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  1. Hi Cadman,

    I was reading a convo on powder coating. Fishon-son mentioned you have plans for a fluid bed that you might share. Would you mind PM'ing me with the plans?

    1. cadman



         BTW my name is Ted what's yours? Attached are the fluid bed plans. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or PM me and I will help you out. Also I do sell a wide variety of raw jigs along with bulk powder paint. Below is your tutorial.


      Take Care...............Ted (Cadman's Custom Jigs)

      (Cadman's) Fluid Bed Tutorial.pdf

  2. Pouring split shot

    What Chris mentioned above. Also in order to open and close the split shot when you use it, you will need very soft lead. That is the point of the re-usable split shot.
  3. Bending the blade

    I bend the upper third of the blade as well. That formula works for me on my blades. The question now lies on how much to bend. I usually start at 20 degrees up.
  4. New chrome brush on paint?

    Well I watched the video, and I was impressed. I guess if you can get paint to look like chrome when it's done, then you can charge whatever you want. But like you guys said, at $699/pint, that is too expensive for my blood. I'll just stick to pouring my really soft lead, and as soon as it cools, I clearcoat it. My chrome solution is more affordable. Thanks for the video, very cool.
  5. Hard Lead

    Like everyone mentioned, you will be fine. You can pour with any lead, as long as you figure out how to get good pours without any bad ones on a consistent basis. Make sure the mold is hot as well as the pot. Yes turning up the pot to get it hotter does help with better pouring. Also use Drop-Out and many of your problems will go away.
  6. My vibrating fluid bed!

    Hey Chris, thanks for sharing your info. I could use your idea on one powder paint that I am having a problem with.
  7. Benchwork, December, 2017

    Looks like you are very organized. That's a good thing.
  8. Do-it Weedless Football Jig issues

    With a lee production pot, here are some things you can try. Always leave your mold on top of the pot to get it hot as the pot warms up. When the lead is melted do several test pours of your jigs like you mentioned. If you are not getting complete pours, shove the sprue hole of the mold up to the pouring spout, this is like injecting lead into your mold. This works very well many times when things aren't going well. Put some tape inside on a mold half. This cracks open the mold and keeps from air pockets forming and easier flow of lead Turn up the heat to number 8 and try that. Definitely use Drop-out on your mold halves. It is like eggs on Teflon. You will Thank me later. Warm your hooks with a light bulb while you are pouring, this prevents cold spots where the lead can build up on cold hook. Tilt your mold forward, back or left to right sometimes this helps also. Hold your mold closer to the pour spout to keep the lead from cooling. Finally , try to pour inside a garage with the door open. No wind to cool pot while it is trying to heat lead. There are many other things you can try as trial and error. Once you find the solution try to write it down in a notebook for later reference. Hope this helps.
  9. Do-it Weedless Football Jig issues

    First of all, give us some info. Are you using a pot or ladle pouring. Make sure the mold is hot. I don't know where you live, but if it is cold outside, you need to get inside, as the lead will cool before it has a chance to fill the mold cavity. Pot may not be hot enough and/or won't stay hot because it is too cold outside. A lot of possibilities here, need to supply us with more info. This way we can hopefully pinpoint your problem.
  10. Making Own Silicon Strands - Is this possible?

    If you have the money to make your own silicone tabs, then you should have enough money to buy in bulk and/or buy all you can so you don't run out. I'm sure LPO buys from someone like fishing or a couple of other suppliers. Call them up and tell them you would like to order a bulk amount and see what they can do for you. Like mentioned above, making your own is not an option or even practical.
  11. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    You should have gotten a pull pin with this mold if you bought it new. I use stainless steel, and I also use drop out on the pull pin. Remember if you use oil, you will have to de-grease these really well if you decide to paint them. Finally I believe the pull pin diameter is .060 on that mold
  12. Fluid Bed??

    If you want plans, PM me your e-mail and I will get it out to you. They are very easy to make.
  13. Zeiners

    I have also used Zeiner's over the years. Excellent pricing for lead molds, and outstanding service. I buy all my molds from Jim.
  14. Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    What I do is this. Before I start painting, I find a good unused drill bit, that the non fluted end fits a little loose in the hook eye. Then I paint my jig, and immediately push the drill bit thru the hook eye,(non-fluted end first) and out thru the other side. The drill bit will take out all the excess paint. As stated by JLS, you may have too much paint on your jig and when baked it fills in. I do 5-6 colors and rarely have this problem. Thin even coats is the best way to apply paint.
  15. Custom Aluminum mold question

    We machine a lot of aluminum where I work. We found that 6061 T6 is a very good aluminum to use along with great machine-ability. T6 is the temper, and it is very hard. I don't know what Shawn Collins uses, but I'm going to bet he uses 6061 T6. Do-Its standard molds are sand cast, I do not know what their alloy is. I have never had an aluminum piece of block warp. If it gets hot enough it will expand, as I've seen that in Do-It molds, but it didn't have any effect on the pouring or finished product.