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  1. Terry, fantastic job my man, you saved me doing a tute. hopefully Jake will place your tute in the files karl
  2. Hi fellas, I was wondering if anyone has done this before that is use Glass Rattles for eyes on their lures? I was having a kip (snooz) the other day and it can to me as i was trying work out where to best place a G/rattle in my wooden lures and I worked out that the the head area is big and strong enough to take it across from side to side,as it also shakes from side to side in its swimming motion. Then as these things evolve, I wondered if there where glass rattles long enough to just stick out of each side of the head like a pair of eyes as i didn't want to putty up the holes then paint over them or place some stick on 3D's. So when I got up i made some enquires, got some measurments ( I needed 20mm) had a look in the cave (shed) and found some rattles in the said length and hey presto. I Drilled the holes, slid in the rattle, they stick out about 1mm either side and look pretty realistic. Im gunna add some paint to form the outer eye and to give it definition and I reckon It'll come up trumps. what do you think? best of all i think it serves two very good purposes in one. Karl
  3. Terry, all you have to do is make or buy a hook that is at right angles to the shaft coming out of the drill and in the diameter you want your eyes to be. if you cant buy something already made, do want i did and make your own. By, getting a drill bit extention, welbing or by attaching a flat bit of 3mm steel, tapered at one end, where you drill a pilot hole and bang in a compression pin, the compression pins come in all sizes so I'm sure you'll have no problem in getting one to suit your needs. In the next couple of days I'll post a photo in the Homebrew sectiojn of this set up, its so simple, and if someone can tell me how to do a tutorial I'll right one up as well. Karl
  4. HI BOB, good to see someone else venturing into some quality hangers, I use something simular, by buying 309 or 316 S/S mig wire in 1.6 and 1.2mm diameters this wire is perfect to turn an use as front middle and rear hook hangers. Depending on the biat there are going into I spin up 40mm long eye hangers by cutting a pcs that is 110mm long ,bending it in the middle to form a U shape then by using a pair of vice grips, I clamp it around my eye Diameter twisting tool (homemade, which is in the cordless drill) to get the shape, then clamp the two ends together with the said grips and twist away once twisted the 1.6mm then twists to a diameter of 2.7mm and the 1.2 twists to a diameter of around 1.8mm. I have two sizes one that is about 4mm internal and the other about 6mm internal which is perfect for my larger baits, Have a look at my photos on the "photo board". Personally i can spin up to about 100+ 40mm hangers in an hour, all straight and all perfectly the same. Now by having them all the same, allows me to pre drill my holes with a 2mm drill bit at a depth of 45mm long into the bum of my lure then inject that hole with epoxy via a canular needle right up to the end of the drilled hole before screwing my hanger in. With the long srewtail right up to center of the lure body I had a mate do a pull test with weight upto 150lbs straight pull without any problems. but your idea is worth merit Karl
  5. Scrubbie, never a truer word spoken, my friend! its a pitty the folks in the northern hemisphere dont drink Bundy as we all now its goods own nector. As they say " put a worm in a glass of water and it'll live for ever, but put a worm in glass of bundy and the worm quickly dies! the moral is, drink bundy and you'll never have worm's. sounds good. so you're into making lures? you must be crazy like the rest of us nuts. welcome to the club karl
  6. Hi scrubbie, good to see the Aussie connection getting bigger on this site :-D I reckon you'll have a ball karl ps: do you drink bundy????
  7. KingKarl

    Try this one

    Not a bad little time filler, reminds me of some serious bundy drinking down by the river the other night, come to think of it i cant remember all that much about it I got 55mtrs whats yours karl
  8. Scoop10, a point from another angle is this! the more sharp angles or protrusion's you have sticking out of you bait, the more chance you have of getting a sharp cutting edge to sever you line in a fight with a fish!!!!!! my suggestion is "Keep it neat n tidy" it looks better and you avoid mishaps IMHO Karl
  9. Brock, just by looking at your pic, if you draw a line from the tow point to the treble point you'll see that there is more lure on the lower side than the top side. i think there is a counter weight/ buoyancy issue. what would happen if you lowered the front pull point towards the lip (increase the axis) Karl
  10. Hi fellas, in an effort to produce the perfect lure :idea: I'm always interested in how other people go about their business. over the years I've used two basic methods of attaching my lip (we call them bibs over here ) the first is as simple as drilling three 5mm holes into the bib area that is epoxied and slipped into the jaw cavity of my lures, I then get a 1.5mm drill and sink a hole through the bottom jaw up and into the top jaw were I epoxy a small S/steel pin this stops the bib from pulling out. The other way , which I use a lot more due to its better design is by cutting a 1.5mm groove into and along the lower jaw of my lures with my Dremal. I then have a some 1.6 MiG s/steel that is formed up to create the forward treble point and the lures pull point, this slips into the cavity ,along the lower bib, this is then epoxied into place. The 1.6 wire form extends outward from the lure where it pops through the bib to create the tow point for the lure( I'll go into more detail later how to do this once I work out how to put it into the tutorials forum/ section), which makes a great place to hold on to when painting the lure etc.. I've found that since I've use this method, I have even a greater amount of confidence in my lures and the overall strenght this type of connection makes. so how do you secure your bib's (lips) into your lures, and what do you use to do it? Karl
  11. M8, love the GBP's go the Vincers and the 49ers but hey the cheese thing is coooool Karl
  12. Hey Cheesehead, great name I'd like to know how you came up with it? I'm thinking of around 500 to 1000 5/16, 3D-gold with black pupil or the next size down, as It's worth getting that quantity in one hit (saves mail$$$$),but I'm keen to find out where you can get them from Karl
  13. Once again I'm in need of your help, In Oz we're really restricted in the availability of great 3d eyes can anyone suggest a place to get them from, i particuarly like the eyes on the 4eyed jointed minnow i saw in the lure forum. karl
  14. Fellas, can someone please tell me how to make the perfect Tow point hole in a 2mm lexon bib/lip? I've melted/ drilled but they end up looking like S&%#,and really make the whole lure look second rate, any suggestions Karl
  15. Dear Colin, do I know you????? M8 ever tried to call during normal hours :idea: If you bothered to read the original post it was about eyes and how importand they are in peoples minds when it comes to lures and fish perception Da King Ps I'll call you to save you a few bucks ya cheap scate
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