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  1. cadman

    Do-It Live Bait Jig - Hook Question

    Hi Andy, Welcome to Tackle Underground. Regarding the live bait jig mold, There are very few hooks that will fit that mold. The hooks you tried, the original EC 571, comes only in 2 sizes #1 and 1/0. As you have found out, the EC 570 hooks will fit in there as well, however they are a longer shank. The only other hook that I know that fits in that mold is a Matzuo #14901 Blk Chrome, Sickle hook. The hooks are extremely sharp, they are slightly heavier and longer than the #571's . They also have a bigger gap. The hook is unique , however their quality control sometimes isn't all that it should be. If you tell me what size head you want to pour with which hook, I will check the hooks and post some pics. On another note a jig making addiction is still cheaper than any other addiction. Glad you enjoy making jigs. Let me know on the head weights and hook sizes. Cadman
  2. cadman


    Thanks for posting his info. I didn't know if he was still in business.
  3. cadman


    If you are looking to pour your own, Shawn Collins makes a good spinnerbait mold. I don't know his number, but somebody here probably does. If you are looking to have one designed and poured, contact Hook Solutions (David Aery) at (660) 547-2874 he might be able to help you out. He is located out of Warsaw,MO.
  4. cadman

    Mustad #32824 4/0 hooks

    No problem. I thought maybe you had some secret inside info.
  5. cadman

    Mustad #32824 4/0 hooks

    Lure parts only has 150 pcs in stock. I called Tackle direct, they said it would take 8-10 days if they can get them from the manufacturer. They wouldn't guarantee that they could get them. I called Mustad, and they don't have any in stock, Mustad is the manufacturer. I would take a thousand, but can't find that either.
  6. cadman

    Mustad #32824 4/0 hooks

    I am looking for (400) hooks Mustad #32824....... 4/0 size. Does anyone have these many to sell? Shorty's is out, Captain hooks none, LPO only has 150. As far as I know no-one else has them either.Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks in advance.
  7. cadman

    Wire Weed Guard help

    Mark, It has a slight curve, however it is flexible, and if you want to take the curve out, it can easily be done by running the nylostrand through a rag while you pull it thru.
  8. cadman

    Wire Weed Guard help

    There are many things you can use that comes in a roll. Sevenstrand, and Mason Nylostrand, you can buy at LPO. These are just two. I can get you links later on tonight if you need. You can find this wire on line coated and uncoated .
  9. cadman

    Chrome Powder Paint

    The powder paint from Jann's is private labeled. It used to be Pro-tec brand.
  10. Smalljaw, I know how to get a hold of him and I'll have him post here with his results
  11. Has anyone ever used this? If so here are my questions. Is it moldable to any shape? Does it harden when used consistently for pouring lead? Can it be removed easily from small cavities without any residue after I'm done using it? Is 1 pound of this a lot as I don't need a pound of this? I have a mold, that I want to fill the lead collar, however, i want this as a temporary fix. After I'm done pouring, I want to use the mold and its cavities as they were intended to. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. cadman

    Best epoxy for clear coating jig heads

    Allen, Yes I only epoxy if I use eyes. However I have never had D2T or E-tex ever react to any powder paint I've used. Now I have had some clear coat nail polish screw up my powder paint when I put it over eyes. That's why I use epoxy not nail polish to seal my eyes in.
  13. cadman

    Sometimes we overthink...

    That was very entertaining. Good video.
  14. cadman

    Thunder Spin Lure

    Is that something you make. Definitely a unique concept.
  15. cadman

    Best epoxy for clear coating jig heads

    My first choice and I use it to this day is Devcon 2 Ton (D2T) (30 minute). Once this hardens it is very durable. The only problem with D2T is that it has an amber hue to it and your whites colors don't come out pure white. But for me , the fish and most people it doesn't matter. If you want pure white colors, my second choice would be Envirotex Lite (E-tex). This is a very clear epoxy, however it is not as hard as D2T, but it does an excellent job as well. There are other epoxies similar to D2T which some guys will chime in on. But many still like D2T and E-tex.