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    Brush Fishing

    THANKS for all the tips, I'll have to try them out once it warms up here!!!! THANKS, TJE6996
  2. TJE6996


    THANKS everybody for the opinions. I don't have an airbrush right now i was looking to buy my first one. (guess i should have put that in the post..huh? ) ANY HELP Was GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS! TJE6996
  3. TJE6996

    Brush Fishing

    Near my house there is a small lake with alot of brush and fallen trees along the shoreline. I usually use a plastic worm(YUM Dinger) or a floating rapala and do just fine but at the end of the season more people were doing the same thing and I was catching less...Any new suggestions on how to catch more bass in brush? THANKS, TJE6996
  4. TJE6996


    I am looking to get an new airbrush. Wondering if anybody had any suggestions on what kind I should get. THANKS, TJE6996
  5. Hi, I was wondering on how you guys paint the lures so well. I can make the plug body well with the lip but I can't paint if my life depended on it! Any tips whatsoever would be greatly apprieciated. THANKS, TJE6996 P.S. would you mind telling me what type of paint you use too?