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  1. Small frame half ounce .030 piano wire in a female bream color.
  2. Thank every one for the help. I guess I will stick with kbs.
  3. Need help clear coating spinnerbait blades. What is the best way to clear coat?
  4. I have a do-it Howell finesse jig mold when I pour the lead the barb does not form on the jig . I have tried heating my mold up more and have tried heating the lead up more. I just can not get the lead to make that turn backwards, any help on getting these to make a full pour. I have only had 2 that had the full barb on it out of 30.
  5. I am looking to buy 100 or more at a time of 1 color.
  6. I am looking for the best site to order spinnerbait tabs any help please?
  7. I'm in Fayette Alabama!!
  8. Did anyone order the Art Resin from Texas. I did and I liked but I paid 25.00 and got a 19.00 phone bill for a call to Canada not Texas. Be careful how you order do it online!!!!
  9. I need help looking for the ribbon used as a stencil that looks like hair.
  10. Thanks for the information. I have one more question. I have seen two screw eyelets connected together but they are bigger than .092 that Lure Parts or Jan's have. Do you know where these can be found in stainless steel? Thanks again.
  11. I am make some rat swimbaits. What do yall recommend for the joint, two screw eyelets connected together or a screw eyelet with a pin through it?
  12. Does anyone know what type of wood is used in the Roman made "mother" swimbait?
  13. Go to ebay and look up a air pro ps900. It is a copy of a hp iwata. For 41.99 its a good brush.
  14. Thanks all the help the picture that BJ sent is what i need. Thanks BJ
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