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  1. PMs not working

    Same for me as well. I can't send or see any previous PM's I've had.
  2. airbrushing over powder paint?

    Don't you normally heat set your Createx paint? If so, clearing with D2T isn't a problem however, I don't think that clearcoating with clear powder should be a problem either as long as you don't burn the clear coat. I have never done this with powder clear over Createx, so I'm not going to say go for it. Try it on a small part and post your results here.
  3. jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0

    The best thing about the Eagle Claw other than they are sharp with black platinum finish, they are also made in the USA and they are always cheaper in price if you can find them versus Mustad .
  4. I get mine from Tackle Trap. The bearings I put on my reel were ZPI ceramic. About $8 each. My reel an ABU MGX baitcaster only needs 2 bearings , (1) on the spool and (1) on the side plate (brake side). Many reels have similar size bearings. You do not need to replace all the bearings in your reel, unless a bearing is not working. Only use ceramic bearings on the spool and sideplate. Putting ceramic bearing anywhere else is a waste of money. The best way to get your bearings, is to tell them what reel you have model and make. I always measure mine to make sure they send me the correct ones. If you want to measure them, than take a pair of calipers and measure inside diameter (5mm), outside diameter (11mm) and thickness (4mm). So the bearing size would be 5x11x4. On your calipers, always round up. I would also suggest getting carbontex drag washers for your drag upgrade. Your reel will definitely cast much better. If you have any questions you can PM me and I will help you. One last note, you will need spool pin pliers to remove the pin on the spool to get your old bearing off. The tool is around $18.00
  5. airbrushing over powder paint?

    I powder paint the head and bake the jig. I will then airbrush the head, let dry really well and then clearcoat with epoxy.
  6. Number of strands in a skirt

    I use 2-1/2 tabs. Which makes 55 strands of flat silicone. If you use round rubber it might be too thick. If you mix and match you might have to go less. It is all personal preference.
  7. 32746 #1 hooks on ebay

    Ok, so here I am, and you guys are killing me I just bought a thousand, but at that price??????????????????? Robert you have a PM.
  8. homemade twistlock centering pin

    Thank You
  9. I started to use them, and I do like them. I went with ZPI bearings, and they are smooth casting bearings, I do however oil mine.
  10. homemade twistlock centering pin

    Dink Master, Thanks for the tutorial. You have a Pm.
  11. homemade twistlock centering pin

    I believe I saw one on You Tube, several weeks ago.
  12. Swing Head Jig ideas?

    Actually, the swing heads can be poured without the hooks, thus eliminating the need to cut off the existing hooks. I would like to see some of your ideas as well. I will tell you this, if you plan on mass producing this or this a "super secret" that you don't want anyone to know about, don't post any pics, because once you do, someone will steal your idea before you even get a chance to get started.
  13. Extra Large Buzzbait Blades

    I was going to mention Hagen's, as they carry a lot of big blades. I was also going to mention Helen and Rollies Muskie Shop. They carry some big blades for musky especially top water.
  14. Surflon for weedguard

    You have a PM.
  15. Surflon for weedguard

    Yes, I pour the lead with these inserted as well. The coating melts where the lead is but it does not melt the coating on top of the jig. As menti9oned above, if you put a little bend in the bottom of the cut strand, it will never pull out once you pour the head with lead.