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  1. 1/16 oz Ultra minnow

    Oops, I forgot about that mold, haven't used mine yet either.
  2. 1/16 oz Ultra minnow

    I have not seen one. Maybe there is a similar style but not Do-It molds profile or style.
  3. High Temp Mold Silicone

    You have a PM.
  4. High Temp Mold Silicone

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the info.
  5. High Temp Mold Silicone

    What type and brand of high temp silicone do you guys use to fix or fill gaps in your Do-It molds? It has to handle many repeated pours of hot lead.Thanks in advance
  6. All purpose/grass jig

    You can use Mustad 32886 (round bend), 91768 (EWG) or EC versionL3886 (round bend). I don't know if the VMC Wide gap will work as I've never used it. If it is 28 or 30 degree regular hook eye, it should be fine
  7. Hello from Illinois

    Welcome, I'm from northern IL.
  8. All purpose/grass jig

    Weedless Casting Jig works really well, also similar to the Bullet head mentioned above only Casting jig has eye sockets and a variety of sizes. #3465 and #3466 Do-It Molds
  9. Poison tail hook help

    60° will not work. The eye to the hook shank is too deep.
  10. Poison tail hook help

    In the 32886 round bend, the biggest I've seen is 5/0. If you want to use the EWG 91768 Mustad hook, that the mold was originally designed for, that hook goes up to 8/0. depending on what cavity you want that hook to fit, you may have to modify the mold.
  11. Idea for a new hook

    Like mentioned above, draw it up in cad or pay someone to draw it up and fully dimension it. Make a prototype of it if you can to see if it does what you want. If you cannot make one and are looking to sell your idea, you can try calling some hook manufacturers . If they think it's worthwhile they will let you know. However be cautious on giving them info. They could possibly steal your idea and market it before you even get going. There are ways to protect yourself from that. Good luck.
  12. Poison Tail Jig for a Swimbait? OR??

    I use mine as is as well. I use the EWG hook.
  13. wiggle jigs

    Do you have a pic of the Wiggle jigs that you can post? As far as Tinsel, rubber legs and bucktails, you can find all of that on LPO. (Lure Parts on line.) For rubber legs, you can use round skirt material.
  14. Experienced Spin Caster

    Contact David Aery at Hook Solutions (Warsaw, MO), he might be able to help you out. (660-547-2874)
  15. Thank you for the fluxing advice!

    FrogAddict, it is nice to see that some members search info and find it on there own , and take the bull by the horns and run with it. It is even nicer to see some guys come back and post their successes along with some appreciation to all the guys who contribute on here daily. No-one on TU expects any gratitude for sharing their knowledge, but it sure is nice to read about it once in awhile. Many guys on here answer any and all questions regularly no matter how trivial day in and day out. Thanks for posting, good luck on your future endeavors.