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  1. I tried the $25 setup a few years ago and I didn't like it all---it peformed poorly. Follow Scoop's advice...the brands listed all have quality beginner brushes that will perform well and allow you to grow. Good Luck-
  2. Lapala, thanks for the links to this lure. You are inspiring.
  3. Jason, a very broad question. Each lure maker on this site is unique. 1.What type of lure are you making? some are handcarved, some are made by machines, some are molded, etc. 2. Try using balsa and basswood as these are inexpensive and easy to work with. 3. What tools do you have already? I wouldn't buy a lot until you know what it is you in fact need. Its taken me a couple years now to acquire a lathe, bandsaw, drill press, etc...I only bought as a genuine need arose and now I use these about every day. Consider quality when buying. *I started out carving as this was inexpensive and it taught me a lot about how wood behaves and can be worked; however I'm still learning. Machines are dangerous...read the manuals and read a book on their use. I have at least one book for each machine and a couple about wood carving. Read the tutorials...there are some nice baits outlined. Be safe, have fun, and most of all get started. -Jack
  4. Steve, cheesehead is right: you'll need a drying wheel. Also be sure to mix in even amounts...for your first attempt at this size bait I would mix 3ml of each..you'll have left over but you don't want to run out. Don't use wood to stir...use a plastic stick of some sort...the wood puts too many bubbles in the mix.
  5. Terrydaba, the same questions arise in my mind...I've had some paint pull off while using clamps... perhaps I'm slow in removing the net but I really like both sides to be even on the bottom...more practice. I have the 3M spray from other projects...I might try it some time.
  6. Basstech, last year I bought a rotiserie (@HomeDepot) that is made for a gas grill...basically a motor with a long metal spike that rotates. I mounted the motor on a small block of wood which I then clamp into a bench vise. Simple, works well for me. Be careful to clamp the motor tight as it fell out one time and I ruined about 8 baits (ouch! I was none too happy about that one).
  7. Basstech, I, too, have been all over looking for different nettings --I've even been to Fredrick's of Hllywood lingerie store...the sales clerk thought I was nuts! Wal-mart, Fabric stores, Dollar stores should net you a few different types to play with... I'm not sure if I understand you are using adhesive spray to hold the net on? I use some small spring clamps that work well. You could also try a sewing ring to secure the net then hold it against the bait. Enjoy your new endeavors-
  8. McGarrett

    weighting cranks?

    BB...have the wood sealed. Add your hardware. Use some masking tape folded over so it sticks on both sides and stick the tape to the belly. Now you can try different weights in different positions to get the effects you wish. I did a suspender in my sink today and ended up with 2 diff. bullet wgts in 2 positions. You'll want to work quickly as the tape will not hold forever...but long enough. Another tip...write down the drill bit size you are using for diff. size wgts -this will save you time in the future. good luck
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