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  1. dragline

    compressor/oil free or lubed!

    Any input appreciated: when using a compressor for spraying is there any difference between using an oil free compressor as opposed to a oil lubed compressor? Thanks Drag
  2. dragline

    Testing tank question

    You know - I think I have one of those little rooms in my house with one of those devices that your referring to... and the last time I used it I think saw your refection in it.
  3. dragline

    Testing tank question

    I'm interested in making a testing tank to test musky style baits. Any ideas are much appreciated, pump size, tank construction etc. Thanks - Mark
  4. dragline

    Stencil question

    Does anyone know how to make a small word stencil (to be used with airbrushing). For example if I were making larger musky style baits and wanted to airbrush the lures name or lure makers name on the lure - how could this be done, if at all possible?
  5. dragline

    automotive urethane

    Anyone please Is it possible to dip baits in "automotive urethane" for a final clear coat or is it strictly a spray on application. Secondly what are some good brand names.
  6. dragline

    Epoxy applicator?

    Has any of you guys heard of an applicator of some sort to apply epoxy? - for example - when gluing lexan lips to wood blanks (as in large Musky baits). Its possibly some sort of tube applicator? Any info is appreciated. thanks Dragline
  7. dragline

    paint /airbrush

    Anyone please, To those of you who are using a airbrush and painting hardbaits 5" - 12", what type of paint are you blowing? I heard some people use lacquers, and that some of the colors available are extremely expansive. Any feedback appreciated.
  8. dragline

    Lathe/Duplicater info.

    Anybody: Hypothetically speaking - If I was using a Jet Mini Lathe with a Vega duplicator and I was attempting to carve 5 - 8 inch baits, what speed would I use on the Lathe? (belt/pulley driven).
  9. I apologize for any redundancy concerning this subject. To the point - Does anybody have any info on constructing a drying rack or wheel? I have a small rotisserie motor. I am making Musky lures 5-8 inches (using screw - eyes). And how do I attach the lures to the rack/wheel? Thank you!
  10. dragline

    Different Wood types

    The only reason I mentioned Redwood is that I have access to some old redwood patio furniture.
  11. dragline

    Different Wood types

    Beside Red Cedar , any feedback on using Poplar or Redwood with reference to Musky lure making. Thanks much appreciated Mark
  12. dragline

    Carving jointed cedar plugs

    Need some help, When carving a jointed pikie style bait, how are you guys cutting the angles on the two jointed pieces. Are you cutting them before the lathe or after the lathe. I hope this question makes sense to somebody.
  13. Skeeter, Thanks for replying. As you can see this is all knew to me. I think I'm going to take some of the guys advice and use the kilz as a Sealer and primer. Could you give me the brand name of a good black latex base coat. Thanks again
  14. Please help, When painting large cedar lures, taking the process from bare wood to top coat(polyurethane) what are the steps. Also, any product brand names would be very much appreciated. Thanks a Lot!