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  1. First tied Jigs



    If these are the first ones you have ever made, then not bad at all. Your thread wraps look nice and even. Your painting looks good from what I can see. Several things though and don't take this personally. On the Pony head jig, I see either excess paint on the top or that is the remains of sprue from the lead pouring. If it's the sprue remains, reshape it and remove it before painting. On the barrel swivel. You get more action if it is not painted to the jig. Hook eyes, I tend to either clean them really well, or leave them painted. In your case with nail polish, it will be impossible to leave it painted. Nail polish is too thick. All of the above comments are cosmetic issues. They have no bearing on catching fish. If you plan on giving some to friends or selling them, then you and I will talk

  2. Dchodor jig



    I just saw this today. That is really fantastic.:worship::worship::worship: A man after my wife's own heart. I just had to show this to my wife, and she said it was incredibly beautiful. I think she said she wants to buy a thousand of them and hand them out.:lol::lol::lol: I wish I had that kind of skill and patience to make flies. I am at awe, and can say no more.....Ted

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