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  1. cadman

    Mold Maker

    I spoke to someone here about having some jig molds done. I can't remember who it was, but the molds were very reasonable about $60-$70 for a multi- cavity mold. If you are the person or know the person who does this, please PM me the information. I have a jig I would like to get a mold for and modified. Thanks in advance.................Cadman
  2. cadman

    Single row fluidbed

    Welcome to TU. I have built my own, and have plans available for anyone who wants them. If you're interested, PM me your e-mail address, and I'll send them out to you.
  3. anyone making a candy black powder paint   ?  I ask because I just used a candy green and it shows the ultra minnow head so well   you can see all the detail.....

    1. cadman


      I have not used any Candy black, however I have used transparent black dye and it works fine. the only thing you have to do is clear coat it. Otherwise it will wash off. Here's a link you can look at


      Take Care..................................Ted

    2. fishon-son
    3. kmsnowman


      Yes I'd be interested in that contact as well.

  4. cadman

    Arkie mold

    If you are referring to the ARK-3-AFC Do-It mold, then I like a Mustad #32798, 3/0 round bend hook in the 1/4 oz cavity. I don't know what you mean by the weedguard questions, but I rarely use weedguards with my jigs. If I do I will use 5-7 light strand guards. I find full, medium or heavy weedguards hamper hooksets. Just my opinion.
  5. cadman

    Shakey Head Mold

    I assume you are referring to these. See the pic below. The two on the right with the centering pin. They are made and sold by Owner. However if you don't want to pay the exorbitant price, PM me.
  6. cadman

    Shakey Head Mold

    Greg, If you are looking to put in a screwlok in that head? That is possible with the mold Small jaw suggested. Below is a pic
  7. cadman

    Shakey Head Mold

    Which mold (model number) are you looking to modify? Like Jig Man stated, however make sure you measure twice and drill once,
  8. cadman

    Stupid tube mold and hook

    I have some questions for you on what you want to pour. PM sent.
  9. cadman

    shallow screws tool

    Very clever idea. Job well done. Are you selling these?
  10. cadman

    Stupid tube mold and hook

    Use a round head mold, straight eye with EWG hooks.
  11. cadman

    Powder coat powder brands.

    Joel, Pm me your phone number, and I have some info for you that may help you. We can discuss it. I can call you today.
  12. cadman

    Powder coat powder brands.

    Joel, I called up a couple of my powder paint suppliers, and they say there is no info on this powder. What they think it is, is someone came up with a name of a powder paint to use for their product and pt TM after it, so you can not use the word pro stone. Most likely the powder paint is a custom blend, that was made for them so they can have exclusivity to the name. She said it is probably no better than any other high quality exterior based powder paint.
  13. cadman

    Powder coat powder brands.

    Joel, I guess my first question, is why does it have to be that brand. I have used over 30 different brands of powder paint, and they all work well and do their job. Some powder paints are easier to use and apply while others I wold never use (ie Harbour Freight). If it is a color you're looking for, get the RAL number, and find a good company like Dupont, Sherwin Williams, give them the RAL number and get a quality powder like TGIC. Now as far as weedguards, I only know of two companies that sell anddistribute weedguards. which has the fused end which comes in med and heavy and Kayser Lure out of Ursa, IL. Kayser Lure has the fuzzy ende weedguards, which come in light, medium and heavy.
  14. cadman

    Fluid bed

    No problem, always here to help.
  15. cadman

    Fluid bed

    Like smalljaw mentioned, TJ's tackle sells the cups, and I know they work. This guy on e-bay that you are considering. I would ask him if you can return it and get your money back if it doesn't work. I use Tyvek paper, that I get from the Postal envelopes. Works great for me. There are a lot of items you can use that doesn't cost anything but your time to make.