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  6. mossy maker

    Lip Question- When To Clearcoat

    I attach my lips when I clear coat. I do it all in one step so everything flows and bonds together. mossy maker
  7. mossy maker

    pecan tree

    The wood needs to be properly dried down to around 6% moisture before it should be used. Kiln drying is best but it can be air dried. I have heard of people microwaving small pieces to speed the process up. The only real way that I know to know the moisture content is to check it with a moisture meter. I you work with "wet" wood it will dry on its own anyway and as it does it will change. It will probably shrink some, and could possibly crack and/or warp and twist. mossy maker
  8. mossy maker

    SS wire didnt work

    I use the Tooth Proof Stainless Steel Leader Wire from American Fishing Wire. I order it from Janns Netcraft and it has served me well. No complaints for my applications. mossy maker
  9. mossy maker

    Lure Dryer pics

    This is my dryer. I do bass size baits so it may be small for some. I used a motor from a paint tinting maching. Each tint canister has a motor that keeps the tint mixed. I removed the mixing paddle and mounted it to sheet metal bracket. I used a vacuum cleaner belt run to an empty fishing line spool to gear it down some. The end result was around 5 or 6 rmp. I have a bolt running through the spool and a generic bearing with a sheet metal circle fixed on the end. I have screws through the circle with alligator clamps crimped on the end to hold the baits. I have also made myself some chucks that I can attach and use it for rod building. mossy maker
  10. mossy maker

    painting over clear coat

    Yes I have painted over Devcon before. I didn't have any trouble with the Createx that I use. mossy maker
  11. mossy maker

    Pricing Trends.......$$$$

    I found a local shop about 2 years ago that let me hang my stuff on their shelves. I told them what I wanted out of them and then they put a price on them that they thought they could get. I packaged them and printed a liner for each package. In 2 years I have sold 11 of the 22 that I originally took in. I go in occasionally and collect on what I have sold. I have also done a couple of shows and sold person to person. I get a higher price at shows and person to person than I do at the tackle shop. In the tackle shop I have to directly compete with the other name brand, well known products. At that point, the only thing promoting your bait is its package and its looks. At least at shows and person to person you have a connection to your buyer, which often times makes the difference. mossy maker
  12. mossy maker

    Devcon 2T (NOT GOOD!!!)

    If it has yellowy tint to it, it may not be so fresh. Personally I only mix for one bait at the time. When I first started using Devcon I tried to do more than one and for me quickly learned to do one at a time. I also use revolving brushes. A new mix and a new brush each time. I put my brushes in laquer thinner reuse them over and over. I use "flux" brushes from the plumbing department. They are around $1.50 for several of them. mossy maker
  13. mossy maker

    You know you are addicted when:

    The dog gets a hair cut because you ran out of marabou for popper tails and are dying to finish that cool new popper you just made. Your wife is bored sick, tired of, and just can't understand the big deal of you talking about Walmart no longer having Devcon. You drive all over the area trying to find water that isn't frozen to test baits. mossy maker
  14. mossy maker

    Walmart quit selling D2T?

    I went to my Walmart and bought up what they had but I'm worried about keeping it for a while. Anybody got any tips on storing it to help prevent the discoloration of not being fresh. mossy maker
  15. mossy maker

    D2T disaster "help"

    I have had a few epoxy disasters along the way myself. It does take some time and practice. You may want to give this a try to salvage your bait. It has worked for me a few times. Wave a propane torch over the bait lightly until the epoxy starts to melt and crack. Once it has started to crack and peel a bit, you can often get under it and chip and flake the Devcon off. You may need to work it with the torch occasionally if you come to a stubburn spot. This will ruin your paint job, but a paint job is easier to reproduce than a whole new bait. Remember to be careful with the heat and not actually burn the bait, go slow and good luck. mossy maker