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  1. Sorry, I had the wrong hook. I have some 32724 somewhere( according to my inventory list), but can't find them at this moment. I am going to bet that they will work.
  2. I forgot. The 32724 hook is a 90 degree hook and that mold you mentioned is for a 60 degree hook. The 32724 hook series will not fit in any of those cavities
  3. What Do-It mold number/model is that. If I have it I can check it out for you.
  4. Yep, I've seen that set-up a time or two. Many jigs are very versatile. Like you can use an Grass jig for a swim jig, dragging it on the bottom or hopping it.
  5. Take a look at Do-It Snootie jig. Similar head, different keeper at the back
  6. Yes they are the same as 5304. Actually, in the LPO catalog they are referred to as 5304. Also I have several packages of the 5102's in different hook sizes, and I measured them and they match the Owner 5304's.
  7. Yes, I have it have poured it and have only used it for crappie. It is really meant for a aberdeen #570 hook. However I am sure a #32746 hook will fit as well, which is a much better hook. I can tell you that this was originally a Cabela's only jig mold about 6 years ago. The agreement between Cabela's and Do-It must have run out and now Do-It sells it on its website. With that said, there are a few problems with this mold. You will not be able to go up one hook size but you will be able to go down a hook size. There just is no room the way this mold is designed (this is based on the mold I ha
  8. Yes, bismuth, tin and pewter are all do-able at home. Each have their own unique qualities and problems. They all pour at lower temps than lead.
  9. Welcome to TU. You will learn a lot here if you are willing to do some reading. I have gotten lead that had a lot of rust attached to it, and when cleaning it I got the same pile of rust and junk from the lead as well. Like mentioned if you clean it well it will eventually go away.. As far as a good source of hooks, sometimes Zeiners in Wichita , KS has them , he also has good prices on Do-it molds. Talk to Jim Zeiner, great guy to deal with. Good luck on your pouring.
  10. Terry, I'm not aware of a stock mold that looks like that.
  11. They are similar jigs. The nice thing about the grass jig, is that it comes in more sizes than the bullet bass jig. So if you want to downsize to an 3/16 or an 1/8, I would get the grass jig.
  12. I've used Permatex red before and it woks really well. If you want bigger tubes, type in high temp silicone, in google. Lot of items come up. You will have to read, which of them are the highest temps.
  13. cadman

    Wire former

    You could bend them with some nails. Put some nail in a board where you want them and then bend away. You may have to re-locate the nails a few times to get what you want, but it is cheap and easy. Also 24 ga. wire is easy to bend. Good luck and Welcome to TU.
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