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  1. striperchaser

    Split-Tail Trailer

    Anyone making the 4"split tail trailer in colors?Need them by the bulk.
  2. striperchaser

    Ghost minnow jig mold

    Where can you get a ghost minnow jig mold or something very similar to it.Here is a picture or one thanks.
  3. striperchaser

    Display cards

    Where do some of you get your display cards?I am looking for the cards you staple on top of the plastic bag to display on a rack.Thanks Ken
  4. striperchaser

    Jig eye paint

    What paint do you jig makers use to paint the eyes with after they are powder coated?Also what color of powder paint matches the buck tail?I have ordered 2 colors of blue and neither one of them are close.Thanks Ken
  5. striperchaser

    Super Flukes

    Where can you purchase Super Flukes Bulk?
  6. striperchaser

    Has anyone tried decal over foil

    Beautiful baits husky are these wood or foam?Love the herring
  7. striperchaser

    Mold Problem

    Yes its the same as a feeler or spark plug gauge.Tin foil will work also that has been mention.A piece of note book paper is .002 thick try it.All you need is something between the mold plates to let the gasses out,If venting is the problem.
  8. striperchaser

    Mold Problem

    Pop take a gap gauge and put the .001 blade between the plate and see if it will fill out.This would give you some venting just to see if that is the problem.Then try .002 and see if it will fill out with out flash.If you want to smoke it real good get a small piece of rag dip it in kerosene hold it with a pair of needle nose pliers light it and smoke the mold.This is how we smoke the nozzles in the die casting industry
  9. striperchaser

    construction of a drying rack / wheel

    Just read it check here
  10. striperchaser

    How do you use 2 or 3 colors of powder paint

    Thanks,which is best a soft or hard bristle brush?
  11. I make my on pony heads for trolling and use powder paint.How do you use 2 or 3 colors on the head and also glitter on top of the paint.Thanks for any and all info.