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  1. Boone

    IMG 0609

    Nice Buddy
  2. Boone

    New Dick Nite Order Page - No More Waiting!

    Thanks Dick .. Good Deal .... Time to Order more soon ....
  3. Boone

    IMG 0575

  4. Boone

    Balsa Baits

    Nice Buddy
  5. Boone

    Lake Falcon 10.16 lbs.

    NICE Buddy !!!!!
  6. Boone

    Belly Wts

    Yep That was them Ben Thanks Again Boone
  7. Boone

    Belly Wts

    Ben Thanks for the quick response .... Boone
  8. Boone

    Belly Wts

    Hey Folks Looking for some belly wts with the wire poured in them .. 2, 3, 4, and 5 wt . Use to be easy to find .. Having a hard time finding them Any help Thanks All Boone
  9. Ha Hee ... OK Rookie - Wait till you see the Jumpers I will be holding next .....

  10. IS IT ME OR IS BOONE SHOWING OFF IN HIS PROFILE PICTURE...most of us hold up 1 big not boone..he holds up 4!!! BITE ME BOONE!!!! BITE ME!!!!

  11. Boone


    Barry I would like you to bait me some jerkbaits in the color for the "Jumpers" NICE !!!!!! Boone
  12. Boone

    Re-worked Shellcracker

    Very Nice !!!!!! Boone
  13. Boone

    3 sizes of ShadBabes

    I would have to agree my friends !!!!!!!!! Boone