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  1. I have a gallon of LureCraft 60/40 blend plastic (#548) about 6 years old that was part of a 5gal bucket I broke down to 1gal jugs. Its been in my unheated garage since I got it, through temp ranges of -5F to 100F. When I broke it down I put a patch of plastic wrap over the mouth of the jug before tightly screwing on the cap. Anyone have experience using old LC plastic? Should I expect a yellowing issue if I use this next spring? Thanks in advance for any info. Rick
  2. Here's a little more info on various materials available for mold making. Maybe old news for some, but may help others. https://hirstarts.com/casting/us.html Rick SE CT
  3. Lm22 - a fan is a good idea. Doesn't need to be blowing 100mph AT you and your work area. I agree with Seakarp's suggestion to have a fan close to your work but PULLING air from work area and blowing AWAY from you. Also - the mask in your link should be fine. When you go for replacement cartridges, be sure to get ones for organic vapor /acid gas. Rick
  4. It's a damn shame, but Covidiots are everywhere...
  5. I found this helpful when I got started about 15 years ago. I understand that some things may not be as current any more, but by and large I think it's still reasonably correct and hope it offers food for thought and may help others understand things a little better. The formatting got a little messed up in spots. I tried to edit it, but it's still a little long. Sorry. Rick SAFETY There exists substantial literature from reliable sources that the basis of plastisol (PVC and phthalates) constitute significant health hazards. Usually, exposure levels are much higher in perso
  6. An individual's likes and dislikes will determine their opinion of "what brands to buy and what to stay away from".
  7. Back to the original topic: "List of life mold companies" - fatguysfishing.com.
  8. Not identical, but close. https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/608-swim-bait https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/609-swim-bait https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/7-swim-bait-2-cavity
  9. This is why I encourage members to go back and read old posts. Using a meat grinder to recycle plastics was first mentioned (according to a quick search) back in 2008 by a hobbyist turned commercial baitmaker. Rick
  10. If you're not the lead sled dog the view never changes...

  11. Nice baits, Wil. Wish my first ones looked that good. Welcome to the addiction! Rick
  12. Hope everyone had a great Xmas & wish everyone & their families a healthy, safe, happy new year! Rick
  13. Thought for the day:

    If you aren't the lead sled dog, the view never changes...

  14. Erick - If you go back to the original thread where JSC announced the passing of Bojon (www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/27857-bojon), among the replies, two members said they had a copy of Bojon's DVD: Smallmouthaholic and trfishin. Maybe reach out to them? I don't know how much effort you've put into this search, but you might try researching old threads to see who Bojon communicated with and see if anyone else might have gotten a copy. It'll be time consuming, but I guess it depends on how badly you really want it... And there's no guarantee you're going to find anything.
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