I'm new, I hate you all

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. They let a Rhody Mountain Goat in here Andrew
  3. apb


    Speedball pen. You can get various tips for them from very fine to the caligraphy style. Use paint instead of ink. Whatever paint you used on the plug, use in the pen. No compatability issues. Sign right on the painted plug, then clear the whole thing. Andrew
  4. apb

    Cleaning airbrush!!!!!!

    I also recommend the airbrush cleaning kits. Work well to keep the brush clean. I also order replacement parts (needle, noozle, etc) that wear out or can be easily lost when I get paints. I believe my sink now has two noozels in it Andrew
  5. apb

    Cutting sheet aluminum for lips

    Get a decent pair and you should do fine with them. I use a pair like the ones posted to cut .024 stainless steel. Andrew
  6. apb

    Cutting sheet aluminum for lips

    Or you could do the cheap route and use a pair of tin snips, and then clean up with a file and sandpaper. Andrew
  7. apb

    Cnc Mill, Copy Mill, Cnc Router ?s

    Or if its broke, he can fix it. Lu's truck repair at the homeless hotel Andrew
  8. apb

    How to make a pencil plug?

    I would think either a drum sander on a drill press or a dowel wrapped in sandpaper could be used to make the front depression. Andrew
  9. apb

    Olive Green Color

    Createx leaf green mixed with a few drops of black is what I've used for that color. Andrew
  10. apb

    Top coat peeling, and I am stumped!

    Do your lips move when you are talking out your arse like that? Seems to me that you really need to have thrown one of Dean's plugs to make such a comment. I mean, I've thrown a number of jointed plugs and they throw like a wet sock even without wind. Does that mean I should assume that your triple joins will also throw like wet socks also? Andrew
  11. apb

    Seal or prime?

    As the other guys suggested, seal the plug first. Scuff with sandpaper and the paint will hold. I'll often prime a test plug too, then take a marker and draw a line down the center of the back and put a dot where the eyes go. This lets me see the action of the plug better than just a wood plug. Andrew
  12. apb

    balsa wood and water

    Ed, I think you'll find that balsa is a little too light and bouyant for a pikie. I did a few swimmers out of basswood a few years back and it was too hard to tame them. Tail slapping back and forth like a pencil. Balsa is even lighter. Stick with AYC or may be WC for pikies. I have not used balsa for plugs cause it just seems way too light for the kind of stuff we do. May be a popper loaded with lots of lead and thrown from the boat. Either way, I believe those blues will chew threw balsa in no time. Andrew
  13. apb

    Using powdered paints

    Heat the jig up, dip in first color. While the jig is still hot, dip a small paint brush (those testors ones for models work well) into the second color powder and apply to the jig. It takes a little practice, but you can easily do 2-3 colors on one jig. Andrew
  14. apb

    Painting Top Water Lures

    Personally, I think you'll find basswood a little on the light side for that application. Bluefish will chew it to pieces in no time. If you are just starting out, pick up some poplar at your local lumber place. Its not the best stuff for lures cause its not the best at holding paint. However, its cheap and bluefish don't care if a lure is pretty or not. You might also consider birch as it is somewhat heavier and will stand up better to the teeth. Boiled linseed oil mixed with mineral spirits (60% linseed to 40% spirits) makes a good sealer. Soak the plug in the mix for a couple of minutes, wipe with a rag, hang to dry for a week (read the boiled linseed label about how to dispose of the rags, they can be combustable). Rustoleum rattle cans for primer/paint. Clear coat will not matter much cause a bluefish will chew through whatever you use pretty quick. Either that or one will bite you off. Once you get better at building, you might look for other woods. Though with bluefish, best to keep it cheap and easy. Bass will hit those plugs too. Andrew
  15. apb

    Whats more important, paint or action ?

    Color can certainly come in to play. However, I think it is the basic colors that make a difference (i.e., yellow over white, black over silver) rather than having an extremely detailed paint scheme. The more I make my own stuff, the more I realize that action, size, and profile are so much more important than a detailed paint pattern. I have several proto-types that are just white primer. They worked so well that I still fish them as is (no paint). I've had a number of days that those primer plugs out fished anything else. I also have plugs with hardly any paint left, large scratches in the paint, and hook damage to the plug. The paint is not pretty any more. They still catch just fine. Think of it this way, if given the choice between fishing a lure with a good action, but a basic paint job, or the same lure, but the action is not as good and the paint is better. Which do you chose? I'll take the action. Andrew